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  1. Todd McShay Mock Draft 2.0

    Don't take this personally but I'm not sure I really care about mock drafts this week. Especially ones who have us losing the superb owl. 
  2. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    Use Ublock Origin and it tricks that BS. 
  3. It's real now

    World Champions when its a game only played at this high of an organizational level in North America? 
  4. Butthurt Seahawk fan cannot fathom how good the Panthers are

    We intercepted every pass? Statistics says we only intercepted 10% of them. 
  5. The HOLY Grail has arrived, do I open the package or not?

    Keep it sealed! For superstition and all. 
  6. NFL Replay - Panthers on now

    What's up with that disgusting commercial with cardinals vs patriots? 
  7. Commercial flights cancelled for tomorrow as well!

    I'm guessing the NFL would allow them the time necessary to play. I would not have a problem with this. I hope that the same courtesy would be extended to us if we were in that situation. 
  8. Are you a real Carolina fan, or a 2016 Carolina fan?

    Why does it even matter? A fan has to become a fan at some point so why should it matter where they jump on at as long as they stay on? I know I sure as hell don't give a fug. 
  9. Yahoo Sports is stupid

    Why reference someone's number when you can see it and he clearly has the ball running? Why use words at all? Why even have a picture? They shouldn't even posted anything. Stupid Yahoo. 
  10. Yahoo Sports is stupid

    Believe they are talking about the seahawk directly behind Luke. 
  11. Panthers United will be banned pie....

    Not before he gets his next thread in called, "Will Banning Me Mess with The Team's Chemistry?"
  12. AFC Wild Card games thread

    so if he turned into a runner isn't that a fumble? 
  13. Seahawks 1-7 all time in temps less than 28 degrees

    Because a team with players who didn't win in 1992 somehow has an effect on a team playing in 2016? We could maybe make a connection if it was the same players in a more recent year, but to go back to 1992 is just dumb imho.  This is why using stats as your only basis for anything is a joke. 
  14. todays practice tweets: Kelvin Back!

    Next week we will sign an unknown named Belvin Kenjamin. 
  15. FO Film Room: Cam more than his stats; best QB in 2015

    It does. I couldn't click it either. I had to copy and paste it into a fresh window/tab.