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  1. I'm not mad at all I'm having a good ol time posting on your board, your the one obsessed with posting on .net lol. We play vastly better defenses than yours constantly in our division, Russell did just fine. I'm just wondering where this Panther pride is coming from your team hasn't been to the playoffs since 2008.
  2. Zod could learn from you, your interpretation is funnier.
  3. Well here's how I see it. Our DBs are too good for your receivers, our LBs are athletic and fast enough to keep Cam contained, and I don't see your RBs as a threat. Your correct in saying our DE position is hurting but the personnel replacing our starters (Avril still might play) have yet to be seen in a full time capacity so I'm holding judgment on them. I have no clue if your Oline is worth a damn maybe you could enlighten me? And I think Pete is a better coach than Ronald.
  4. Well it goes without saying KeepPounding didn't give Panther fans a good name over there but all that won't matter after this weekend. I was addressing your constant crying over what you perceived as unfair treatment.
  5. Good one Zod...but my name reflects the soon to be outcome of our matchup. And it should go without saying Hawks>Panthers. We are better at all three phases of the game. This team is starving I'm just sorry you guys are first up to run through the buzzsaw.
  6. Settle down there Tonto. I don't know about joat but KeepPounding was axed cause his first post was a pornographic pic the nature of I hope I never see again. Once about 5 seahawk posters replied with disgust he deleted the photo and wrote some dumb poo like "hears to a good game!" So quit with the bitching.