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  1. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag... they are did not pay him what he wanted because he not good in man to man tho excels in zone coverages.
  2. DC Comics Mock Draft

    Taking two please going draft the Wonder Twins
  3. BJ Raji

    Looks like he plans to retire.
  4. Panthers sign DT Soliai; 2 yrs, $7M Panthers also interested in Bj Raji
  5. Pre Free-Agency NFL News

    Rumor has it Carolina might be give look at Anquan Boldin
  6. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd defensive ends Panthers might be looking at.
  7. Pro Football Focus - Panthers free agency strategy
  8. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    If Dodd is gone like see Panthers draft Carl Nassib Penn state 6'8 282 led the NCAA with 15 sacks if he is still around when we draft.
  9. Mel Kiper Mock Draft 2.0 would love get Carl Nassib Defensive end from Penn state 6 8 282 lead the ncaa with 15 sacks
  10. president Michael Bidwill hopes so, especially after the Panthers interrupted arguably the best regular season in franchise history and trounced Arizona, 49-15, in the NFC Championship game.
  11. Duke Vs UNC 9 PM 2/17/2016 Thread

    Go Tar heels beat them puke devils
  12. How well does the team bounce back after the SB loss? Talib said Panthers offense was simple.
  13. Better know a prospect - Kevin Dodd

    Think it will be between Emmanuel Ogbah or Kevin Dodd I'd we draft a Defensive End
  14. Von Miller Admits to Illegally Batting Ball

    You have a replay official who's wife is Broncos fan. Maybe if her husband provides better view of Cotchery catch might been reversed Then you have Broncos coach that admitted Taliban was offside and Miller saying he Illegally batted the ball. Also you have Talib that admitted he was intentional tried hurt our player.