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  1. It rained the entire second half I was at the game... Hardy was still applying pressure but couldn't get the same kind of traction for his power moves.
  2. Didn't he give up 3 sacks to Hardy in the first half though? Lol
  3. A Funchess Reminder

    Hatter I can't help but feel this is an insult to corky.... Lmao
  4. I can see the Russell to Winston comparisons not to cam though.... Winston has a similar body type and athleticism as Russel. Cam is build like a god nothing like those two physically. 250 pounds of muscle vs 250+ pounds and a gut.
  5. Jaguars not excersing 5th year option on Luke Joeckel

    Otah hasn't been on the team in years dude... micheal Oher was though.
  6. Gettleman is a genius

    Yes but cam throws the ball, and guess what despite "being on the field more" he threw more passes to Ginn. i suspect Benjamin/Funchess will be 1-2 next season and Ginn will be the primary slot man.
  7. Gettleman is a genius

    The chart in cams head is the only one that matters.
  8. You are the one with no credibility goober.
  9. It's mostly just rainmaker and gooby spewing the same crap.
  10. I wish I could pie this more than once god I hate @GoobyPls he's the worst poster on this board man.
  11. I like you new guy you need to hang around.
  12. We want all your corners!
  13. Gettleman is a genius

    Ginn 749 yards 10 tds Brown 447 yards 4 tds I beg to differ....
  14. Love the picks!

    I'm not sure what you are arguing here lack wit.... He was an all pro that doesn't mean he had a high football IQ the attributes that made Norman a great corner wingspan size and fit for the scheme are present in both our picks...