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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Well, for most of the game the lead was between 6 to 9 points. I'd consider either to be close, one or two possessions. 40 points is like the equivalent of a 28 point lead.
  2. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    We at least kept it close.
  3. Cap and Simplify Tax

    Better than what we have right now. I'm not sure how it would affect my family but it would probably help.
  4. It must not have been updated after the Super Bowl. I'll fix it.
  5. Enter Sandland

    This kid is going to be good. I'm eagerly awaiting a lilsmitty09 video of 'Enter Sandman' to him catching passes.
  6. Vandals. Normally they semi-protect these pages... not sure why they didn't do this one. I shall keep an eye upon the page as vigilant as the statues outside our stadium.
  7. Thought y'all might be interested to see this. I'm a fairly regular editor there and worked hard to get it up to featured article status a few years back (the only NFL team at FA status). A featured article appears on the front page of Wikipedia every day, and today it's the Panthers. Enjoy!
  8. That approach violates Johnnys right to identify her gender. She's genderfluid. During that camping trip she will feel like a woman. Why would you strip her of that right you transphobe?
  9. Yeah not really the same thing. But nice try. Nope, because I'm not arguing for systemic and institutional persecution of anyone. In fact, I'm not calling for anything other than the Charlotte ordinance going too far. The fact you immediately jump and call me George Wallace shows your inability to reason. I don't care if transgender people use the same bathroom. It's none of my businesses. What I do care about is the language is so far reaching that all you have to do is claim to identify as one in the moment. There was no need for any law on this. When were transgender people being denied by businesses before Charlotte's ordinance? Nope. Title 8 relates to housing. When have I called for banning transgenders from housing? Title 9 protects sex, not gender identity. The George Wallace comparison is ignorant. It shows you either lack an understanding of what oppression actually looks like, or lack an understanding of my position. Like most leftists, your automatic rebuttal to any argument is to accuse someone of bigotry.
  10. You seriously want to try and argue the systemic persecution of blacks in all aspects of public and private life, to the point where you could murder them, admit to the crime and still not be convicted is remotely similar to a dispute over which bathroom .3% of the population can use? lol.
  11. LMAO you guys really have convinced yourselves this is the end of the world. And I'm pretty sure nobody who wrote the venerable CRA had bathrooms in mind. To say it is protected is laughable at best.
  12. Give him credit... Pat absolutely called the Obama administation's bluff here. They weren't ever going to pull funding from the nation's 10th biggest state. That would throw a ton of negative attention on to them that they don't need right now. That'd be a pretty freaking big gamble over a fairly minor bathroom dispute. They are, however, planning a non-binding decree tomorrow declaring schools must allow students to use whatever bathroom they identify with.
  13. First unanimous MVP ever. Wow.
  14. Cant even find a Fred Lane highlight on youtube

    Battered wife defense. In this case there was no evidence for it (if anything Fred was the abused spouse), but it works every time.
  15. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery