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  1. I'm legitimately surprised we haven't done more screens with Stewart. He was very, very good as a receiver in 2011 - had something around 40 catches and 400 yards. I meant, I know it's not a big part of the Shula plan, but still.
  2. All I did was copy exactly what liberals argue after every shooting. Of course, the media won't follow that same format for other shootings... hence the irony. 
  3. Totally unfair to judge all pro-lifers by one violent extremist. Pro-life is an ideology of peace! I mean, the crusades happened so we can't judge. Blaming all pro-lifers is what the shooter would want. We must welcome in pro-life refugees to show hate won't win. Our country is better than this. Anyone who disagrees is a bigot. #ProLifePhobia #IStandWithProLifers
  4. Cops in NC get paid less than teachers and work far longer hours and far more dangerous shifts.
  5. It could have, sure. But it is much more likely in Chicago than virtually anywhere else.
  6. When did I say anything about Democrats? Last I checked police unions usually support Republicans.
  7. No, it's been a while. Not surprisingly, in a city known for institutional corruption the police have institutionally corrupt people. Apparently they went to the Burger King where the shooting occurred and deleted footage from the security tapes.
  8. Don't watch unless you feel you need to. Coming from someone who does not support BLM: this is genuinely horrifying. McDonald was armed, but only with a small knife; he was walking away from the officer, not towards him. He was shot 16 times, dropped immediately; the officer kept firing for 10 seconds while he was on the ground. The officer was charged with murder and rightly so.
  9. We should have kicked them to the curb before this. That's why we need a strong president on foreign policy.
  10. I'm not arguing Turkey is doing all it should. They have an Islamist in charge and probably should not be part of NATO. But Russia has no more right to their airspace than ours.
  11. Stop apologizing for Putin and answer the question. Would you tolerate repeated violations of US airspace? 
  12. Holy sh*t this may be the best paragraph I've ever read.