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  1. And then there was only one....thread 18

    Which thread will reign supreme?  Tune in tomorrow morning for "The Last Thread Standing"!
  2. Gameday Menu

  3. For those of you that attended the Huddle Draft Party....

    Yep, I don't know if I saw it, but someone pointed it out after it happened.  I do remember taking shots of Jameson at the bar afterwards and then hating myself the next morning....
  4. We Have Officially Made It

    Yea, well I have a Ricky Manning Jr. jersey!
  5. We Have Officially Made It

    I had a co-worker call me a bandwagon fan and I got pissed.  My boss laughed at him and said, "He's (me) literally been wearing the same Panther hat for the past five years.". Plus, they all know I read the huddle.  I talk about it pretty consistently.
  6. HVAC Question

    I won't give you a solution because I don't know anything on the subject matter, but we just had to get the evaporator coil and something else replaced in my house.  I'll tell you this, the big companies, like Morris-Jenkins and Charlotte Mechanical are overpriced.  Maybe their quality of work is great, I wouldn't know, but Morris-Jenkins quoted us $3000.  We went with a smaller company and saved $600 bucks.  Just my two cents.

    I'm still at draught drinking.  PIE ME!!!
  8. Oh USAToday...

    the worst thing I have and ever will read.  And it's not just the Panthers part that irks me.  It's awful all the way around.  He's pretty much saying that the good teams from the last decade aren't winning so it's the worst year EVA!  
  9. Jared Gets Sentenced...

  10. Jared Gets Sentenced...

    To 15 1/2 years in prison... I'm not sure what the minimum sentence is, but good riddance.  
  11. Youngins at the games.

    What about those people who get really drunk and break the seal?  There's a reason I also find seats close to the end of the aisle.
  12. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    This announcer has messed up like 3 times already.  He just called Olsen, "Witten"
  13. Color Rush Uniforms: Jets @ Bills

    Reminds me of arena football jerseys.
  14. Can we talk about The Weeknd?

    He has a band.  I met his bassist and guitarist in my drunken haze while it in NYC last year.  I feel pretty stupid now BC I was asking them what the name of their band was and even wrote it down in my phone.  I follow the bassist on Instagram now and he's constantly posting pics/vids of the venues they're playing at.  As you can expect, they were pretty chill meaning they didn't act like they were hotshots or flabbergasted that I didn't know who they were.
  15. Fallout 4

    I see people saying that, but this is my first time playing Fallout.  What's changed?  It seems like people who have played older versions are still enjoying the game but they're a little upset.