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  1. Not gonna happen. He’ll retire after this season, as a super bowl champion.
  2. DeSim

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    Most likely just letting him take it slow.
  3. That grabbed your attention huh. Real question is where did it grab you
  4. DeSim

    Cam with, Who?

  5. Your posts always make me chuckle
  6. DeSim

    So Excited

    Congrats dude!!!
  7. Everything that this guy has reported about the Panthers this offseason has been false.
  8. It did not say anywhere in the article that he will be...
  9. It really depends on who else was available. Mad if someone like Ridley, Moore or Josh Jackson is still available. But I definitely think i’d still just be more surprised than mad whichever way. It is a position that will pretty quick be a need, and it wouldn’t hurt to have two good TEs. Well we all gave our take, how about you?
  10. Even the Browns wouldn’t do that, if they do...I truly feel sorry for their fan base. But I definitely think 6 QBs get taken in the first round, but only 5 before us.
  11. He’s probably the worst T in the league...
  12. DeSim

    CBS Sports 7 Round Mock Draft with trades

    It’s just showing that the Panthers traded their 2nd and 3rd for the 2nd (39th overall) from the bears.
  13. Yeah, options are very limited, and what I mentioned is almost impossible. But I was just asking everyone to see what they would do in that scenario. But anyways, if Kupchak is somehow able to get rid of Batum without taking back a similar salary...oml, I would be speechless.
  14. I want Batum gone from this team ASAP. Say a team in the 20s, for example like the Pacers (20th pick) wanted to move up in the draft, and they offered us only their 20th pick for our 11th pick and they’d take on the Batum contract, would y’all do it? That question also in the scenario if we were to somehow get lucky in the lottery, landing a top 3 pick. Of course it’d be hard for one to trade away their top 3 pick when having it, due to its high value. So i’m not sure if i’d be able to move out of the top 3 in order to just get rid of a crazy bad contract. But if any of you were willing to trade the top 3 pick and Batum, how far back of a pick would you take back in order to get rid of that contract?
  15. Yeah if there was a guarantee that the Pistons pick would’ve been a lottery pick, I would’ve definitely done that trade. I just think Kemba would’ve made more of a positive impact for them than Blake. But in order to move to the top 5, I think it would still take more than 8 and 12. I just find it hard for a team to move out of the top 5 with the type of talent the top 5 prospects offer, unless they’re offered a crazy deal.