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  2. Didn't he also report that the Panthers were ready to hire a new GM last month?
  3. Remember kids....

    6, Gano misses extra point.
  4. It's washin' day

    I miss the feeling that I got in Feb 16 when I woke up and it was gameday for us
  5. I was able to start recording before the refs signaled Panthers ball up until the end. Gotta give major thanks again to @thebigcat for the tickets.
  6. If Wilks is gone...

    I don't think the Raiders were decent at all last year in terms of defense from what I remember, I could be wrong. But yeah, Jack was the Panthers D coordinator in 2003.
  7. Why do some people not want Bruton Smith to be the next owner? It's not that I do, I just honestly don't know anything about the guy so i'm truly curious and want to know why that would be a bad choice.
  8. Damn, hoping swole bones is ok.
  9. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    So my starters at WR are Hopkins and Hogan. Was going to start Devante Parker in place of Hopkins due to his bye week. Bummed out to learn an hour before the Chiefs Raiders game that Parker didnt practice today either and may not play Sunday, so I went with Cooper instead at WR2, no other option since he was my only other WR. My opponent is so pissed that Cooper went for 44 points lmao
  10. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Thanks, will do.
  11. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Quick advice from someone? I have Leveon Bell and for him im being offered Jordan Howard and Odell, should i take it?
  12. Doesn't hurt to try, here's to hoping that Sunday gets to be my first Panthers game I get to attend.