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  1. Why do some people not want Bruton Smith to be the next owner? It's not that I do, I just honestly don't know anything about the guy so i'm truly curious and want to know why that would be a bad choice.
  2. Damn, hoping swole bones is ok.
  3. 2018 FA Wide Receivers

    I thought Quincy Enunwa's contract up was up after this year? Idk, could be after next year but he's definitely one who should be targeted, I love the way he plays. He's the only one who stood out in that horrible Jets offense last year.
  4. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    So my starters at WR are Hopkins and Hogan. Was going to start Devante Parker in place of Hopkins due to his bye week. Bummed out to learn an hour before the Chiefs Raiders game that Parker didnt practice today either and may not play Sunday, so I went with Cooper instead at WR2, no other option since he was my only other WR. My opponent is so pissed that Cooper went for 44 points lmao
  5. Start Funchess or Evans FF

    While we're on the topic of FF, should I trade CMC for Kamara?
  6. Ty Montgomery or McCaffrey in fantasy this week?
  7. definitely not bryant, tough viking defense. I would start Maclin based on the matchup (Browns) and seems like him and Flacco are already having good chemistry. Not Watkins bc I believe Kupp will steal some catches.
  8. Advice on trade possibility

    Yeah that's why i'm not so sure on making that trade, Odell's injury and plus having Eli as his QB, and Cohen showing he should get most touches. Know that i've had like all day to think about it, probably way safer bet on sticking with healthy RB who doesn't really share touches.
  9. Advice on trade possibility

    Amari Cooper and DeAndre Hopkins in starting lineup. DeVante Parker and Chris Hogan at bench. Other RB is McCaffrey and Ty Montgomery as flex.
  10. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Thanks, will do.
  11. I have Leveon Bell in a PPR league, 8 team league. I'm being offered Odell and Jordan Howard for Bell, should I make that deal? Thanks.
  12. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Quick advice from someone? I have Leveon Bell and for him im being offered Jordan Howard and Odell, should i take it?
  13. Not sure if anyone has had both and can comment on personal experience but is Youtube TV better than PS Vue?
  14. at least it's not this bad. Bills fan better pray nothing happens to McCoy. Imagine Stew or CMC getting hurt and having Tolbert as your featured RB.
  15. Black, that's why they were practicing with black practice jesreys.