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  1. QCkilla added a post in a topic That Thomas Davis Visor...   

    Visual proof of Funchess signing at least one autograph https://twitter.com/power0fplay/status/627894417677021184
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  2. QCkilla added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    I served Luke and Greg and Greg's wife and Luke's girlfriend last night. Both really nice guys. Greg cusses like a sailor though haha. Luke puts and abnormal amount of ranch on his wings and then asked for light sauce on his mahi mahi (gotta cut calories somewhere). They also were making jokes about how if CJ was there he would have tried to make them take shots of Louis XII which is $250 a shot. It was a pretty cool experience, not to mention lucrative but I would have done it for free in a second.
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  3. QCkilla added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    And his backup is a rookie. We know how rookie defensive ends play. This is excellent.
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