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  1. MV%doe added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    nice try KB, this is a clearly a good Photoshop. Pixels on face give it away........
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  2. MV%doe added a post in a topic let's take a quick glance at turnover differential   

    The one stat that truly matters besides W/L.
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  3. MV%doe added a post in a topic Panthers receiver Devin Funchess   

    Jack and SIG are Scottish?? I thought we all died out....... makes me respect you guys more.
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  4. MV%doe added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    RR needed time to learn and gain exp. He admitted his growing pains and mistakes. Even Man d up and said he should have hired a former HC for help. I enjoy his defenses for the most part.... this current version needs 3rd down and rushing D help tho. Dave and him seem to click on a professional level. Not a fan of his passed slow starts to seasons(not this your), 1st quarters , and 3rd quarters...... but the team always seem to finish strong. He seems honest during media too. Overall he's earned the right to be the panthers HC.
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  5. MV%doe added a post in a topic Hey MFCEO: How about a meme contest...?   

    I just spent about 3.14 minutes and came up with this......... 

    No question I win, Zod reward me for MY hard work......
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  6. MV%doe added a post in a topic Best and Worst players at every position week 4   

    I'm still waiting til the off season to judge what I call a awful draft class. Shaq looks like he has some skills, but they will not be seen fully til TD retires. Once Luke is back, does shaqs snaps fall even more. He's only playing in about 50% of them now...... but he's on STs just what you want in a 1st1!111!!!!!!
    But I compared PFF to a good posters opinion, cause that's what they are opinion. If they knew the role of players during the called play and had former coaches on staff, I'd put more stock in them.
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  7. MV%doe added a post in a topic The Devin Funchess "drop"   

    He needs help, only the type a moose can give. Moose needs to mold Finch is a NFL WR. Needs toughness, strength, blocking, and balls.
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  8. MV%doe added a post in a topic How many missed sacks does Kony Ealy have?   

    Starting to believe during the off season ealy needs to put on 30 lean pounds and become a good 3tech DT.
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  9. MV%doe added a post in a topic Natural talent or a flash in the pan?   

    Gross said he talked to Dave after the game and said ' I cannot believe Washington didn't put him on the 53 roster, unreal'.
    Short made a comment about practice, ' he's got a special set of skills'. Cue the taken movie.....
    Coaches must have seen it, cause they waived Horton. I still want wes back, hope either frenchie or version get cut.
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  10. MV%doe added a post in a topic If You Are Unsure What Carolina is Getting With Jared Allen...   

    He looks awful light, like 230 LBs.......
    I do know Allen has, what I call SUPER tendon strength. Hope he can keep his speed and add a few lean LBs. He was rumored to be one of the strongest pound per pound DLmen around a few years ago. 
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  11. MV%doe added a post in a topic Random but we worked out three punters today   

    Plus the STs need the extra practice........... 
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  12. MV%doe added a post in a topic Random but we worked out three punters today   

    Scot got it, nortman is a UFA after this season. You cannot pay everyone top dollar, even if they are. Still hope the bomb squad remains.
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  13. MV%doe added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    yep some people do take this poo too SRS, just like ..... there was someone going to kill himself if zod reset pie. 
    @zod reset all pie and check the morgue!

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  14. MV%doe added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson getting some praise   

    It is sad, but true Thomas Davis has shown signs of age. All fall victim to father time, he's undefeated. TD did state 2 years and that's all folks. That seems right, cause his level of play will still be on the high side.
    Shaq missed nearly all OTAs and parts of training camp, he's still learning.  Ron said you need around 5,000 reps for things to slow down. Shaq may not have 1,000 and once the game slows down that will be fun to watch given his ability to lay wood.
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  15. MV%doe added a post in a topic The Cam Bias- Precedence vs Evidence   

    Cam reminds me of hearing former players& refs talk about calling fouls on Shaq O'Neal. He was very different and it was very difficult to call fouls on Shaq or against him. Just because he's bigger doesn't mean he can take more hits will out getting a personal foul called.
    I mean its not like Cam wants special treatment, just a fair deal.
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