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  1. MV%doe added a post in a topic: We're officially tanking it out   

    Pantherfan49 is one of the best posters here, by far. Hell I even remember him form the old scout days............ one of few I look forward to reading. Down to earth, informed, and drops knowledge on many topics. Post more, bruh!!

    I know some games you could cover the names of both kemba and lance, then match the stats to the player...... hard to tell which is which. Pro tip- lance got rebounds most times.
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  2. MV%doe added a post in a topic: In October, What if i told you...   

    I got sooooo many predictions wrong, I cannt list them all.

    Before season this is a solid 5/6 seed team.

    Lance was the best value signing in the whole FA, a steal. Roberts was another great value signing.......

    Clifford was a good coach, should finish in top five for COY.

    Etc etc.

    Enough of my fails, what about zeller over noel...... outside of 2-3 weeks walker was petty bad. He played top 5 PG during that time, then got injuried. Williams is currently playing hard at least, but 7 mill per is a waste this and next season. Al is awfuuulllll on D. I know he's playing hurt and all, but even a scrub scores at will on him.

    Just sooooo much fail. The one play that defines this season, PJs epic fail flop.
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  3. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Starting a team from scratch   

  4. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA   

    I never got the jordan feeling form anyone, not kobe, ghill, or lebran...... first time since the prime cbulls days....... I see a jordan-like player.
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  5. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Redo Stephenson Signing   

    I was wrong about lance and roberts..... sweet science I need punch myself in the nuts for calling those signing super allsome deals.
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  6. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Lance Is Already Gone Mentally...   

    Lance is currently 9point 6reb 5asst guy, the same issue with walker his fg% is 35....... last year it was 50%. That would bring him up to 15pts given the other numbers he'd be a legit beast..... but his defense and overall actions are poor now too. I've waited on lance to be last yr lance and now his time is up. Either he fixes his effort and fg% within the next two week or I'll admit I was totally wrong. I cannt stand him acting like a soiled baby if the foul call doesn't go his way.
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  7. MV%doe added a post in a topic: NBA Trade Deadline Thread   

    Philly should be fined for the total BS theyre doing.
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  8. MV%doe added a post in a topic: The "Evolution" of Rich Cho's Trades   

    Cho seems to get the better out of nearly all the trades.

    Man its hard watching these hornets. Lance is killing me with his 35 fg% and big al on D..... ugh. The whole team, just disappoints. Early on the heart breaking close loses, to the blowouts. Its been too rough on me, now the games are mainly background noise.
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  9. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Trade thread   

    I wouldn't trade pargo for kevin martin. Outside for hitting FTs and wide open shots, he offers little except being injury prone.

    No idea what's ava, but given walker injury and lack of 4/5 type of talent out side cody/al PG&big seems like a want given all the wings. Truly I want first rounders. Mcbob is hurt form what I know.

    I maybe the only fan hat take wants to keep lance. I still believe........ all the trades I've seen with him are awful. Like negtive value sort a like in order to take lance, the hornets must take back some type of cancer in return. No value.
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  10. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    Does anyone need a G? Id like to deal one/two in return for a F(preferred SF). I'm non-nba baby daddys and miss the draft.... I'll deal anyone, but need my socks blown off to deal curry. Plenty other Gs to pick, let me know if anyone is in the market.
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  11. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    Whom ever got jones, that even early in the season looks like wavier pickup of the year. I got a cpu draft team, that should finish about 10#.... but I'm going to active.
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  12. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    I'm out of the new league if no redraft. I missed the draft and the old league gives me a chance to better my 12th place team. But I don't want to ruin the league, so just don't include me in the new league. Whatever it takes, too much drama for a simple league.
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  13. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    I want to redraft too, but not cause of the weekly beef; I missed the draft. I'm signed up for redraft, please list the day and time. Not going to list excuses or let omgea have it for changing the rules of the draft at will. I missed it and that's the reason I want to delete the league. If you check my id, you'll see I have a high % and this bot drafted team will put a dent in it.

    Those bitachij about weekly, I understand it takes away form your bench and some weeks player x has four games while player b has 3 games. Weekly is very newb friendly. I've played in my fair share, weekly is better for the causal manager. I wouldn't care much(I normally have a beast bench), but I missed the draft so I'm for deleting the old and starting the new one.
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  14. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    Please no more moving and change the draft type to standard. Plus 12 or 14 is enough, lock it in unless two more want to join.
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  15. MV%doe added a post in a topic: Huddle Fantasy Basketball   

    I'm ready.

    Auction draft are awful even if one manager doesn't show. Betting against bots makes the draft blow boner balls. Of course you have everyone saying "I'll be there" and come draft time 3 no shows. Just killed my taste for auction even tho I like it better, but without bots rising the price.

    I prefer standard and roto, unless everyone is active in h2h. I hate games against inactive managers, 11-1 o yes!......
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