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  1. MV%doe added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    hes the swiss army on this team. Smart knows playbookS. hes a 4 phase STer. A good one at that too.
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  2. MV%doe added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    Quarterback - 2
    Cam Newton
    Derek Anderson
    Note: Joe Webb gets cut, due to cams health and a deeper roster than 2014.

    Running Back - 4
    Jonathan Stewart
    Fozzy Whitaker
    Cameron Artis-Pain
    Mike Tolbert
    Note- Ginn can handle KOs, besides most are touchbacks now.

    Tight End - 4
    Greg Olsen
    Ed Dickson
    Richie Brockel
    Brandon Williams
    Note: Brandon Williams is a good 4 phase STer

    Wide Receiver - 6
    Kelvin Benjamin 
    Devin Funchess
    Corey Brown
    Ted Ginn
    Brenton Bersin
    Jerricho Cotchery
    Note: in my original hill beat out cothery. STs will determine 4-6.
    Offensive Line - 9
    Michael Oher
    Andrew Norwell
    Ryan Kalil
    Trai Turner
    Mike Remmers
    Chris Scott
    Daryl Williams
    Brian Folkerts
    Nate Chandler
    Note: folkerts is a lock unless Dave picks up a different C. Most carry either 2 or 3 or have a trusted backup that can snap. Scott fills the emergency role.
    Defense: 25
    Defensive Line - 9
    Charles Johnson
    Star Lotulelei 
    Kawaan Short
    Frank Alexander
    Kony Ealy
    Colin Cole
    Dwan Edwards
    Kyle Love
    Mario Addison
    Note: Considering recent injuries, Panthers opt to keep DT Kyle Love. I echo this
    Linebacker - 6
    Thomas Davis
    Luke Kuechly
    Shaq Thompson
    AJ Klein
    Ad Glanton
    JasOn Trusnik
    Note: big disagreement here. I'm cutting mayo, PS better fit. Focus on ST, need LBs.
    Safety - 4
    Roman Harper
    Tre Boston
    Kurt Coleman
    Colin Jones
    Corners - 6
    Josh Norman
    Bene Benwikere
    Charles Tillman
    Teddy williams
    Lou Young
    Note: Lou Young quietly had an impressive OTAs and zod singing his camp Too.  its a tough group to judge.
    Special Teams - 3
    Kicker - Graham Gano
    Punter - Brad Nortman
    Long Snapper - JJ Jansen 

    Practice Squad - 10
    Lee Ward
    Damiere Byrd
    Brandon Wegher 
    Martin Wallace
    David Foucault
    Marcus Lucas
    david mayo
    Aurther miley
    Dean Marlowe
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  3. MV%doe added a post in a topic Trai Turner vs Kony Ealy   

    I echo the disappointment.
    The biggest improvement comes after the first season to beginning the second. kony has been looking like a UDFA, before zod stated his struggles. Not ready to give up, but its showing why he lasted all the way til 60th overall( still believe it was great value). CJ and hardy did take about three years before they "arrived". 
    Kony needs to get to work. He looks weak and the effort is poor. RR/Washington need to have a come to Jesus moment,  wake him up!
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  4. MV%doe added a post in a topic **Punisher Express Passengers Only**   

    Zods got a man crush and he's not afraid to express it in multiple threads.
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  5. MV%doe added a post in a topic Future LT?   

    If by some rare rare rare chance he made free agency, there would be a new highest paid OT in the league.
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  6. MV%doe added a post in a topic Wagner gets $43M over 4 years, $56M over 5 for Luke?   

    Seafags gave us some pay back form the can deal. Luke will/should get more than 10.75 per. 
    He's had one of best three years span for any defensive player.
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  7. MV%doe added a post in a topic Future LT?   

    He will be tagged. They all are, they're only about 15 true LTs in the league. The GM will word a contract in order to fix him under the cap.
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  8. MV%doe added a post in a topic Why not overpay for Jake Long?   

    Mario Addison is slept on, hes currently having a great camp. Since he's arrived, he's gotten better each year. Without pads speed rules, in which mario has.
    Give oher time to make a adjustment. 
    Long has one of the largest medical file in the league. He can NOT be counted on to lasted 16+ games, and wants to be paid like it.
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  9. MV%doe added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson Making Plays   

    klein played in about 30%(when he wasn't injured) of the defensive snap last year. The reasons for me listing DBs, cause nickel/Buffalo package was the base. Shaq needs displace a DB in order to stay in the base D.
    Or are you fine with him playing STs and 20 snaps on defense?
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  10. MV%doe added a post in a topic Q&A with Peter King posted by Panthers.Com   

    King with the dig on cam... "Leadership and maturity comments". Hes still bitter his ego got blasted when cam first refused a interview four years ago. I can't wait to see his spin once can starts winning all sorts of awards.
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  11. MV%doe added a post in a topic Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin   

    We need a great face fronting side by side pic, then do a face swap.....
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  12. MV%doe added a post in a topic Jonathan Stewart remarks on Lee Ward....   

    Ward is PS bound. 
    Remember panthers still run the read option as a staple, old school FB doesn't fit that. Todozer is a RB in my book, great for 3rd downs short&long. Plus he's another goal line option if shula uses him.
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  13. MV%doe added a post in a topic That Thomas Davis Visor...   

    We have the technology.
    Hes already wore that visor game day last FYI.
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  14. MV%doe added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson Making Plays   

    So if Collins Jones is most improved, along with being the 2014 nickel starter. Tillman woke up once the pads came on. Bene should be the starting Nickel this season.
    Where does Shaq fit on defense and how many snaps does he get? I had HUGE questions about this pick and the whole class. I know first rounders have spoiled us fans, but some players take more time or there just isn't room right now. 
    I wonder how disappointed fans will be if Shaq is mainly STs this year?
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