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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    Most are missing the biggest deciding factor- contract. Wegner and CAP are under contract for around 500,000 per for the next three years. ( Wegner can be tendered) Fozzy only has one year leftd at 680,000. Unless cap and Wegner crap the bed, they are the answer. (Unless fozzy signs a 2yr 500k per extension). The kickoff rule changed again this year, now touch backs start at the 25. That makes fozzys ST value next to zero on returns. Webb, boykin, cap, wegner, Ginn, or token WR can take a knee or bring it to get similar results. I feel Wegner would be a beast on 4phrase STs, he needs to focus on learning the playbook. Cap has experience in the run option, he needs to focus on not fumbling. Panthers looooooove fozzy for somereason and I believe I found out why. Hes the lost love child of RB coach Jim Skipper....... Jokes aside, fozzy doesn't stay healthy either. I will say out of the three, fozzy is the better 3rd down RB. But toldozer is better than fozzy for 3rd, so there's that.
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Philly truly needs to learn how to fall or not fall at all. Nearly each time he caught a pass, he suddenly in the process of falling.... AND landing in a weird matter on his shoulder. Regarding his speed, they put a tracking device on each player. Among the players there's a big competition about who's fastest. Philly has gotten bragging rights a few times.
  3. Fanspeak draft simulator

    I've never viewed these as a accurate tool for a teams draft. They are a fun time killer and give you a idea of the draft. I may have done ten total. You can see where you picked players and where they really got picked. Funny cause the one I had with tunsil dropping til the 30th was looking real for a hour+ and knew it was total fantasy. I don't believe anyone predicted 3 CBs in a row, I mainly tragneted 2OL, 2DBs and 2 DL. Who knew you can not predict draft picks or the future in general.........
  4. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    KB someone has to hike the ball form punters and even kickers. I just like to bring up the panthers recent UDFAs success. No wonder since Dave's got here it's picked-up 10x what it was during herinay years. I also believe in just three years Dave has gotten more UDFAs on the roster than the entire herniay history. 2013-(reminder UDFAs are the cheapest contracts in the league) Melvin White- no longer here, but gave the panthers around 12 starts in two years. Robert lester- gave the panthers 4 starts and decent ST play too 2014 Philly brown- played around 85% of the snaps on offense last yr. Andrew Norwell- is a mirror of 3rd rounder pro-bowler tria Turner 2015- Brandon Wegner- could be a legit ST er along with sharing carries with starter. Dean Marlow- lots of talk for former and current san deigo DB coach Chris Harris about him being legit. I will give herniay a bone on one UDFA , hoooooooooover. But that's about it. Dave has lapped him over and over. This year's has some similar talent to carry on this trend.
  5. Terrrrrible terrible idea. Those worried about injuries, rookies sign protection. Remember flower form the jags? Torn his acl before signing his rookie contract, jags still gave him the 3rd overall deal. Now some require faith, but imagine if a player has to take a team to court. That team would have a dug a giant hole and force many players good/UDFAs/average players to avoid like the plague. Players have strong Union these days too.
  6. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    Remember back in 2013, when Joe person asked Dave "will you draft another DT?" After selecting star...... Dave said " stay tuned" with a biiig smile. It seems Dave works on a plan, so his plan works.
  7. My early depth chart of the Panthers atm

    OFFENSE: WR1: Kelvin Benjamin - Philly Brown - (Keyarris Garrett)LT: Michael OherLG: Andrew NorwellC: Ryan Kalil - #Gino Gradkowski#RG: Trai Turner - Chris ScottRT: Mike Remmers - Daryl WilliamsTE: Greg Olsen - Ed Dickson - *Beau Sandland*WR2: Ted Ginn Jr. - Devin Funchess - Kevin norwoodQB: Cam Newton - Derek Anderson - Joe WebbFB: Mike Tolbert RB: Jonathan Stewart - Fozzy Whittaker - Cameron Artis-Payne - Brandon Wegher DEFENSE: LE: Charles Johnson - Mario Addison UT: Kawann Short - *Vernon Butler* NT: Star Lotulelei - #Paul Soliai# - RE: Kony Ealy - Ryan Delaire -Aurther miley SLB: Shaq Thompson - A.J. Klein MLB: Luke Kuechly - Ben Jacobs WLB: Thomas Davis - David Mayo - Jemery Cash LCB: Bene Benwikere - *Zach Sanchez* RCB: #Brandon Boykin# - *Daryl Worley* - *James Bradberry* SS: Kurt Coleman - dat white boy jones FS: Tre Boston - Dean Marlowe SPECIAL TEAMS: K/KO: Graham Gano P/H: ????? KR: Fozzy Whittaker - Joe Webb - Cameron Artis-Payne - Brandon Wegher PR: Ted Ginn Jr. - Robert McClain - Brenton Bersin LS: J.J. Jansen I added norwood, Jones(people alllways underestimate STs), an Miley( I had him making last yrs 53 before they IR'd him with a booboo). I could easily see one less RB not named stew or toldozer. PS will have to have OTs and Safety for quick call ups.
  8. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    You cannot keep everyone, but I'd sure like for Turner to remain a panther. That dude is always pushing\hitting some poor soul til the echo of the whistle. Hes the best type of dirty\nasty.
  9. The one that stilllllllll burns deep in my football soul, was passing on Anquan Boldin. Honestly Im still pissed about it. My cousin played at maryland, so I kept a close eye on ACC during that time. Loved boldin and there he was in 2nd....... I in utlra rare mood, started to scream at the TV " DRAT BOLDIN!!!! DRAFT BOLDIN!!! " OVER AND OVER. Nope second round bust expert (why didnt you learn form kalil) Marty herniay drafted Bruce fcuking Nelson......... Nelson had a back injury and never played a snap. Boldin is currently a FA after 13 great years.
  10. Steve is the best coach not named Ron on the staff. If you read his bio, it's impressive. He had the #1 pass defense in San Diego with a bunch of questionable DBs.(except weddle, young Carson & cromite). Once he leftd the charges they struggled migthy. Where ever hes been they been a great pass defense team. During his time here, hes worked miracles given what he's had to work with. Same for OL coach John&Ray, hope they get young talented clay to mold very soon.
  11. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Dave was testing panther fans and in this thread we see those who failed the test......
  12. Chargers release P Mike Scifres

    Dave picks up the phone, dails Mike's number..... Dave- " hello Mike" Mike- "sup" Dave- "this is Dave gettleman panthers GM how it's going?" Mike-"living the dream, bruh" Dave- " we'd like to bring you in, to compete for the punter job here" Mike- " I'm not going anywhere for less than 3 million!" ........... ........ Mike- " Dave did you hear me?" ...... Mike-" Dave? Bruh you there?" .. Mike- " Dave...Dave...DAVE!?!?"
  13. It's awful to label a player a "blue" before one snap. I posted a great link about one of the best football minds over in the draft forum, a blue label is earned. I remember last year Gary Peters was PFF's #1 overall CB...... Panthers signed him as a UDFA and only lasted a couple weeks before he was cut. The bills brought him for a visit and didn't sign him...... That was the last information on him. I only researched around 70 players, panthers only got one in that group. Butler is a combo of KK and star. Watched the senior bowl and remember one play, in which bulter ran over 20 yards on a scrambling QB early in first quarter. Cannot state there wasn't some shock about the next two picks. I felt like Dave was testing me---------- I hope Ethan and his formulas prove that these where in deed great picks. FYI Dave's had a moneyball guy with him since he's arrived. Its a young fellow that follows him around.
  14. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    I understand dak prescott, cause I view him as more of a RB. Even though In my opinion RB is not a need or want. Just feel panthers are wasting resources on this.
  15. Rapoport: Panthers Looking at Quarterbacks

    Now this is werid, all I think of is smoke screen.