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  1. Ask yourself this, what about the 32 year old WRs in the league.  Are they able to run? When MJ was 35, was he able to run? Cam has high bone density due to his African ancestry.  So, it takes a while for age to have an affect on our bones. A lotta benefits to being black.  Not just the sweet melanin.  Cam will never deteriorate to what Peyton is right now. Watch Mike Vick, dude can still run a 4.4. Also, Cam is an awesome passer. He'll be just fine.
  2. You hang around too many of those guys in that picture. I'm sure it's hard to be yourself. 
  3. You know you're lying.  Black people don't say term like that, man! Donkey dick? Lol
  4. Their hate is making Cam even more popular. Even to non football fans. Love it. This is gonna be a record breaking SB viewership-wise.
  5. Hard to ride on that high horse and have a high moral compass when you're descendants of slave owners. No business judging those who are better humans than you. Remember who you are and where you came from.
  6. Don't forget all the rapes during slavery either. I'm talking new borns too. Well, that's vile.
  7. He's reminding white folks that there are actually vile things out there and dancing after a TD is not one of them. Slavery is top of the list of vile stuff and whites are expert at it. Don't act like you're moral. That's what Moon is reminding us. Let's not forget slavery people! Some vile poo right there.
  8. Any organization that advocate for better life for black people always and will always come under attack.  The fact that those organizations are needed is all the proof. Black lives do matter.  If Africans never left Africa to interact with other Hominins and create other races, there would be no Caucasians, Asians, Indians, etc. So, you owe your existence to the African race due to the only naturally occurring Frankenstein-like experiment. Don't be ungrateful. 
  9. Pass rush without Allen

    Allen is a lucky son of gun, just landing on a superbowl team like that.
  10. More hate in the Observer

    So apropos.  Neanderthal gene is so concentrated and strong in the south. They have some diluting left to do. 
  11. Next Years Opponents

    Lol, we're such a great team, any schedule is an easy schedule.  
  12. Next Years Opponents

    With KB coming back and some additions from the draft, most of these teams will mark us as an L on their schedule. No one will want to face a panther team with legitimate pass catchers at WR.
  13. We're the heels of the NFL now

    As it relates to the composition of the personnel, yes we are. 
  14. Oher.

    Oher is only 29. I can see him giving us a good 5 years of stability at LT. 
  15. We're the heels of the NFL now

    You can find that in almost every nfl team. Lol!