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  1. It is that simple you just choose not to except it.
  2. Snake

    Major Rule (Point of Emphasis Change)

    Lawsuits have done this to the NFL.
  3. Snake

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Unfortunately he was never really that good.
  4. Snake

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Unfortunately I really doubt we see Kalil for half the year. JR screwed us in a bunch of ways before he left with a billion.
  5. Snake

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Unfortunately I really doubt we see Kalil for half the year. JR screwed us in a bunch of ways before he left with a billion.
  6. Oline was trash way before then.
  7. Can he play LG?
  8. Snake

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    You really are a Hurney nut hugger.
  9. It's not just that but he's buried by depth. You want a number one to start by year two.
  10. Unfortunately nether opinion was great but I would have locked up the younger guy. JR though was going full bro network before he was forced to sell. A blessing for sure. This year's team hinges on a lot and I am not totally confident we want be doing a full rebuild next year no matter what because of JRs personnel decisions.
  11. I knew some dumbass would ask so like Germain Ifedi who is actually playing right now. Also Henry broke records his rookie year not his ankle like Butler. Hell even Ogbah has done better and he plays for the Browns.
  12. If you really think we are changing our entire system prepare to be disappointed. We will be running the same type of Air Coryell that Chud ran and Shula ran. If Wright makes this team it's because of his skill set not because of previously working with Norv.
  13. Dude we have run the Air Coryell every year. Maybe some EP with Shula but most Air Coryell. You bring in a system guy to teach the lingo and positions not to mention Wright has been in a WCO for basically two years now. Norv gives us a better play caller and coach not a new system.
  14. Well the Kalil Brothers were basically the reason. Both are taking up the majority of the money on the line.
  15. We have kept the same offensive system the entire time Rivera has been here. A camp fodder isn't that much of a need. A guy who catches PR is more valuable 100% of the time. Wright will only make it if we carry 6. Guy isn't that good or Min wouldn't have let him walk.
  16. Yeah a complete dud of one. Never liked the pick myself. Wish we would have gone OT or TE.
  17. Snake

    Jordan Rodrigue

    GOLDILOCKS. Not to big not to small.... Just right.
  18. Maybe if we were moving to a new system but it has been stated many times we will keep the same one. Like I said the Pre-season will sort them out because every year that camp guy who runs crisp routes looks awesome.
  19. I loved Hurst coming out but not over the top WR picks.
  20. I really don't put much faith in camp play. Wright and Byrd are doing well but a system guy over a ST guy is 50/50. I think preseason will be fun if our crap line can hold up.
  21. It really comes down to Byrd and Wright. We are not cutting Moore, Smith, Funchess, and Samuel. This year I see CAP being our "surprise" cut simply because we need to keep 6 WRs because TE is weak. We can roll into the season with CMC and Anderson as backs with Armah as a flex TE/RB . Not to mention you can use Samuel and Moore as flex backs. CAP doesn't play ST and doesn't really catch the ball well so I just don't see him sticking with a team who will have to use the pass to set up the run. He will probably get a chance with another team that is set up differently and do well.
  22. Snake

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Yeah that was the 2000s. Now it's slightly chubby and older. Seems Netflix and Chill has opened up doors for us teddy bears.
  23. Snake

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Women love a man with a few pounds. It's called being a teddy bear.