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  1. Tepper knew how undesirable this job was. He wants young energy. He really wants young energy he can push around and he can be able to take the kudos for success. I really hope this works out.
  2. Exactly Correct. Morgan appears to be filling the coffers with some dawgs. My hope is that Canales knows what he’s doing, and knows how to speak dawg himself.
  3. Guys weren’t exactly beating the doors down to coach here. We’ve got nothing to lose with Canales, I guess. It could have been worse. My concern is that Tepper sees a young guy he can push around. I will say that I have been VERY impressed with Morgan, and that probably means more than a good coach when it all goes down
  4. Here’s a screenshot of that last play. I’ll accept that he’s a rookie, but I really hope we don’t see many more picks that really didn’t have to happen.
  5. Dude played every single snap like his life depended on it. Seeing him evolve through the 2003 season was just wonderful.
  6. Greg was only second to Kuechly when it came to football IQ. And that’s a close second. Greg was literally everything you could want in a football player. Physical attributes, drive, can’t stand losing and his intelligence. He and Luke were mirror images of each other. Bro played every snap like he had something to prove. I would argue that he was a more complete TE than Crumpler, who is probably the best TE ever in the South. NOBODY liked it when they had to cover Greg. I love this young man’s energy and aspirations. I hope he truly understands the gravity of his statement, and achieves it. Not trying to derail the conversation, but I can’t stinking believe the level of talent we had in 2015. If Greg Hardy hadn’t come unglued and kicked off the team, we go undefeated in 2015 and murder Peyton Manning.
  7. NFC south has been the most difficult division to forecast year in and year out. The Drew Brees lead Saints were the most consistent bet but besides him, you can’t say that for any other team. I know it can be said league wide, but in the South, when they’re hot, they’re HOT, and beat the piss out of the rest of the NFL. 2002 Bucs, 2003 Panthers, Brees led Saints, Brady led Bucs, 2015 Panthers, 2016 Birds, etc. Problem being is it being so hit and miss, and almost always driven by momentum, and history. Panthers do not win in Atlanta. Panthers love going to Tampa Birds hate going to swamp town since 2002, the NFC has been represented 6 times by South teams in the SB, won 3 of them, really should of been all 6 times but that’s another argument.
  8. As has been said, I really need to see us win because of him, not in spite of. My concern is getting fools gold again. We’re going to put so much primo talent around him… will it make him look better than he truly is? Will it look like Bama? I need to see at least 3-4 clutch 3rd and long conversions where he made it happen. The ability to throw in to the middle of the field on a rope. Better deep shot hookups. NFC offensive player of the week sure would be cool too.
  9. Never in 1,000,000. I’m still completely nonplussed as to how he was the pick. Facts: really undersized. Bad deep ball. Weak arm. Bad footwork. Needs elite talent to succeed. Never even threw a ball at the combine. How many more bad signs do you need? But somehow scammed us in to selling the farm. Unreal. Canales is upgrading talent across the board on the offense. He wants DUDES. It SHOULD help Bryce, as well as his eventual replacement. I know where Tepper is going to be stationed most of the time come training camp.
  10. Alls I’m saying, is dude needs to be mic’ed up every game. I can’t wait to hear his trash talk.
  11. Canales is clearly building an NFL offense, not a Bryce offense. They’re giving him a chance and if he can run it, good.
  12. There is nothing unpopular at all about your opinion. How everything played out on the field backs it up. Bryce starts the season with much fanfare, gives the atl game away, and showed anyone who watched that his arm talent was shockingly bad. bad look, so after a few weeks, the team cooks up a fake injury that nobody saw, presumably to decide what direction to go next. Enter Dalton for one game while Bryce is seen walking comfortably on the sideline, smiling and yucking it up like he’s a 5 year vet. Dalton performs admirably given the circumstances (please no Dalton ve Bryce retort). The contrast between the two was so strong that it’s still debated today. If Dalton’s performance was similar to what Bryce had done up to that point, I truly believe they would have sat Bryce longer, but it wasn’t. Dalton relied on vet savvy and a better arm. It’s debatable how many games that gets us. Meaningless to fans, but not to players with serious financial incentives on the line. What it really was, was a ‘young man (see what I did?)’ playing a grown man’s game, who lacked basic fundamentals and essential physical talent, behind a line that was VERY ill suited for the scheme forced on them, WRs who looked completely confused and unmotivated, with a back stabbing coaching staff in give up mode, GM who I wouldn’t trust to organize my cooking utensil drawer and an owner who meets with coaches every week and tells them which plays he likes and which ones he doesn’t. Bryce doesn’t get a mulligan, but I’m willing to give him a ‘my bad’ from the team. Last season stunk worse than Bigfoot’s di**. It literally can’t get ANY worse than the unwatchable sh** show that was last year. I have to see a monumental change in his physical ability and overall confidence. I have to see that he found a laser arm, somewhere, in the offseason, or everything else is irrelevant.
  13. Dalton gets us to 5-7 wins. It would have been much easier to mitigate pressure with his style of play, and the defense would have to respect his arm. I could also see him having a few 3 TD games. He’d still get rocked pretty bad and average 3 sacks a game. I could see him and Mingo meshing well, giving us more than 1 effective receiver. I’ve never seen such a propaganda campaign like the one that got Bryce chosen #1 overall. Everything that was advertised was fools gold. Strikingly unpolished. The moment this was seen, he should have undergone a strict conditioning, strengthening, and fundamentals program… but the politics of the situation would never let it happen. He needed a year. Dude looks like Red trying to get his bike back from Deebo every time he steps on the field (someone should photoshop that poo.)
  14. We 100% did. No opposing team, except for the Steelers, liked coming in to BOA. Except for a few years, we were never an easy out. We were a FOOTBALL team filled with football players. It’s good to see the team moving back in that direction again.
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