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  1. That’s funny...
  2. Nah I think igor is smarter than this douche retiredcollegechode
  3. Actually should say please ban- worthless poster
  4. CO article with Ron Rivera

    Something with a pulse
  5. but Graham Gano is the best touchback maker of all time !!!
  6. I’d just leave Samuel wide open.
  7. Lol man I knew you were coming in here when I saw this thread Im happy about it still doesn’t mean you weren’t inherently wrong about him moving to center smh
  8. Glad you finally piped down on the ridiculous Moton to center exclamations. Of course, Moton isn’t going to be LG either. So you continue your unmatchable streak of being incorrect.
  9. @Ace_Aladdin take a breather
  10. Yeah we should have signed him considering he had 0 interest in any team outside of Philly
  11. BREAKING: veteran player on the back nine of his career takes minimal deal to play with super bowl champions. -sincerely, every year ever
  12. Who is surprised? Josina Anderson reported he only had interest in joining the Eagles... how exactly does this apply to us?
  13. Man I love this dude already
  14. That’s funny. Breeland with an amputated foot is still a better corner than him.
  15. Dickson to Seahawks

    Eric Ebron come on down