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  1. It wasn’t the Vikings. He chose the Browns of all teams over us when Chud got his head coaching gig, IIRC. He was Ron’s first choice for OC, but Turner elected to go with Chud to Cleveland and we ended up hiring Shula.
  2. You have got to think Rivera is sitting on cloud nine at likely retaining Steve Wilks and finally getting his guy in to call the offense.
  3. And for the record, I think Wilks is more than capable of being a good head coach. Maybe just not his time yet. Hopefully he can refocus and put us in better position down the stretch next season.
  4. Zero Percent

    That isn't how it went down. Don't listen to that clown...you should know that.
  5. Zero Percent

    What are you talking about? Hurney didn't trade KB on a whim all alone. Ron was very much involved.
  6. Hiring Norv Turner is far from a "big overhaul" on offense lol. It's pretty much Ron doubling down on what he thinks works and not taking any chances on switching the philosophy up, for better or worse. He's hired someone much more capable and experiences in running an offense we have already seen glimpses of.
  7. https://247sports.com/nfl/new-york-giants/Bolt/Steve-Wilks-New-York-Giants-head-coach-would-target-John-DeFilippo-as-offensive-coordinator-113558261
  8. https://nypost.com/2018/01/11/giants-coaching-search-is-down-to-three/
  9. Pat Shurmur the favorite in Arizona. Josh McDaniels the favorite in Indy. Giants likely going with Patricia. Reports are (per NY Post) Wilks isn't a frontrunner there. Wilks is going to be our DC, for better or worse.
  10. Yeah. I saw that. I thought it was cute they crafted up that article after Tiffany Blackmon put her neck out there breaking the news.
  11. Zero Percent

    LOL. Sometimes you just have to Lavar Ball a situation. Got to speak it into existence.
  12. Zero Percent

    Josh Gordon the thread derailer.
  13. man you really switched up on me. could be a good thing...i'm excited about it.
  14. Zero Percent

    While we're on the subject of zero percent. That also applies to the odds of us doing that.
  15. i can assure you no one is forcing you to stick around.
  16. i'll never get those 5 minutes back
  17. Zero Percent

    But he couldn't sleep and woke up at 3AM tossing and turning.
  18. Ron doesn't want to hurt his boy Shula's feelings.
  19. You joined 8 minutes ago. Your opinion doesn’t count, because it’s already been trashed under whatever alt you were using before.