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  1. The Lobo added a post in a topic Help Needed   

    negative it is not a ppr league. I was leaning towards luck and ap. my other players were demarious (sp) Thomas kelvin Benjamin justin Forsett and I still lost hahah. So I need all the help I can get. Thanks for your input.
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  2. The Lobo added a post in a topic Help Needed   

    Thanks for your answer.  I was leaning towards AP and Luck, do you mind explaining why you think Lynch and Brown over AP and Luck.  I feel that Luck will go off with the weapons he has and AP will be fresh Teddy seems to be capable which will maybe cause less men in the box.  I don't know just food for thought I guess.
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  3. The Lobo added a post in a topic Help Needed   

    Iam just curious, why do you think AP over Beast Mode?
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  4. The Lobo added a topic in NFL and Fantasy Football   

    Help Needed
    I am in a 2 player keeper league standard scoring (qb's get 6 points for td's though) and I need help with deciding on my keepers.  I have narrowed it down to 4: Andrew Luck, Marshawn Lynch, Adrian Peterson, and Antonio Brown.  Any advice would be much appreciated!
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  5. The Lobo added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Didn't this cartoon character make fun of Bobcats fans or something last year?  Something about how fans don't go to the games or whatever?  Also, didn't his camp not want him to come here as well?  Jordan was in love with this guy so we picked him.  Players Jordan was in love with: Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, DJ Augustin, Cody Zeller, Noah Vonleh (the verdict is still out on him) and now Frank.  Maybe I am missing someone but you get the idea.  I never poo on picks, but this pick made me question this franchise.  Maybe Frank will be ok, hell maybe he will be great...but you are going to pass up Justice and Booker?  I hope Frank proves me wrong and I hope when I look at him, one day, I wont think he looks like a Rasinette.
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  6. The Lobo added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Pacers   

    Only 1.5 back.  There is still hope.
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  7. The Lobo added a post in a topic GDT: Hornets @ Pacers   

    I was at this game.  My first hornets game (went to several IND vs Bobcats games) and I was right behind the hornets bench.  Adding in every Pacer fan near me yelling at Lance the whole game and the Hornets awful play, this was the single worst experience I have ever had at a NBA game.  I love this team but they acted like they didn't give a damn that night.  Hendo and Biz seemed like they were the only ones who tried.  Didn't take any good shots, forced a ton of bad ones and couldn't stop the three ball.  I got Kemba to autograph my jersey before the game (I know he isn't well liked here but he is my favorite) I asked if he was going to drop 30 he said "I don't know we going to find out"...he got six.  Piss.
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