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  1. The Lobo

    Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder

    I am. I didn’t know this was going on, I don’t have Shudder. I will stream it on YouTube though. So is this the last one ever?
  2. Everyone, besides us, always think Cam is not football smart. If they knew anything, when cam has control he is a beast. His football IQ is vastly underrated.
  3. The Lobo

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    Makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  4. The Lobo

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    Am i missing something here? What’s he talking about?
  5. The Lobo

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Let’s say he struggles early, will ppl give him a pass for having a new OC and new system? He should get one, I think. But to consider a guy who has carried this offense year in and year out on the hot seat is...strange.
  6. Do you think Hurndog is excited?
  7. Is it bad I’d rather keep Byrd over Samuel?
  8. That was the Giants game. The colts game we were at night and had black jerseys on. Both games he was still a BAMF though.
  9. Cussing has been proven to relieve pain as well. So when you stub your toe and scream and obscenity, it actually helps.
  10. The Lobo

    Rumor : Kemba to LA

    Ugh..hopefully another team would get involved on this if it happens.
  11. You think VSauce Michael is a Smith fan?
  12. The Lobo

    Today’s media BS

    Fair enough, but I see an older man telling a professional football player how to celebrate (which he didn’t do anything wrong on that celebration) and then base his nfl decision making off of that celebration. Again, the media do not know the whole story of things before going off about them, just like Baker said “you pulled one five second clip of a game”. I understand what he’s doing, but his hot take on this is idiotic.