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  1. If this happens please get cyclops right. He’s only the leader and saved the mutants from extinction but no big deal.
  2. It just couldn’t work. It sounds great, but our DL and the players on it are specifically 4-3. I don’t think Star would be as effective as a NT.
  3. Vent thread

    I was just thinking that. At least wait until there is a lot of noise in the movie first..or you know open it before the movie starts.
  4. Vent thread

    It’s good to know I’m not alone.
  5. Vent thread

    If I may vent a little: people who chew with their mouth open, people who hum real loud when I’m trying to read or watch a movie and people who yawn really loud (you don’t have to scream when you yawn). All those things make me cringe and clinch my fist.Am I crazy?
  6. Agreed. I have never been more disappointed in FA than when we passed on DJax. I thought he would have been a terrific fit here.
  7. Teams Stats Through 10 Games

    Great stuff OP. I like what I see.
  8. Damn. Time for Clay and Byrd (when he comes back) to step up. We need a burner bad.
  9. I didn’t think he could get the pre game interviews and all that. If he is just strictly calling the game, that’s no different than watching film imo.
  10. I said it once I will say it again.

    Teams better take note of funchess
  11. 7-3 pie bitches

    Pie indeed
  12. Seeing Cam and Pep on the sidelines gives me a warm sensation of feels.
  13. Love you Stew, but I think we need to include CAP a lot more.