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  1. Thank you for this. I didn't watch very many lsu games the past couple years and wondered how he looked from gun. From those runs, he looked solid. Runs real hard and it's hard to bring him down. I think from those clips every team just keyed on him and him alone because LSU couldn't pass very well from what I have read about them. If he were to come to us, teams couldn't just key on him, we have too many threats. That would play in his favor. Like I have said, I don't want him to be our pick, but if he is, I'm cool with it.
  2. Great shot, sir.
  3. You guys ever see his video about water turning frogs gay?
  4. Haha I knew what you meant when I read the second part.
  5. I used to hate trading in general. But I agree this draft is deep and it would be awesome to trade down. That being said, if the team believes in a guy at 8 then let's do it.
  6. I hope it doesn't want to harm us naturally because it's o our side. I hope it gets hacked or something like that. All in all I'm excited for this.
  7. I think you may be correct. Ridley Scott basically said if you think "they" created the aliens you are dead wrong. Watch it be something lame like David makes them because he has some God complex or something. The engineers were so mysterious and fascinating, I hope they expand on that.
  8. Independence Day 3?
  9. I hope it doesn't get considered. That would be tough to specify what kind of plays and/or acts the players are committing.
  10. Maybe I'm dumb, but what exactly does #15 mean? Is it referring to defensive players not getting off of an offensive player during a minute drill after tackling them? Or players faking injury to stop the clock? How could you prove the later?
  11. I I hope that if we trade, it's down. It up. Too good of a draft to be silly. Also, legalize it.
  12. This is why I love the draft. It's great to hear people's thought in players. It's a mystery, the truth is no one really knows who is going to do well and who is going to do bad. I love hearing professional pundits on sports networks rave about a dude and then they suck. Aaron Curry is a great example of this. Everyone loved that dude and he was a dud. No one thought Ton Brady would be worth a damn and he is the GOAT. See what I mean? It's tough to call any player a generational player. That's what makes this fun, it's a gamble.
  13. Zay is a beast.
  14. People on here have been screaming to roll cam out once in a while. Seems like people from the outside feel the same. Only thing I don't like about on the run, if he does throw off one foot, he is completely vulnerable for a yuge hit. It makes sense though, roll him out, no one open them run. We will be fine. We all know Cam is legit.