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  1. Practice squad or replacement for Webb as the third QB?
  2. Sad to see it go. I have never been to a circus because, well I don't know why. They always looked so fun. All those years and all those jobs just gone.
  3. I was hoping this year we would turn it around. Maybe you are right.
  4. This is frustrating. Starting off the season hot and now we are hot poo poo.
  5. Atlanta is hot too. Their offense is better than Dallas as well. I don't want them to win and I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Green Bay can't beat Atlanta..Falcons are going to the bowl.
  7. I think he's being a wise guy.
  8. What's even better is the show is pretty close to the real history. I'm sure you guys knew that's but I always find that so fascinating.
  9. Welp this ones over. Falcons could win the whole thing. Then we will be the sucks of the south.
  10. If Atlanta gets a TD, that's a lot of momentum. Gotta get a stop for a fg.
  11. That's true. I work with a die hard bears fan and when Peanut signed with us, he was talking about how when he retires he can be a coach. Said he was a huge help to younger dbs