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  1. Maybe I’m looking to far into this, but do you see our oline ever help Cam up when he gets sacked? I watch other games and OL help he qb up all the time, maybe it happens and I just don’t see it as much (but I have seen it a couple times)
  2. The Lobo

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Same here, I work with Bears fans and talked up Mitch a lot. I don’t think they are happy with me so far.
  3. The Lobo

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Without clicking the link I’m going to assume this is about his comment to a fan. Surely, you jest about an actual rumor?
  4. I feel like when he has a bad game, the next game our D dominates.
  5. I have been pleased with the play calling. We just need to play the best WRs and we will be solid.
  6. Samuel as 1 Funch As 2 Wright/Moore as slot.
  7. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    Very good. Thank you for showing this...piss thought I had something.
  8. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    True. I do like Funch as the 2. Who should be the 1 then?
  9. I’m so sick of this crap with cam. Is he the best qb in football, no way. Do I want him to be praised like there is no tommorrow, no sir. I just want them to be fair. He played a great game, say he played great.
  10. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    Is it crazy to want Samuel, Byrd and Moore as our staring WRs?
  11. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    Damn, you may be right. Do you still have it recorded or do you have a clip you could share? I’d love to see it again
  12. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    Well said. It’s also worth mentioning that he was being mugged and I’m pretty sure his face mask was being tugged too. The fact all that happened and he almost caught it means we can trust this kid.
  13. The Lobo

    The flag at the end

    At least explain something instead of having a stare off.