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  1. What does a GM need to be?

    He needs to know what talent is. He needs to know strengths and weaknesses of every player in this draft. He needs scouting experience and cap management skills to let the team succeed in the long run. So not Hurney.
  2. Rain drop spots mad fire
  3. I don’t poo posts often, but when I do, I poo the poo out them.
  4. I’ve been checking the huddle everyday since 2005...I don’t think I’ve ever been casual.
  5. Do you think after a year they will bring in a new GM?
  6. Just saw it as well...shouldn’t be a huge blow up here we knew it was coming.
  7. Lamar Jackson at #24: Is it possible?

    I don’t think this pick makes much sense at the moment. A backup for Cam should be taken in later rounds and this team has way more important holes to fill than a backup. Wr, S, or DE should be the pick at 24.
  8. Steve Smith's Take

    I agree, it’s a chance and it sucks bc we can’t afford to mess up that pick with the needs we have. Wr is a huge need but so is S, RB and DE imo. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  9. Steve Smith's Take

    I know it’s not popular, but I want Kirk with the first pick. I just feel like he’s gna be a beast. I also really like EQ, I’ve watched a lot of his games and was really impressed with him (not in the first of course, maybe one of our thirds if he’s there)
  10. What is going on as far as GM ?

    Hahaha unbelievable
  11. Unfortunately, this person is correct. We have great colors and logo design, but it is time for an update. I don’t want arena football update or Bucs, but a new one would be nice.
  12. Rank 'Em

    JJ for life
  13. Franchise Tag period opens

    What if we use it on Gano.............