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  1. How do you and your source feel about Moore in the offense? I feel like if we were to go wr it would be Ridley or Miller before Moore.
  2. I think 2 is the magic number and both coming from the defensive backfield. On CB and one S would really be ideal. I know we need weapons for cam but we could add a TE or a Wr/rb for one of our picks in the third.
  3. Which WR would you prefer we draft?
  4. Raiders sign Daryl Worley

    Good luck, I hope he gets his problems straightened out.
  5. Very good point. I didn’t really look at it this way, plus the qbs for those teams. We need to shore up our db situation. I used to be all about O in the first, now you have swayed me.
  6. Completely agree. I think he is a fine player, but we could go younger and draft a CB or wr that can be day one starters as well.
  7. Was it 2014 or 2016 when they routed us on Sunday night football?
  8. tickets wanted

    Sorry, good luck.
  9. tickets wanted

    Nvm..it used to be on here. Unless I can’t find it either. It was under ticket exchange or something like that.
  10. tickets wanted

    Just a little tip: there is a a whole forum page on here dedicated to that. Ppl on there will help you out. edit: nvm I’m dumb
  11. Dallas, at home, week 1

    Let’s go fugers
  12. About time for a home opener.