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  1. Exactly. On paper, this lineup looks way better than the 2015 team. Can't wait to see it unfold. The future however....
  2. I just meant paper, but very good points.
  3. IMO, I think this roster is better than 2015. We will be fine this year. Next year though, I have no idea.
  4. Haha Charles Johnson just tweeted "Marty is my guy" the comments are great. Who on here said "of course he is" haha
  5. Shaq is a beast and is ready to play. I love TD, but it may be best if he backs up Shaq next year. Shaq was ranked 11 as an OLB last year by a situational player.
  6. Oh that same old press conference stuff. I thought it was from when they played together. Thanks for the info.
  7. Haha yeah I don't expect to hear anything either.
  8. As much as this makes me sound douche, I would like answers in this as well. Every other move we made I didn't want answers but this one, I wouldn't mind them.
  9. That's fair. It's still odd though. He's getting what 50 mil guaranteed, he got what he wanted ya know.
  10. I can see Dwill and Smith mouthing off, they aren't on teams. Why Norman though? He's making bank and has another team to worry about.
  11. Right now, the panthers are a turd. But not full turd you know, a turd in a Dairy Queen ice cream cake. We look pretty on the outside, but inside, it's just poop...lots of poop. Im just trying to be funny I don't think we are a turd.
  12. I agree. Manages the cap well and drafts well. This isn't good.