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  1. Do you think Manhertz has a shot to beat Simonson?
  2. Haven't seen you in a while, welcome back.
  3. I saw Funch rolled his ankle but he is ok per Panthers Facebook.
  4. Been done with that dude since '13 when he spoke with the 9ers.
  5. I was going to ask on here if I should watch the original series, not good huh?
  6. It's OTAs. Let's wait until the scrimmage practice against the Titans.
  7. Is that matt Kalil? He's a monster.
  8. Seriously, this guys deserves a statue.
  9. It'd be different if he did scramble, then it would make sense..but he doesn't so they are dumb. They did mention is third down completion percentage was garbage last year. Some of that is on Cam, but losing Cotch hurt us more than we thought it would.
  10. I saw that. He's Edwards said something like cam looks at one route and then takes off running. If I'm not mistaken (someone on here may know) he only scrambled like 5 times. Most of his runs are designed. I know several ppl on here wanted to see cam take off and run more. Teddy Bruschi said the same thing. He said Cmc won't help us that much bc cam looks at one guy and runs. Such ill informed douche nozzles. It's always bs against cam. They are both great players. Cam is a better football player and I'd take him over Luck any day. Luck "may" be a better passer, but I'd take cam still because he is such a threat. like The Red said, when Luck wins an MVP with Teddy as his #1, then we can debate. Also, cam still just about had 4000 yards. His season wasn't great last year, but it was bad either. He will bounce back. I love how he has one down year and everyone forgets everything he has done.
  11. I hated when Spoon left. I think our current LB corp is better, but that one in 02-03 was pretty nasty. Morgan was a machine when healthy.
  12. It will be an interesting fight. Can't hurt Dunn unless you use water, plus he is unusually strong.