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  1. This sucks, after the way we started I thought we were going to be ok.
  2. You are better than Cho.
  3. Good question. I honestly do not know. As was stated on here, the definition, which I thought I knew, has changed so many times over the will change again.
  4. .223 and .556 are basically the same that's why I didn't mention it. They are not the same as a .45 which is pretty common among hand gun owners. In fact many hand gun owners prefer a .45 which has a little more stopping power than a .223. There are carbines and large capicaty rifles like I mentioned earlier with an M1,that shoot .308. That is tremendous stopping power and they make 10 round and 20 round mags. Should you not be able to walk out a gun store with those? Should I have to have an FFl license for those? Not to me? They are within the law and semi automatic. You can put a laser on a Glock 19 9mm (which has low recoil) and be really precise and deadly with one. Should I not be able to walk out of a store with that as well? Once you make the AR that strict, where does it end? If you do it to the AR, you need to do it with other semi rifles and carbines like the M1. I use M1 so much as an example because it is a common rifle. I don't want an AUG anyway haha. Seriously though, why group it with fully automatic weapons? They aren't the same thing not even close. Like I have said, there are way more gun deaths from hand guns than ARs, should we make those FFL as well?
  5. I know I was asking to be sarcastic. There isn't as much stoping power as one might think. That's why AKs are so popular. 7.62 plus dependability make a heck of a weapon.
  6. Exactly. What would happen if a mass shooter got a 12 gauge with buck shot in a building? They would have a lot more injuries and casualties. Especially if it was a Kel Tec KSG 12 gauge. The VT college shooter used two hand guns and that dirt bag killed a lot of people.
  7. .223 is large caliber? You don't have to be condensending. I agree they need be out of the hands of mentally unstable people. All firearms need to be out of their hands. By completely getting rid of them so the mentally unstable can't have them, you are taking them away from the law abiding citizen and that isn't right. Most sidearms were made for killing other human beings and are tactical. For example, most Glocks are tactical, should they not be apart of the second amendment. Like I said, more people are killed by hand guns not ARs. There are a lot of high caliber hunting rifles out there way more deadly than an AR, such as a .308 or a .357. Should those be banned?
  8. It's already posted but il post here, I don't want you to feel left out. It is an unfortunate thing he said. I haven't read his response, but I don't know how he could talk out of this one. Imagine if Cam said something like this. ESPN would be at Bof A with pitch forks.
  9. That's fair, maybe they didn't know. I'm just saying what is being used in today's standards. There is going to be a grey area where I find sources that say one thing and you find another. Would carbines like M1's be considered assault? That's why I don't like the term "assault weapons" it's not specific. That's my issue with this. I edited my message earlier, but I said thanks for being civil this is good discussion. Where I am from a lot of people have the same view points as myself so it's good to have discussions with others who don't. I will learn a lot.
  10. quickest one I could find. It has a lot of other information as well. Not a bad read.
  11. Assault rifle, by definition is a rifle that can be mounted and pulled into the shoulder that has three firing modes: full, three round burst and semi. Those guns are already banned to an average joe American citizen. Assault weapon is a term that is not technical nor used my gun manufacturers or military (guns and ammo is a magazine, media like I said, and does not count). The military uses an M4. Yes the recoil is light, that's why it is perfect for full automatic use. A lot of military personell do not like the AR because .223 or .556 does not have the stopping power of a .308 or 7.62 (very similar calibers). A 9mm handgun has low recoil and can be fired fast and more people are killed be them. The military is also switching their standard sidearms from a Berretta 9mm (m9) to a SIG .40. Guess which caliber is bigger and which has more stopping power? I think you can understand why the switch. im not talking about mass shootings either. I'm talking about the term assault weapons. If you want to talk about mass shootings we can. Gun deaths in the US are mostly by handguns and not ARs or rifles. ...and it's not even close. Mass shootings, as unfortunate as the are because it's down right dispeciable, make up a small amount of gun deaths in the US compared to handgun deaths. Also, this is good discussion. I appreciate you being civil. Where I'm from, most have the same views as myself so it's nice to discuss things with people who have different view points. I can learn a lot from this.
  12. I said assault weapons to classify a certain type of fire arm. Not assault rifle. I just said that in another reply that there is such a term as assault rifle.Im simply asking what is an assault weapon? is it just simply full auto? You are pointing out a magazine by gun advocates, yes, but it is not a correct term. They use that for marketing ploys.
  13. Exactly. Assault rifles wasn't until ww2 to describe fully automatic weapons as you say. Therefore, no semi-automatic rifle can be called "assault". Just because it is an AR does not make it assault. If it's a fully auto weapon, it is obtained illegally. No law will prevent that. Assault weapons by their definition refers to full auto...which we can't own. Like I said, they need to be specific.
  14. Haha depends on how good it can shoot. It is a perishable skill.