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  1. What if Thomas falls to 8? Pass or draft?
  2. He's lost a lot of weight so his speed won't be a factor. Being healthy is the biggest concern. You could tell he was playing banged up since the minny game last year and not having the super bowl loss over him will be huge. The WRs need to get open, but I think they will improve. All in all, Cam will be fine.
  3. We made it
  4. I wonder why they would want another RB...what are they going to do with Gio and Hill?
  5. Your source say anything about us trading up?
  6. Please have 3/4 picks be qbs in the top 4 and we could get Thomas or Adams...or fournette. Heck I don't care just get here Thursday
  7. Please take qbs at 1 and 2. I actually would be ok if they traded up for him. All in all, I will like whoever we draft. If we trade up, I hope it's just for Garrett and that's it (that's if qbs are taken at 1 and 2)
  8. I hope this happens. The bears, jags and 9ers are wild cards I think.
  9. Oh wait..I get it haha I'm slow
  10. I don't know what to say to that so il just pie you.
  11. I shouldn't of said anything I'm not a as you please.
  12. I thought we could, but it seems like every thread people just argue and say stupid crap to each other.
  13. Why is every thread an argument? Let's talk football and the draft, if you are tired of that, then please don't bicker.
  14. Agreed. I was all about Zay, but now I hope we land this kid in the second.
  15. Excellent questistion that I was going to ask. Someone had to as I would like an explanation of this.