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  1. There are legitimate rationales out there but I haven't heard much of them. To play a little devil's advocate: 1. Special Teams - We've had blocked field goals in the past. Heck, we had an extra point blocked that the Saints returned for 2 points. Let's not forget the dumb penalties we occasionally make that gives the opponent more field position. Nortman hasn't been perfect either. That bad one against the Cardinals could've been big except we got a major break in our favor. Finally, we've given up big returns like the one against the Seahawks that started their comeback. Counter: It's not Bersin fielding punts. Ginn has almost broken off returns for touchdowns. Some of the aforementioned issues were noticed in the regular season and hasn't crept up lately. 2. Shula - The man we once torched hasn't given us reason to do so lately. Of course, who knows if he tries being too cute in the biggest stage or is too stubborn to go away with plays that aren't working, especially if our protection isn't holding up well. Counter: Cam has more control of the offense now. Shula has improved in making adjustments. 3. Death by a Thousand Slices - Rather than the Denver offense trying to go vertical, they'll dink and dunk their way down the field. We let Luke McCown, a journeyman, almost take us down only for Norman to make the saving interception. Don't forget how often we get opponents to third and longs and allow a first down with a slant, crossing pattern or similar. Counter: Peyton Manning isn't Drew Brees or Tom Brady. He can try but he won't be consistent enough, resulting in opportunities for interceptions. 4. Bad Cam - Denver defense could get him into bad habits such as poor mechanics, running way too far back for costly sacks or forcing him to throw on the run where his accuracy is more suspect. Additionally, Denver could be working to clog up those passing lanes since that has been a problem in the past. Counter: Cam has found ways to get out of 2nd and 20 scenarios before and even with wobblers, have made big plays throw while running. He's got the cushion of the run game and our defense in case he's not at his best. I can come up with more but I think you get the point. There are ways for Denver to win but their path to victory is a lot more narrow. Therefore, there should be multiple factors listed. Otherwise, it's like how people thought the Cubs were finally going to win the World Series because Back to the Future predicted it.
  2. What position did you play?

    I played left tackle one time in high school for an impromptu football game.  Let's just say I did my best Byron Bell impersonation.
  3. calling ALL Gamblers

    While I live in Vegas, I'm a betting noob but I have been listening to the radio this week. I don't wager but it's a bit intriguing. Basically, a repeat performance of what we did to the Cardinals and it will truly be a golden Super Bowl for the general public. On a side note, you can now bet on who will be the game's MVP this year. One guess on who's the favorite there.     
  4. The sad part is the guy gave us props for most of the year, all the way up through the NFC Championship game. He had an idea of what our team was so it surprised me when he started backtracking until he finally picked Denver today.  We win on Sunday, I may just call him out on it.  
  5. I'm going off memory here but this was a "stars are aligning" argument that had the following: 1. New England couldn't take care of business in the regular season and gave up the #1 seed at the end. Broncos would've had no chance if they had gone to Foxborough. 2. Broncos decided to place Manning back in against the Chargers when they were losing. They ended up winning. 3. Bengals did the Broncos a huge favor by both injuring Big Ben and knocking out Antonio Brown. 4. Even with the injuries, Steelers were leading the game in the 4th and driving for a score when they fumbled. Broncos end up scoring a TD off that turnover and eventually taking the win. 5. For all the struggles the Patriots had against the Broncos, they were this close to taking the game into overtime. Yet the king of comebacks fell short. 6. TD injured his arm. 7. The whole "Manning's last rodeo" and how the team will play above expectations. 8. The argument about how when great offense meets great defense in Super Bowls, it's the defense that shows up more. He cites Patriots vs Giants as what the local guy thought was going to happen. For all of that, his prediction was somewhere around 20-17 or 17-14 Denver.  
  6. I grew up with this team

    I was in LA when the Panthers came into being. Wasn't really a football fan until the Greatest Show on Turf won the Super Bowl and even then, it was more of a casual fling. To this day, I can't remember exactly when I started paying attention to the Panthers but it was definitely sometime in 2003 when they kept pulling off close wins. I loved how they played the game and when (ironically) they faced the Rams in the playoffs, they had me sold at X-Clown. Haven't budged ever since although I'll admit there's a lot of things I can't recall off the top of my head about the last 13 years, good and bad. It's quite odd memory I have. For example, I still remember St Pierre hooking up with Gettis for a long TD in 2010 but forgot how many good players we lost the first game of 2006. 
  7. I do not want this to end.....

    Just my two cents but in my eyes, regardless of what happens this Sunday, I'm proud of what this team has accomplished. At the minimum, we get to say we played in Super Bowl 50.  Of course, a victory would be the ultimate accomplishment. Let's finish what we started.
  8. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    The refs can't even get the current rules correct on a consistent basis. Do we really need to add more layers of complexity with a strike system? This is applying a band aid to a gaping wound. It won't do much good and may make things worse.
  9. At least here in Vegas, there's a noticeable slant from the gaming experts towards Denver keeping it a low scoring affair. Even had a local radio guy that had been praising Carolina for most of the year finally picking Denver to win outright because "things are falling in Denver's favor." Of course, pounding Denver also means pounding the sports books. No surprises here.
  10. The Brotherhood of Ugly

    It's a nice group of uglies. But are they uglier than the 2004 Super Bowl squad?  (Definition of ugly up to reader interpretation)
  11. He didn't dab her or signaled for a first down, so no angry letters from the Helen Lovejoys of the world.
  12. Predict this conversation

    Snoop: Yo, dawg. Are you as scary as you look? Norwell just sits there, staring. Snoop: ... Norwell: Anything else? Snoop: It's all good. Good luck on Sunday.  
  13. "Know" is quite a strong word. You can have the pieces for a run but injuries, distractions or facing the wrong opponent in the playoffs can derail any team. Having said that, that come from behind win against Seattle on the road was massive. We don't win that one, I honestly don't think we're playing this Sunday. It was a confidence infusion for both team and fans.
  14. Cam Newton disappointed me

    If this the most Cam will disappoint his fans while in the Bay Area, I'd say it would be a successful trip. You can't please everyone at any hour of the day, unfortunately.
  15. My 5 predictions for SuperBowl 50

    On 1: I get the inclination Manning will try to throw away from Norman's direction. If he tries deep, I expect it out of a double move by the receiver to try and bait him short.  On 2: This is the more likely scenario and for some strange reason, I see it coming out of a tipped pass. On 3: You're not getting me to doubt TD's coming to play his heart out. Hoping that arm holds up for four quarters. On 4: Hopefully, we have a contingency plan if Remmers struggles.  On 5: I just can't see it. Throughout the entire season, he only broke the 100 yard marker against the Giants. On the score: That's about where I see it.