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  1. In a more positive direction, Ryan Kalil has been one of the constants of the O-line since 2008 and we got him in the 2nd round.
  2. It was disappointing his only real contribution was being listed on IR but he was a 4th rounder. Expectations aren't as high. Ah, Moose's purported successor. I believed I called him Lame Jarrett from the very start because USC receivers back in that time always flopped in the NFL. That 1st rounder ended up being 17th overall and the 49ers drafted Mike Iupati with it. Yeah, we definitely lost on that trade. I considered Collins although he was part of a squad that made it to a NFC Championship game. It's... something positive, I suppose but his contribution to that is debatable. I place Jeff Otah in the "draft teaser" category. After his first year, I would've expected Otah to be part of the starting lineup today, like with Kalil. Instead, injuries did him in. Conversely, we have Keary Colbert. Boy, that first year had some promise. Then he was dropping passes like Ted Ginn but without the speed to make it worth the frustration, all while smiling. Kinda annoyed me.
  3. Here's a darkhorse loser. In 2009, we gave up our 2010 1st rounder for Everrette Brown, a guy we thought could supplant Peppers one day. Instead, all we got out of it was two seasons of spinning around like a top until he toppled and fell off our roster.
  4. Whatever the case, you can't deny Berman was a major contributor to broadcasting. He set the bar higher. Unfortunately, I feel that his spiel got old years ago and hasn't adapted well enough.
  5. Good lord....

    Eh. Rankings in the offseason have little meaning and no one gets an award for being on top. That's why the Cowboys always excel at them.
  6. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    If Brees ask for a reasonable deal but I have my doubts about that. With how bad they are cap wise, bad days are coming. Why prolong those days with another deal for a QB than can fall off a cliff like Peyton Manning any second now? From a saving your own job perspective, I can see the short term rationale but it can backfire spectacularly. Of course, for us, we wouldn't mind if the Saints pays Brees handsomely right before his throws begins its transformation to ducks for our young cahnurs to pick off.
  7. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    If the Saints give Brees a new deal, they're insane. At the end, father time always wins and when it does, it's a fast downward spiral. Better to let them go a year early than a year too late.
  8. I'm in the same boat. Having KB back will help but I'm certain coordinators everywhere are breaking down our plays and poring over what Denver did to us. We'll need to adapt but even now, I'm not confident we will to the degree we need to. Personally, I'd like to see Ginn and Hill on the same side.
  9. That's a shame. No doubt he was bad as a player but I had nothing against him personally.
  10. So the Bucs think they can get back to the Super Bowl by drafting kickers and finding out it's warmer in the mid afternoon than in the morning. Next up, they discover that it's better to throw the ball to your offense than the opposing defense.
  11. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I meant more in regards to negative events like this happening to our team overall. That day when we heard that Cam was in an accident is something that came to my head the moment I saw the news.
  12. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    I just hope this is not a bad omen of things to come.
  13. Comfortable with running backs?

    The best way to answer is that I'd rather not find out how our running game looks like if we lose Stewart like we did Kelvin last season. Then again, we will need to find a successor in the next year or so.
  14. Aguayo doesn't have elite leg strength, he hardly tried kicks over 50 yards in college and his accuracy took a hit last season. That said, had we taken him further down the round, I wouldn't have been that upset. Of course, our roster is miles ahead of the Bucs; we could have afforded to make that move. They just gave away picks for a kicker in the 2nd. I'm not sure even a modern day Janikowski would be drafted that high today.
  15. My biggest takeaway is that we're determined to find round pegs to fit our round holes. Boykin was that square peg that would've sufficed short-term but became expendable when the draft netted us the pieces that the team really wanted. Obviously, there is a risk with trotting out a trio of rookies into our secondary but we have strong leadership in our linebackers and our defensive front just got an upgrade. Couple that with a top scoring offense that will get a key player back, we can compensate for any initial struggles. I will say it's a good thing that intelligence is a key trait we look for because we will need them to pick up their roles quickly. It may be too much to ask them to play at the level of a defensive rookie of the year but if they can at least maintain their assignments, we may not have that much of a dropoff.