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  1. I mean he’s not wrong. I’m one the biggest Cam fanboys on here but the inconsistency is my biggest gripe with him as a player. If a lot of that was on the WRs and the play calling then Norvs system should fix that issue.
  2. joeyxfresco

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    fug Jerry That old piece of poo strong armed that into the contract. I’m willing to bet he shaved off some of the bid price to keep the statue up
  3. joeyxfresco

    Official Tepper Presser Thread

    I don’t care what anyone says. The silver helmets are some of the best in the league. Black helmets would look unbelievably stupid. The uniform overall only needs minor changes to modernize them a bit.
  4. Becker out Good, get rid of all of JRs people
  5. Im glad that I’m not the only one who was frustrated with Shula when it comes to letting Cam make calls before the snap The pre snap adjustments Cam made in 2015 were the best part of that 15-1 season I was honestly furious with Shula during the SB because it felt like Cam was back on a short leash like he was in 2014 If Shula and Ron let Cam free like they did all year we would still be celebrating that SB
  6. Complaining about Cam fanboys on a Carolina Panthers forum? Wait, what? I don’t think a fan base has ever hated their MVP QB as much as Carolina does
  7. Tom Brady uses same “scary offending words” on national tv while screaming at an authority figure: fiery competitor, suburban role model
  8. If you dont like the cussing go root for the Saints. I heard they have a good ol' christian boy playing QB
  9. joeyxfresco

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Tear it down and combine the Sam Mills with the current panthers Also, anyone who defends him and keeping the statue up is pathetic. And if my opinion got your panties up in a wad PM me instead of trying to be edgy in front of everyone and getting pie from your alt account
  10. joeyxfresco

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Best of luck GMan
  11. joeyxfresco

    Tuesday OTA tweets

    Checking in before someone says Delhomme is better than Cam
  12. joeyxfresco

    Beaston comes home

    I wonder when they bring in Smitty to work with the WRs
  13. I wonder how well Tepper and GMan would’ve gotten along
  14. joeyxfresco

    An idea I like