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  1. My man my wife cheated on me with

    damn lol screw her
  2. Scrambled Eggs

    good diet besides milk cut that poo out milk is extra calories and can make you fat . just drink water and you will see 100% better results . as far as scrambled eggs , eggs are the best thing for a diet i eat 12 a day
  3. mccaffrey is a given but im going to go with funchess . funchess is a # 1 wr , i hope samuel can do something but im not getting my hopes up.
  4. Film Room: Ladarius Gunter

    im hoping he gets some reps
  5. there a tough defense . leonard floyd is going to give us mothers problems
  6. two diffrent players saca , norman was too agressive and all he needed was discipline worley never had the talent . norman showed the cb he could be in preseason he just never got the shot . worley has shown very little flashes that he can be a good corner . he is terrible i think hes a back up at best . sanchez actually has the talent to become a decent corner , worley not so much
  7. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    hopefully hurney is gone after this year
  8. hopefully him and derek anderson get traded to the browns for joe thomas
  9. is bennett that much better than dickson?