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  1. yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  2. well be up by 21 and rivera plays soft and dallas comes back and we win by a field goal
  3. juliosantos

    Surprise player making the 53

  4. did he look that bad ? i know kelvin beat him on that sideline n he got burnt by streater but its only preseason
  5. i like him and larsen , offensive line isnt as bad as people thing
  6. our oline is hands down one of the worsts , so pissed we lost daryl , he was great last year . i do like moton but i wanted him to guard . matt kalil is the fourth worst tackle i ever seen for us , bell , remmers , chandler then kalil . he is terrible . hes a huge problem now heres to the spot that the white buffalo made perfection , now its a glaring need with silabitcho most likley starting , not looking good
  7. with d,williams and cokrell going down with season ending injuries are weakest spots are even weaker , we need to make some moves via free agent or trade because if we think were going to just have another undfa become the next andrew norwell we are in for a big disappointment.Its only the forst week and we lost 2 players its a long season and we have very little depth and there will be more injuries , we will see how hurney handles this , we can trade for a lineman and we can get a free agent cb . not looking good guys
  8. juliosantos

    LG Brendan Mahon

    next norwell
  9. no one thinks were going to be good but lets keep it that way because we will shock everyone
  10. juliosantos

    We won Super Bowl 53

    lol, just like we did last season with your gemantria bs ludwig
  11. miss when he use to do that to brees and ryan