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  1. Some reporter for the NFL posted a video of CMC warmup monday night praising his athleticism.. didn't go over well. Melvin Gordon chimes in... As does Frank Clark from the Seahawks. Looks like alot of players around the league just plain don't respect him
  2. http://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article183929531.html Worley on seeing less snaps than Seymour last week.... Worley apparently has talked to the coaches about this... Rivera's response... Wow marvelous reporting by Jourdan getting both sides of the story for this story Worley seems really unhappy. Shouldn't be though its the NFL kid you just don't have it right now
  3. its funny cause these are grown men
  4. Wow Marty fuging us up as quickly as he can smfh dysfunction at it's finest.. Safe to say Ron doesn't have his players backs anyway
  5. Score & Stats prediction

    lol if you think we holding atl to 3 points poo Jamies could've put 20 plus on us if he hits some throws that Matt will
  6. unbelievable really i cant put my emotion in this team anymore knowing this man is running the show lol atleast g man draft picks had potential to be successful Lord help us!
  8. cmc is such a disappointment and not to me to the people who thought he was better than any other rb in that draft lmao
  9. Top 10 pick explosive in college on turning short plays to big time home run hits why can't he do this now? By the way the analysts were talking his speed alone was enough to be a big play everygame he looks subpar in punt returning... but after all that I thought of CMC who the hell cares cause I felt like he would make the play that needs to be made and then... Cam throws the ball to him on a short route on 3 & 6 I believe in the 4th? We are down two possessions and CMC couldn't make the one guy miss to get the much needed TD instead stopped short... He's a possession receiver type in my eyes oh well always next year to find explosive playmakers
  10. 38 att.... 104 yards.... 2.7 net avg...... 11 LONGEST fugINGRUN
  11. you guys aren't outraged that we spent a top 10 pick on this? yikes false hope
  12. cmc is overrated but everybody who actually knows that difference between college and nfl knew that well except the Panthers fo... AND btw Leonard is catching passes w the best of them too lmao
  13. not worried bout what ifs and this and that
  14. no it was a great pass with plenty of room to make a move why are yall so quick to make excuses for this guy he looked marvelous in practice when the D couldn't touch him well now... anytime they get their hand on him he's going down lol
  15. http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Grill-Bill-Prevent-defenses-early-timeouts-and-tacos/f961dcbe-e417-4796-8c7e-2df54201ef6f now that is funny
  16. For those that disrespected our MVP while he was just getting his feet under him he carries us game after game Cam is the most important player on this team and its not even close
  17. 28 rushes for 28 yards

    3 rushes 7 yards for our top 10 pick lol gotta give up and slap 12 on him make him a wr
  18. https://twitter.com/PanthersBill/status/917096209210372096
  19. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat

    fug her
  20. luke smh Cam is the best player on this team not even close