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  1. Smdh gonna be a long 2 years if he coaches out this contract hopefully ownership will see differently
  2. For those that disrespected our MVP while he was just getting his feet under him he carries us game after game Cam is the most important player on this team and its not even close
  3. dude played his ass off with all thats around him hell of a performance
  4. Wow so its not just a Cam thing how many players on our team has long dredlocks other than Boston and KB last year?
  5. Why? Why?? I just don't understand his purpose on this team and Shula has the audacity to give him the ball smfh taking carries away from CMAC and CAP ones who deserve them
  6. he was impressive I remember he had a COUPLE of 100 yard games lol
  7. Lol I ask what he does and yall say special teams lmao gtfo this man never returns the kick and if he does it to the 15 yard line
  8. Kamara and Christian McCaffrey have an identical number of rushes and receptions no way to defend CMC play anymore it was his time today to see if he could carry the load its obvious he can't and its really sad
  9. Latley he's been making some really terrible plays. The drop pass vs the Packers that was picked... The muffed onside kick.... and now this week the drop vs ATL when we really needed that first. Not saying I don't like him but this is the first time all year he's looked like a real rookie he wasn't making big plays but he wasn't messing up either smh
  10. this is the icing on the cake lmfao
  11. Lets be honest if we would've lost that game next week we wouldn't even be in the playoffs! So many lucky breaks it seems like everything is falling apart smh. The offense is putrid and we need weapons but then again you look on D on their not so special on that side of the ball either wow alot to fix this offseason
  12. you sure about that? Panthers were interested in kamara likely would've picked him if not for c trash...
  13. did 17 even play w 89? no Devin please hush
  14. Playoff Schedule

    IF rams lose we are in great position to atleast get to nfc championship we would play the rams and then the Eagles if things go according to plan
  15. Wait so they really want to go into the PLAYOFFS w Shepard/Klay as our deep threats? lmao lmfao pray we don't get NOLA
  16. LMAO I died laughing yesterday when Ronde said Cam has to "step up" Then Cam threw a bullet to Bersin which he dropped and was picked... Its the receivers people. Without Cam we are discussing who we want in the draft in the top 10 again! Once we get Cam a REAL weapon on the outside that can make plays for Cam and not the other one around you'll see
  17. Man is this guy terrible! Big play after big play. PFF grade of 44.2 on the year WOW huge drop off from his 2015 campaign starting to think it was a fluke and we need to cut ties...