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  1. davos added a post in a topic Does this defense have the potential to be the best Carolina has ever had?   

    I think this defense is in some awesome shape. 
    This is a year where Short, Boston & Bene can step up into major roles for the future.  I think their stepping up into proven top-talent types is even more critical than some deficiencies being somewhat unfilled.  TD, Luke and CJ are proven all-pro level.  And damn our LB group is downright nasty.  
    I think we'd all like a savvy and athletic SS leading the secondary but Coleman could do just fine with this crew.  He's proven to be very good when with a good squad around him...one of which we have.    
    About the DL: The nice thing is I'm still taking our rotation over most in the league. 
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  2. davos added a post in a topic Training Camp Roster Battles / Competitiveness by Position   

    I'd love to see one of those unknowns push Horton for a spot.  Arthur Miley could be one to watch.
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  3. davos added a topic in The Lounge   

    Clutch new single!: 'X-Ray Visions'
    Neil and Company are still going damn strong...
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  4. davos added a post in a topic I am so fuging hammered right now   

  5. davos added a post in a topic Obama: If I ran again, I could win   

    You'd just think if these parties and interests really wanted to run sh*t from the inside-out, they would be better with their puppet choices but it seems they don't even care anymore. 
    I'd like the think the majority population is smarter than going for most of these guys but I dunno haha. 
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  6. davos added a post in a topic Obama: If I ran again, I could win   

    You should be able to tell by the second half of my post I don't.  It's political-entertainment so I look at it as political-entertainment and analyze it as political-entertainment. 
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  7. davos added a post in a topic Obama: If I ran again, I could win   

    I just don't understand dhow there can be so many damn candidates and every one of them seems like a complete f*cking suit minus a few who I don't agree with albeit, they're at least genuine.  
    The likes of Cruz and Walker are so damn 90s-era cheesy politician-actors, it's absurd.  That O'Malley is pretty bad too. 
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  8. davos added a post in a topic Philly Brown with a sick route against Patrick Peterson   

    I think if Corey really shows to be at this level or better this coming season, we'll have a WR trio in place with Olsen for at least a handful of years. 
    If a new RB gets some sh*t going like CAP/Wegher, we're going to be really close to a full & balanced offense for the first time in forever. 
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  9. davos added a post in a topic Helluva Monday Morning   

    I guess you can say you repelled a life with some magnitude...
    I'll see myself out.
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  10. davos added a post in a topic So Wegher beat out Reaves   

    I'm excited to see him and Ward this preseason. 
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  11. davos added a post in a topic Who will be the worst team in the NFL this year   

    I think the Jets completely fall off this year.  Bradley may finally get things going for Jax IMO.  
    Titans, Jets, Skins, and one unexpected bc of unfortunate injuries.  
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  12. davos added a post in a topic Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity   

    If our starting 5 is Walker-Batum-MKG-Frank-Al as the season progresses with Lamb and Lin being productive, we could be in decent shape.  We're also set up to have a clean slate in case we suck and really have a crack at the open market next season.    
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  13. davos added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    Guardians is at the top for me.  That and Winter soldier IMO are in a league of their own.
    1. GotG
    2. Winter Soldier
    3. The rest
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  14. davos added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    My personal opinion is that the characters aren't strong or complex enough to pull off the Lynch-style.  The show seems to be playing a fine line between giving ode versus attempting to replicate a style.  Twin Peaks is one of my favorite shows and the emulation almost seems forced at times especially when the characters have one vibe: brooding.   
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  15. davos added a post in a topic Official Netflix Thread   

    Haven't given Blue Mountain State a shot but like everything else you listed.  That's the football one right?
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