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  1. davos added a post in a topic Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity   

    The way I'm looking at things, the worst case scenario is if we finish below .500 but not in the playoffs.  
    Kemba-->Kemba (carry)
    Hendo-->Batum (upgrade)
    MKG-->MKG (carry)
    Frank/Zeller-->Marvin/Zeller/Vonleh (carry/upgrade) (I don't know how we'll use Marvin this year in the rot.)
    Fat injured Al-->Healthy lighter Al (upgrade)
    Bench: (upgrade) 
    -Lamb and Lin help big
    -Could Hairston, Harrison, or someone surprise us?  
    -Hawes and Hans could very well suck or may not
    Long shot case: we get rid of Al if he doesn't rebound and purge this roster if all goes to crap.  Get someone like Ben Simmons and build from scratch.  
    Best case: The improved roster nabs us a 5-8 seed.
    Worst case: We finish something like 37-44, miss the playoffs, and end up with like the 12th pick.  
    Batum is only 26 and was incredibly sought after when he came into the league.  He's proved to live up to that hype at times but as a whole has been somewhat disappointing as of late.  
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  2. davos added a post in a topic Panthers Roster Projection Update   

    I think the staff as a soft spot for Horton.  I see him making it as a DE again instead of a 5th DT. 
    Klein is a mystery to me.  There will definitely be an odd man out from Mayo, Glanton, Trusnik, and Klein.   
    It's been pretty quiet on the Houston and Teddy W. fronts but that back end CB battle should be fun to watch.  I like Young and White and can see us keeping only 5 considering what Jones and Shaq bring.  
    The new fan faves in Wegher and Ward will be interesting to see.  I think it's possible both could make the active but Ward has the better shot.  
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  3. davos added a post in a topic -Game of Thrones-HBO-   

    Niiiice.  I hope they do his weirwood throne a bit better as well.  I'm pumped about Bran's stuff next season. 

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  4. davos added a post in a topic The Republican candidate is apparently going to be chosen this weekend   

    Well you see, they've had the candidate decided for 7 years. 
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  5. davos added a post in a topic Future LT?   

    If DG thought the roster was complete enough to trade up for quality this past draft, I'm telling you: Ronnie Stanley would be money in 2016.  As mentioned, the FA class ain't too shabby either. 
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  6. davos added a post in a topic Panthers Rookie Report - Day 4   

    Yeah that's what I'd imagine.  Good stuff so far this offseason man.  You've been killing it with the updates. 
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  7. davos added a post in a topic Panthers Rookie Report - Day 4   

    Wasn't CAP's pass protection abilities one of his strengths coming in? I'm sure he'll need to improve (given the what's in the OP) but I thought that was one of the reasons DG mentioned we grabbed him over some other RBs.  
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  8. davos added a post in a topic 6 or 7 receivers?   

    Boykin seems to be who many are discarding.  I think the battle for the last one to two spots will come down to Byrd, Boykin, and Bersin with Bersin having the edge at the moment.     
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  9. davos added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos - Day 4   

    Overall, I'm still feeling great about this squad.  Awesome coverage Zod.  
    Beyond the Oher coverage, I think many are just assuming the other 4 spots are a-ok which I hope they are...but...I hope what Remmers showed during the tail end of last season wasn't just a flash in the pan.  This Williams kid looks promising too.   I'd like to know if any of the other OTs (Wallace, Hills) seem to be pushing Chandler for a spot and how the backup guards are looking.  (But I understand OTs are hard to judge in camp, especially the ones far on the depth chart)  
    Also, it looks like Fozzy and CAP have roster spots to lose so I think Todman v. Wegher becomes a battle to watch.  
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  10. davos added a post in a topic Lee Ward - The Punisher   

    By the sounds of it, this is the guy I'd want at FB when we line up in the I.  He could make the active over Brockel (We still have Brockel right? haha)
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  11. davos added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    Good thing I went directly to the last in here.  Haha...was worried for about 2 seconds.  
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  12. davos added a post in a topic -Game of Thrones-HBO-   

    Precisely.  Given what we know, I think he fits Marwyn probably better than any of the other possibilities.  I wouldn't be mad about him in any role though.  If he can become a character like he was in Deadwood, it's a win regardless.  
    I have seen some random guesses that he could be Hightower at the ToJ but I'd think they would use him for more than just that.  
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  13. davos added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    In case someone wants a breakdown of 1-7, here's probably the most well drawn out overview of what's going on that I've found:
    source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueDetective/comments/3fkniq/s2e7_what_the_hell_is_going_on/
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  14. davos added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    Holy sh*t
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  15. davos added a post in a topic -Game of Thrones-HBO-   

    I hear ya but he is quite central and does a lot.  The show could've introduced him S2.  The show may go an entirely different route though.
    Books wise: 
    In order of who I'm thinking:
    1: Marwyn
    2: Tarly
    3: Rickard in  a flashback
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