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  1. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Don’t ask Cam about the SB fumble...

    hahaha a Falcon fan asking Cam what happened in the Super Bowl?
  2. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Madden player rankings are out, 6 Panthers get elite rating

    New year, same trash once again. So glad I stopped buying this game.
  3. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Julio Jones holding out

    look at the numbers
  4. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Julio Jones holding out

    Source: Julio Jones wants a 3 year, 28 million per year average contact.
  5. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Curtis Samuel ....

    Slimmed down as shedding some body fat or losing some muscle mass?
  6. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    Then Brenton Bersin would lose his job as the tour guide
  7. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Shepard asked to take pay cut...refuses

    He didn't refuse, probably dropped the pen when he was about to sign
  8. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Antonio Garcia released from Patriots

    Because he's on blood thinners and if he were to get a cut while playing, he could bleed to death. Same reason why Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat was never allowed to play.
  9. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Worst starters that you can remember?

    Mike Shula OC 2013-2017
  10. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    A UDFA I want is Trenton Thompson from Georgia. Former number 1 recruit few years ago. Didn't produced much in college but was projected as a mid round pick. Has good size and athleticism from a d-lineman.
  11. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Yikes are WR depth chart

  12. Dave Gettleman's Shorts


    Must be allergies season up in Philly
  13. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    CJ Anderson Released

    But is he left handed?
  14. Never liked Worley's attitude. Has all the talent in the world but thinks he's the goat. Josh Norman was similar early in his career but eventually worked hard and listened to his teammates and coaches.
  15. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    Still hate the concept of Thursday night games especially when the teams just played a game a few days ago.