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  1. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Interesting stat on Panthers o-line on Sunday

    And Moton was up against Vic Beasley who isn't a scrub
  2. I have no problem with the play calling. Our issue is using the wrong players for certain situations. Why is CJ Anderson out catching passes when we have Cmac and why is Cmac running the ball at the goal line.
  3. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Run defense concern

    Mayo has no business playing OLB. Too unathletic and slow to play outside.
  4. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Official Panthers at Falcons Gameday Thread!

    wow butler held and their fullback false started = no flag
  5. Dave Gettleman's Shorts


    With what cap space exactly?
  6. How did I know it was Amini just reading the title?
  7. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Sean Lee is Luke Kuechly

    Sean Lee is cable compared to Luke Keuchly's DirecTV.
  8. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    This is the thread where we hype Corey Robinson

    At this point, I'd take Remmers and Bell over Shitlatolu.
  9. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Game ball, who gets it?!

    D line. Applied pressure all game and contained the run.
  10. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Official Cowboys at Panthers Gameday thread

    Ball boy catching better than Funchess
  11. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Olsen questionable—back issue

    I'd have back problems too if I had a third leg.
  12. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Daryl Williams has helmet on in practice

    Severe MCL sprains doesn't require surgery and can heal within 6-8 weeks with proper rehab and treatment because the ligament has very good blood supply. The patellar dislocation can also be rehabbed but will eventually and most likely require surgery because of a ligament called the MPFL that commonly gets torn when the patella dislocates. As of right now, we are at week 6 since the injury initially occurred.
  13. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    OFFICIAL: Panthers Trade For OT Corey Robinson

    But is he left handed?
  14. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Efe Obada

    Mario Addison didn't fully breakout until he was around 28.
  15. Dave Gettleman's Shorts

    Efe Obada

    Give Obada a few more years to develop and he could become a very solid rotational end.