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  1. Biden vs. Trump

    No idea. But Joe Biden is creepy as fug.
  2. FA CB - Ross Cockrell

    BLUE DEVlL! I'd love him. Enjoyed watching him at Duke.
  3. Save the Planet....ban plastic straws

    Conservatives and Liberals both just make me apathetic. Straws suck, btw.
  4. Another school shooting this am

    Did I say I "needed" them? It's the standard amount for most 9mm handguns, as the 9mm is a relatively small round, thus can hold more than a 40 or 45 cal.
  5. Another school shooting this am

    Jumping to the last paragraph first, you are going to have to do that via a constitutional amendment. That is where you will have to start, because that is most certainly "infringement". I respect your opinion, but start there. Back to the top. Does that mean my little Glock 19, that holds 17 rounds need to be banned? The most popular hand gun in America?
  6. Another school shooting this am

    Ok. So here is where the debate should start. What guns should not be allowed then? BC often the gun control supporters say they want to only get rid of "assault rifles". So, what makes a rifle an assualt rifle? In reality, you want to take away a majority of rifles that are sold in the US.
  7. Another school shooting this am

    Lots of rifles in the US are capable of doing the same thing yet they are not as scrutinized. Would you want any rifle that uses a magazine restricted the same way as an ar-15?
  8. Another school shooting this am

    The AR15 is used in these shootings because they are the most popular rifle in the US. In reality, they are used in a very small percentage of gun violence in the US.
  9. Another school shooting this am

    And if they don't have access to one, they would use a handgun or two like the v tech shooter. Or a shotgun...which is FAR more lethal than the .556.
  10. Another school shooting this am

    The military also complains that the caliber that it is chambered in, the .556, is inadequate. Also, are you saying an AR15 is LESS harmful if a bumpstock is used?
  11. Another school shooting this am

    Gazi made the point that if guns were banned or restricted it would make it harder to get them in Chicago. With your logic, his point is moot.
  12. Another school shooting this am

    OK. But let's totally not tighten security on the Mexican boarder to keep out gun trafficking (which would exponentially expand with more restrictions/bans here)
  13. Another school shooting this am

    Yes, and I was highly critical of that.
  14. Another school shooting this am

    "Trump is literally Hitler, a tyrant" "We should surrender our weapons to the tyrannical government for our 'safety'"