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  1. Last man standing pie!!!!

    I'll give you a hint
  2. And then there was juan...

    Theoretically this thread differs from the rest...
  3. And then there was only one....thread 18

    haha, it's funny watching these threads blossom in real time
  4. And then there was 1

  5. Sunday night game thread

    Now @LUUUUUKE can make the thread =D
  6. Sunday night game thread

    Wow, what a turn of events
  7. Maybe it's best he sticks to football knowledge? On a similar note, I can see Norman being a bad gambler if he was to walk up to a casino. 
  8. Win Today is of Special Significance

    For the love of everything that is code-ey (html joke, get it? ok...), please edit your post and embed the tweet, my eyes hurt.  But yeah, I agree, I say we go for the win today. 
  9. Steve Clifford Extended

    A great comeback victory for Clifforn after the extension. 25-2 run against wizards in 4th quarter to win the game. 
  10. Cam Mic'd Up

    You mean you didn't see the thread with 4 pages? Here, I'll help you http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/121619-cam-micd-up-and-all-its-hilarious-glory/ The article just sums up the video. nothing special . 
  11. Why do we always predict a 20 something score for the panthers?  2x-2y Panthers (where x > y) - Every prediction ever.   How about 37 - 6  Panthers?
  12. Cam Newton On ESPN Now

    So I sat around after the game last night and waited, waited and waited, and when I was done waiting I waited some more. At some point you just can't wait anymore, but no not iBBB. I waited even more. And after waiting was no longer the obvious choice, I waited again. And then all of the sudden I said fug this and went to sleep.  I guess i didn't miss much.