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  1. The oline coach is one of the best in the league. The issue is playing zone concepts with linemen that are better suited for a more physical scheme. Scapping the line for finding guys that fit rhe zone scheme more, is going to rake more time, then just switching to a scheme that fits our linemen.
  2. This was also only a matter of time, once the team was sold. So not sure why Y'all are acting like rhis now.
  3. David Newton is so damn stupid. Wofford was Richardsons college. It was more about paying it back to the community he grew up in.
  4. The team not doing training camp at Wofford isn't going to alienate people like they are already doing.
  5. No human above the age of 25 is sane.
  6. Take ANY offense. Ship off your 2 best playmaker, one being the best in the league at his position. Start the season with 2 new guys at guards, one being a rookie. Hiw is ANY QB suppose to succeed in that situation. Now insert a rookie QB.
  7. He could have last off season. Not sure why that would have changed at all.
  8. When he has time, he looks good. Unfortunately he has no time because the interior rush comes through unblocked at least 50% of the time.
  9. Anybody that wants to claim they can make an assessment of Bryce Young, behind this oline, and without receivers that can consistently take the top off defenses and be a real threat.... Well, just turn in your fan card. Seriously.
  10. Wilks was unquestionably a leader of men. No one on the huddle wanted Holcomb as DC. Most didn't want another defensive minded HC, even if it was Wilks.
  11. coaches don't get fired mid season if they. don't care about winning.
  12. Tepper ain't a liar. He has zero problems speaking the truth. Most just don't want to hear it.
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