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  1. Added some.key pieces on defense, which should allow our defense to become a threat on 3rd down. Getting the ball back for the offense. A good offense needs a good dense to get the ball back, and give the offense more opportunities. On offense, having CMC back healthy is huge. Say all ya want about him being overpaid, or overrated, but having CMC on the field makes the offense better. After the last several years olines, i'm looking forward to seeing how this one will come together. Seems to ke we have some more mauller types on the line. That is always good in my book! It see
  2. Richardson, whom would never let any player where #1 before, not only gave Cam his blessing to where the #1, also encouraged him to do to.
  3. Not sure why the process must be a sham, being as Morgan and Fitts have worked together before, and are friends, means he knows that Morgan is qualified, and they'll work well together. It's no more a sham than any GM or coach search. Anyways, welcome back Dan. I might have to dust off your old jersey every once and awhile.
  4. We haven't had a solid olibe in years, stop acting like the team walked away from something they shouldn't have. I believe Moton will be here for the long haul. He is the definition of a Panther player, and our best lineman. So that takes away your first question. So because we have a bunch of new parts, you just assume they'll suck until they prove you otherwise? Don't bother responding to that. It's just how you present your weak arguement. Paradis played well last year. I expect him to play well again. Although I do believe that he won't be here beyond his current contra
  5. You don't know me. Thanks for acting like you do. I remember why I never waste time with you.
  6. No scarier than every year. As there is always new starters along the line, and it's really more important for them to learn to play as a unit.
  7. Moton is our best lineman, and I jave zero problems with him being paid as such.
  8. Both Rhule and our GM have been on record that they liked Darnold over ANYONE that wasn't the top 2 QB's. I happen to agree with them.
  9. "I wanted Fields!!! I will never forgive them bastards for having opinions of their own!!!"
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