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  1. fug this is old news. That's why the coaches were harping on his footwork all preseason.
  2. Just because I'm not hung up on it, doesn't mean I dismiss the cost. The team is trying to find their qb. I haven't agreed with a single selection, but I'm also intelligent enough to know that I'm just a fan, and the team is doing whatever they can to build a winner. Just like us, they are human, and they made mistakes. I don't know any coach.who doesn't. I'm not going to sit here and be mad because the team did what they felt was the the right decision at the time. And I WANT them to keep trying until they find us the one. That's going to cost us, because not even average quarterbacks grow on trees.
  3. And here you are stuck almost 2 years in the past.
  4. I, personally would be pissed if they weren't trying to better the team every year. I swear you guys think this pro football stuff is easy. Lmao
  5. If only finding franchise QBs were easy.
  6. Execution. There hasn't been much of it on offense. Sure, you cN blame the coaches for that, but the players still have to go out and execute. Knowing the huddle like I do, they never blame the players when it comes to execution, unless they hate the player.
  7. Yup, the team with the fewest mistakes often wins. Sounds familiar.
  8. 3 awesome receivers, a great running back. A good defense. A good special teams. Oh yeah, this is a rhule hate thread. You're right, the saint's suck. fuging worthless division opponent and all.
  9. Getting a win while we're still improving isn't a bad thing, unless you just don't see the offense getting any better with more play.
  10. The oline coming together, a new QB. new offense. We saw more out of the offense today. I definitely feel it should continue to develop every week. The saints put off offense, but the defense was able to force turnovers. An opportunistic defense can help this offense get going.
  11. Saints had more offense than we did, yet we won. Hard to buy anything being sold in here.
  12. I know when I'm at a.game,.I'm bringing the energy regardless of the record. Otherwise I can sit my fat ass at home and not give a fug.
  13. I'm honestly shocked he didn't look like this 7 years ago considering the deal he's made with the devil for his success.
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