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  1. I don't know how anybody can see this as a loss. We made a trade to control our destiny in the draft, and secure our Franchise QB. We did that. Mission accomplished. The cost of doing it, was absolutely acceptable.
  2. Another week gone. Glad to good news continues as it should in thenoff season. Definitely excited for this staff and our players. I can't say that I have ever been this excite for our staff overall.
  3. Sit back and see, but I'd be willing to be he gets paid more than you think he's worth. And whether or not you agree with the experts on his worth, it's simple economics. Premium pass rushers (which he is) get paid. Sorry you don't like it.
  4. I love how fans will argue against what the professionals say. Yeah, he's a fuging bum. I have zero interest in even taling to anybody who is so disillusioned.
  5. The number over true elite defensive ends have steady dwindled over the last 2 decades. I really don't care about the consistent underrated that Burns seems to get here. He is a pass rushing specialist, and is quite good at he. He's going to get paid. Period. That's how the NFL works. Simple laws of supply versus demands. This is also why I don't get hung up on contracts, because they are all overpaid. God Bless.
  6. Oh I get it. Believe me I do. I've been on both sizes of this. In the city, on 2 acres, now neither city, nor acres. At least I'm at the end if a dead end road. I think I'd like 10-20 acres. But a an acre has to.be my truck shop and parking. And I would develop it all. One definitely needs to have a passion for it. Not for everyone.
  7. Went overkill on what ya maintained. I'll take country over anything. But then again, I Like my privacy and space.
  8. Wow. Like why are we even talking about this? Is this the, we shouldn't have drafted this kid? Or is this just fuging stupidity in general.
  9. Everyone but the bucs have been hot poo for years now. With the retirement of Brady, the Bucs automatically get penciled in at the cellar. The Falcons don't have a starting QB. They are better off starting Hienicke, and he's not the answer either. While they added to their terrible defense, they are old pieces. I don't expect them to field a top 10 defense. They will have to rely on the run game to win games. We all know how that works out. The Saints situation was covered very well in the piece. No team in our division, improved as much as we have in this off season. It's not even close. With us finishing 2nd to a bad Brady led Bucs, and Brady gone, we are sitting ontop of the division before a game even starts.
  10. I loved how brutally honest he was about the Saints situation. Not sure how the experts think they'll win the division simply because of Carr.
  11. So they could eliminate the kick off from the game, in the name of safety. Bullshit.
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