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  1. I'd rather have Carr over Trey. I really don't want the Panthers to waste their time with Trey.
  2. Am sure a lot of teams are going to kick the tires on the Carr.
  3. Shaq is an asset. He's still young. No benefit from.moving n him, especially because you couldn't replace him if you tried. He's worth extending.
  4. Not at all. I believe that's whom Pantro was referring to. Yet this piece was about the new coach's wife. Or maybe I missed that it was, hom asking if she was a talented as the out going coach's wife. Lol at myself.
  5. Yet the mases were, "our owner won't get out of the way!" "Fitter is a yes man" Which just proves the masses don't know most of what they think they know, and are lemmings.
  6. Love the additions. Looks like we're going to have thenmost experienced staff we have had since Dan Henning the relic, was OC
  7. We're talking about the QB position? Then it's a no Brainerd, you take the better passer, and move on.
  8. Every time I read, bring back Cam, I see someone who hasn't suffered enough.
  9. Frankie is going to be alright. I'm impatiently, patiently waiting to see how the staff fills out.
  10. I really miss Jake Delhomme. I miss watching Stewie run. I hate the CBA.
  11. The village steak house cannot possibly be described as cheap.
  12. We should have kept Ron, and upgraded the scouting department.
  13. If you care to join me there, dinner will be my treat! Lol
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