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  1. Putting together an oline in today's NFL is not for the faint of heart.
  2. Wasn't interested in him at his cost before, I'm certainly not interested in our team trying to outbid for that fuging mess. fug no.
  3. Everyone on the road is an asshole of some type. There are no exceptions.
  4. I had to do a double check on the op. I swore is was aceboogie who started this poo storm, and have Waldo squating on me. Possible Alt? Doesn't matter, got off me, your weak minded people.
  5. Fields could go on to be the GOAT, and it wouldn't matter. Move on already.
  6. I love blanket statements like this. Out of context, it's like, OMG, how.could this happen. Then you realize new GM, new HC. VERY RARELY do their keep the existing starting QB. No owner wants to give HC's a chance now days. 3 years is a long term for a HC now days. He better not waste time with a guy who isn't his. That is.most certainly the case with SAM and the JETS. Context matters.
  7. Did you really just state that as if he has anything to do with the team losing. STFU.
  8. This is year 2 of a slow rebuild with Rhule. Anybody with lofty expectations is putting putting that on themselves. I say this even though my own expectations are playoffs.
  9. We have a good team. We don't need a miracle at the QB position to win. For Sam to come in here and fail would mean our team was a disaster. Not just the qb.
  10. You're not pushing any narrative that hasn't been discussed beyond the point of reasoning. Why don't you STFU until we're playing live, regular season football? Or is that concept to simple for you to grasp? Stop being an idiot.
  11. Image is more important to Tepper than you give him credit for.
  12. I don't believe the Panthers want anything to do with Watson at this point.
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