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  1. Making a lot of assumptions. I don't see Gilmore playing free safety. I think he'd take his services elsewhere before playing safety. And that's just the first assumption you made.
  2. They have all the answers right now. Don't fug up their poo dude
  3. Sam is not playing good enough. There are reasons. The line isn't protecting him well enough, he has no time in the pocket, and God forbid his receivers help him out.
  4. Mighty impressive 19 yards on the season..
  5. Our offense finds its rhythm 31 17 good guys
  6. I'd easily argue that he is having to rush his throws. Plus the offense never found a rhythm at all this last Sunday. Yet while there are a few that's not going to accept that but it's just the truth . I was in agony watching the game from the front row of the upper deck praying and praying that they would just find some rhythm on offense . If they could have done that they probably could have overcame the interior oline.
  7. It's simple if you're good at what you do when doing construction then you make good money if you don't then no you don't make poo. It's just like any other job.
  8. People these days just don't give a fug I remember listening to my grandfather and my great Uncle's talk when I was a kid and how proud they were about all the different things they were a part of in their life . Most of the things that they were talking about were just different jobs that they did throughout their lives but they were a part of something they accomplished things and they were proud of those things.
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