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  1. I don't believe any site that is ran by fans. So much of that is what they want. Most were saying that the Panthers wasn't leading on anyone in particular throughout most of the draft. When the team was as the Stroud pro day, was when most fans hitched themselves to Stroud. I am under the impression that our star studded coaching staff and our GM ultimately led the team to picking Young. I know Tepper absolutely signed off on it, as he's the owner of the team and no QV drafted 1st overall isn't going to have the owners blessing. Stroud did a fantastic job in Houston. Pretty sure he wouldn't have enjoyed then same success here. Either way, it's water under the bridge. Our franchise as a whole doesn't do well when selecting a QB to draft. Cam being the outlier. I also don't believe the story with Young and the Panthers is even close to being written yet. Does that make me one that got dupped? I feel I'm pretty unbiased when I make my opinions, despite wanting all Panthers to succeed. You can be both.
  2. They haven't drafted as many flat out failures as the other 2 have... but yes... they have swung for the fences many many times.
  3. The bears and the browns. As many QBs they have drafted, they should be able able to field their own football league!
  4. "Chicago's "franchise" QB Caleb Williams has been benched during Chicago's OTA's after throwing 7 consecutive interceptions. Williams also did not compete a SINGLE pass in 7v7 drills. Coaches think Williams has been to reliant with his scrambling in scrimmages and have told him directly, "Stop playing like our last quarterback, play your game."
  5. So, electro, .... Bryce Young scammed professionals all throughout the league? This isn't Ryan Leaf, although he was pretty obvious a bust before even drafted. Perhaps we did get scammed. I, personally, have zero issues admitting my short comings, the times I was an idiot despite knowing I'm actually not one. Damn those moments anyways. I also have no problems admitting to being scammed. I think the biggest scam last season was that the team did their best to put an offense around Bryce, and that the offensive line, that performed well under Wilks, was going to be a strength. We can't even call it a weakness last year, as it was a complete failure. I know everyone wants to be done with this experiment now. Hence why so many have dug in so deep to defend their perspectives. Very rarely does it go that way unless your team was dumb enough to draft Johnny Football.
  6. I'm really trying to give a fug.... Nope...that's a lie. I simply Don't give a fug about the bears, Caleb, or the fact we traded with them over a year ago. All water under the bridge. With that being said, Caleb is a punk ass rookie, that is in his first OTA in the NFL. It really doesn't matter how he looks. He's suppose to be learning the system.
  7. I sit here and think, Y'all call me a Homer? This thread is filled with mostly people on the Extremes. Ones whom are incapable of believing a group of talented athletes can play well enough together to win. And ones that fit this description. In may. Believe that our offense is going to magically start carrying this team. Which has never happened in the history of this franchise. You guys have no business calling me a Homer. Seriously. Now that I have expressed this... let me open up more on This current team than I have to this point In THEORY, our run defense should be much improved. Which would in turn, give the defense more opportunities to actually rush the passer. More than last year anyways. Once again, in THEORY, our running game should be much improved. That in itself should benefit out defense, by allowing the offense the opportunity to actually sustain drives. There isn't a single pass rusher on this team that scares me. Clowney is a pretty good complete defensive end/edge guy. At no point in his career was he ever considered an elite pass rusher. Now he's our best pass rusher. After that we have a wanna be journeyman pass rusher, and a lot of unknowns. Even with more pass rush opportunities on the horizon, how ANYONE can be confident about our pass rush at this moment, just blows my mind. Going back to offense. IF our oline can come together, and ve somewhat healthy this year, that will be a miracle in of itself. Thus is coming from a fan whom always says the okine takes time to come together. He'll, last year they never had the opportunity to come together. The line was being shuffled from the beginning. How anyone expected our young left tackle to be even competent when musical chairs was played all season long at the guard positions , blows my mind. Is anyone capable of understanding the impact that has on an oline? Which in turn impacts the entire offense? Seriously. The fact people still want to say they know Young sucks/is a bust after the 1 rookie season behind that miserable attempt of even fielding an offense??? Seriously, what the fug are you smoking? That ain't good poo. You need a better source for your drugs man. You guys have brain damage. IF our oline can come together, IF our oline can remain decently healthy, then yes, our offense should, for the first time since Tepper has owned the team, be offensive to other teams!! Our running game should flourish. Nothing in any generation of NFL is more effective andndangerous than a balanced offense. While I am somewhat optimistic about what this team as attempting to field this season... I do have my doubts. I can see how it can come together. I can also see how it can fail to get traction at all. Our team should at least be more entertaining to watch for the first time in I don't know how many years. Maybe I'll actually attend some games this year. I won't hold my breath. If our team findsa way to improve to average, that means will win 6 to 9 games. That's a pretty good improvement for a first year head coach. Notnsurw how many of our fans would be alright with that. Seems our fans fall into 2 categories. Superbowl, or tank, I mean don't you dare win 1 damn game, and fug up a high draft pick so we can continue to suck forever!!!! Hmmmm Seems this post has been all over the place. And you have the audacity to call me a Homer.
  8. I agree. I think this year's team will be funny to watch. I can't even remember the last time I've said that.
  9. Stew had it all. Strength. Speed. Vision. And incredible balance. Defenses had to gang tackle Stew. Very few could do it 1 on 1.
  10. Did I personally insult you? Hmmmm I thought I made a general statement. It's a damn shame you took it personally. I've read more than enough of your posts to know you should take your own advice. Anyways, no hard feelings. May I say one more thing? Oh hell, why am I asking you? One of the great things about being a fan of the NFL, is watching players develop. Every year, there are players whom make it that nobody saw coming. Then there are those whom everyone thought was sure fire winners, fail. I enjoy watching players develop, and grow into players that we love and admire. It's part of the enjoyment of watching the game. Seems that is lost in today's NFL where everyone wants instant success and gratification. I do apologize if you took anything I've said personally. It's just a message board.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/share/r/GHEUDh7UxhnCD62D/?mibextid=oFDknk Not sure how to embed this.
  12. Haven't implied that at all. While you and everybody else whom can't stand Young, have already wrote the book on him.
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