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  1. Norman's Trash Talking

    It seems like after the first play he goes over to the receiver and puts his helmet in their face and grabs them and pisses them off a little bit. I sometimes worry if he will get flagged for it but he hasnt yet. I think it is just a little ritual though, just like I think Cam plays better after he has a run and takes a good hit to wake him up. It is just a ritual that we all go through in our own ways to prepare ourselves for whatever task at hand.
  2. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I found the Claussen era harder to watch. I never miss watching a game, and i damn near always watch them o finish, but there were a few games that i had to cut off. I just had better things to do than to claw my eyes out... But I have to thank Pickles because if not for his total failure, we would have not had an opportunity to draft Cam.
  3. Norman's Trash Talking

    I see nothing wrong with it as long as he keeps it under control and uses it against his opponents like 89 used to do. I find his after game interviews to be pretty hilarious also. He is smart and he keeps it clean and he has a sarcastic sense of humor like my own. I think he can be a superstar. That will be good for him, but if the Panthers want to keep him, we will have to pay for him.
  4. I love the strategy that the team has. All of these passing rules has made the league a pass first league, so most teams went out and spent a ton of money of flashy skill positions like WR and CBs and let their trenches get smaller and lighter.   The Panthers have effectively combated this movement by remaining a defensive run first powerhouse. Now we are just mauling and running over these flashy finesse teams that were supposed to turn us into a flashy passing league. You could almost say that Richardson is doing his part to make sure Footbal remains the sport it is and not succumb to the pussification.  
  5. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    Not really. It was unbelievable for the first 5 or 6 games... but after we finally beat Seattle and then Green Bay, I knew this team was for real. Now I have kinda come to expect the ass stomping that our defense brings. Maybe our offense being so good is still a little bit new though.
  6. I think that is a good idea, but it is a little early. They should wait until the first playoff game to bring out the shineys. And also, it willmean much more to the team that Rivera is wearing one... He has been in their shoes, and the team knows to trust him because he knows what he is talking about and has been there before.   I am starting to think that Rivera may possibly be the best coach in the league. If we can win the big one, I will be sure of it. This team is Rivera's team.
  7. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    That is a very interesting angle... I havent thought of it that way, and I usually look for the silver lining in everything negative. I think you are right. Cam is learning to trust his other role models, and this will make everyone better when KB comes back next year and Cam has multiple trustworty targets. And honestly Cam has been pretty good at spreading the ball around since Smith left. But this does get the younger guys some more reps and gets them some experience against better defenders than usual. This is how championship teams operate, with the next man up mentality.
  8. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    This board went full retard when KB went down.   I seriously think I was the only one here who didnt think out season was 'lost'. Even when we were 4-0, fans were shitting all over us.  
  9. Old School Football

    I love our team for the same reason.   I swear that if I was no already a Panthers fan, that I would have probably switched to the bandwagon. We are an old school football team. That comes from the top with Richardson, who was an actual old school player. He brought in the perfect coach with Rivera, who is bulding a team that is molded from the stuff that his 85 Bears were made of.   Did I say I love this team?
  10. Along the Sidelines - The book

    It will not be cheap, but I think it would be perfect if we go all the way. Honestly I think it would only be justified if we win SB50.
  11. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Luke is probably the best player on the team, but TD58 is the General. He is the leader of this team, and is a big part of where we are at right now. He is always working to make sure our lockeroom is the best in the league and that we are all on board 100% I almost see him as Rivera's assistant, on and off the field. I hope he coached here whenever he decides that it is time to hang it up.
  12. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Thomas Davis is the embodiment of "Keep Pounding"   He exemplifies it. He is my favorite athlete.
  13. Saints game flexed

    I wish the would flex them to night games. Night games are good experience for the upcoming Superbowl. Especially away games.
  14. Throwback Thursday.."Ron Rivera Expected to be Fired today"

    I remember 3 years ago when at least half the fanbase was calling for his head, and I was trying to tell people to chill. I was beginning to see where he wanted to go with the defense when he drafted Luke, and I knew that as soon as he has a chance to replace Fua and McClain and shore up the Dline that we would have a monster defense. He has had a number 1 defense as a co-ordinator for 2 different teams, San Diego and Chicago. This year he may be able to get the Panthers to Number 1 also, we were number 2 in 2013 behind Seattle.
  15. I think the Panthers are the best in the NFL. Not being a homer. It is because of our defense and our physicality. We will win the Superbowl I think.