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  1. Would you rather see Sanchez or Paxton in the opener?

    I would rather see Paxton. We run a complex defense, and the rookie will not even see what is coming.
  2. Perception and the Draft

    Different strategies for different situations. When we had a 7-9 team and a 12-4 team, we drafted like a team that was building for a future run at a Championship. The future is now, and the philosophy has changed to fit the situation. Now, we are the championship level team, and dealing with realities of championship players leaving for paydays, we are now drafting to reflect our needs to remain a top level team. I think we have a 3 or 4 year window to get this ring. Cam plays oldschool football, and wont be able to run the ball like he does now in 5 years. Gettleman doesn see a FA CB that he thinks can take us to the Superbowl, so he did what he feels he had to do.
  3. Bradberry given JNo's number

    Im excited about this. Like everyone else, I wish we could have kept Norman... But we have to play with the cards we are dealt. Dave has spent his first few years concentrating on the front 7, and now he has loaded up on secondary. We have Bene, Boykin, 3 rookies, 2 returning backups and maybe a UDFA or two that are going to come in and fight like hell to be our Starting 2 CBs and NB. Maybe one of them can compete at Safety? Losing Norman will also help us to sign our many coming contract so that we dont lose half of our team like Seattle did.

    I think we will bring in some olinemen and probably a safety
  5. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    As a superbowl team, i think DG is correct in trying to improve the team for right now... but in the future, it is inevitible that some of the guys we passed on for one of the CBs (god forbid a bust) will become a star, and it will bother us. But I think Dave is doing the right thing for our circumstance. He is worried about trying to win a Superbowl right now, not 5 years from now.
  6. 7th rnd: TE: Beau Sandland

    our line is decent. They only played bad as a unit for 2 games. I think Williams has a good shot at beating Remmers for starting RT.
  7. Bradberry given JNo's number

    We have about 5 CBs that will all be competeling for the starting roster spots. I dont think draft position matters.
  8. In case you lost count....

    We are a returning Superbowl team with only one major weakness. It is unorthodox... but I see Gettleman thinking outside of the box and trying to improve a team that went 15-1 last year.
  9. In case you lost count....

    McClain and Teddy will be given the same opportunity to compete as the other IMO. We dont have to cut until after preseason. We have Bene who will be a starter, and about 5 or 6 guys competing for the other outside spot and the nickle. I think whoever wins the camp battle will be our secondary for years to come. This will be a good thing.
  10. i typically want BPA... but given the current situation, we have a good team returning from a Superbowl, and I see Gettleman agressively adressing our largest need. Unorthodox sure, but If two of these guys pan out as starters along with Bene, we may have a formidable secondary for very many years to come.
  11. The Panthers Have a 5th and 7th Round Pick Left

    I think our special teams are improving, at least at returning. Ginn helps us quite a but there.
  12. Insert 7th Rounder here

    7th round is usually where GMs look at guys with raw physical talent and potential, but not much production, or maybe a few flaws. Usually a project pick. I predict a TE or maybe a really tall CB that doensnt have much production, but think they can coach him up.
  13. It is a major hole on the team, and Gettleman figures to have a competition and let the best players be the starter. Competition is a good thing.
  14. I am usually a BPA guy. But to be honest, we have a pretty good team right now. We are returning almost all of our starters, and Gettleman is worried that if we can not adress the CB situation that we may not be able to return to the big game. Gman is probably convinced that our best bet to find a good player at CB was through the Draft instead of free agency.
  15. Some are saying that he is the best of the CBs we have drafted so far...