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  1. Cam pouting at the podium

    You cant control the world, but you can control the way you react to it. Cam is the man, and I support him no matter what... but OP is right, he did not handle himself well at the podium. I feel bad because the detractors will attack him for it. Probably nothing though, because I think Can picks up next year just as good as he was this year.
  2. We have the number 1 offense in the league... why would we fire Shula?
  3. Positives for the future

    Kony Ealy looked great, and now we know he will show up in big games. I thnk if we can get a beast DE on the other side of him, our defense would be as good as Denver's.
  4. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Denver has a great defense. Carolina's defense played great as well, but it just wasnt enough.
  5. Good season, folks

    Give credit where it is due... Denver has a championship defense. They got after us early and forced us into their game plan. I dont feel good about it, but that is the truth. Well be back to the playoffs next year.
  6. Gman gave us huge upgrades at the tackle positions and we had no money to do so. LT is the most expensive position other than QB. Also, Our draft pick OT Daryl Williams was considered one of the best draft picks in the league before he got IRed.
  7. As good as this team is, it still needs a few peices. Next year we get KB back. We upgrade RT with Darryl Williams and Shaq and Funch will have a year of experience. I think we have a good shot next year and for a few years. It sucks, but I'll be ok. The future is bright for us.
  8. We didnt choke, other than the penalties... Denver just has a great defense, and the team underestimated them. Our offensive line didnt hold up and Cam didnt play great either,
  9. Darryl Williams will have his spot next year.
  10. On about the last 3 drives...    
  11. Will we go for it? IDK...
  12. Damn this is a good football game. Keep pounding!
  13. Nice defense Norman.