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  1. Panthers Get SI Cover

    Well... It is Cowboys week.
  2. Allen is getting pressure, he just hasnt racked up many sacks yet. Also his verteran leadership and knowledge from one of the masters of the position are invaluable.
  3. Where's NanceUSMC?

    To be honest, I remember this board being much busier a few years ago.   I might be wrong, but it seems like this place is pretty slow, and it is during the season. Seems like this place was busier before the Cam Newton era, and I cant explain that because I know we have more fans now. Maybe there is another Panthers board sucking away members? Surely not another board as cool and as informative as this one though...
  4. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Reminds me of Ricky Williams who threw away his career so he could smoke weed. I smoke myself, yet I would quit in a heartbeat for the money these guys are making. Why risk it?
  5. Is Jarred Allen going to be out long-snapper?   I'm sorry, but that is just very funny in my mind.
  6. I like it. We always perform well as underdogs. Our team is very good this year, and now you just motivated them some more.
  7. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    Seattle Cowboys Patriots Philly 49ers
  8. Horton suspended 4 games

    I like Horton... but he made the roster spot for Charles Johnson a no-brainer huh.
  9. Panthers sign Ras-I Dowling

    Yep. Other than the one busted play, he played excellent, on both defense and made a huge special teams play. He is a guy we need to keep and develop.
  10. We're a nameless, faceless opponent - Hardy

    He may be right. Yes, the media always talks about Cam and seems to elevate him above the rest of the team, but that is just the media doing what they do. The most important thing is that we are playing as a team, not an assorted mix of superstars (ahem... Dallas). We are playing as a team, and our coach is keeping them Humble and hungry. Hardy just complemented the team, and probably doesnt realize it due to his own alpha-complex, me-first attitude. This 'nameless-faceless' team is 10-0 for that reason. He jealous.
  11. Short week. Time to look forward

    Imagine the let down we will have if we lose to the hated Cowgirls on the biggest stage of the season so far? I think Coach Rivera prevents that from happening. We have a legitimate shot at the big stage this year, the Superbowl. Coach Ron will use this game to 'replicate' the feeling of a huge prime-time game so that the players can get a feel for what the Superbowl will feel like. Coach has to keep them humble and make sure they are doing the same preparations and not letting the lights, camera and big stage break their concentration. I am so glad we get this opportunity.
  12. Holy poo. Revenge time. If we can exorcise our demons against Seattle, we can do the same for Dallas. I also think it had been a while since we had beaten the Packers too. This year, we prove that not only do we belong with the big dogs, but we are the leader of the pack.
  13. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    I think Josh needs some help this week. Josh is great at diagnosing the play and jumping routes, and his ball skills are excellent. That being said, Dez is a big and tall physical WR. If Norman misses the play, he is not large and strong enough to bring down Dez and could miss the tackle. I think the best plan is to have Norman concentrate on jumping the route and trying to produce a turnover, while Coleman or Harper roll to his side to make the play if Norman cannot bring him down. Dez is harder to tackle than Julio Jones, and probably outweighs Norman by 50 pounds.
  14. My opinion is that PFF is nonsense. Cam newton had a career day, while Luke had a sub-par day for his usual contribution on Sundays. (Sub-par for Luke is still a good performance) I always notice stuff on that site that just doesnt make sense. The only way to gauge an individual performance is to watch it, and let your observations guide your analysis and sort out the variables.  
  15. What happened yesterday was complete dominance. Other than Colin Jones busted assignment, the defense did not allow any points yesterday. We did not even allow a redzone possession... for the second week in a row.