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  1. vorbis

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    nothing's been the same in this regard since Milton Berle died
  2. vorbis

    Good vibes at practice

    in this context it's basically filling in the blanks, yeah. I'd wager that Jourdan asked Norv, as part of a larger conversation, something like "does that make it easier to go out and get work done?" and Norv, as part of his answer, said "If you can do it with high energy and enthusiasm..." so when it came time to write the story, she had to add the context as part of his quote for clarity. this is a pretty common practice, and the editorial standard is to put the inserted context in parenthesis.
  3. I asked Bill Voth about Jackie after the draft and he said he had "retired." i.e. nothing to do with the sale or JR leaving or anything like that. though I imagine any of us who had been in a position of 20+ years and all of a sudden the senior leadership is changing and everything is up in the air, we'd start to consider our options. doesn't mean it has anything to do with the actual strengths or weaknesses of the organization. also IIRC he is from the northeast originally so it could just be a natural fit for him.
  4. vorbis

    Tepper approved

    when he mentioned about the minority partners and not knowing how much development he wants to do, he's talking about whether or not he wants to build a stadium (for NFL, MLS, who knows what other major events). it would be harder to make moves on building a stadium with minority partners having their own points of view and interests. nothing too complicated, but that is the nature of how business partnerships work. if you've got the flexibility to buy without minority partners, it's a different calculus when deciding whether to bring any on vs needing local partners to have the money to get the team in the first place.
  5. no it does not look like someone about to tear his ACL
  6. vorbis


    I would think he's got a half-decent chance to stick with Norv having the first go around at an offensive squad here. plus Norv has a history of developing lower round and undrafted guys into legit roles. his "versatility" isn't particularly relevant other than the fact that he probably will get up to speed on the offense pretty quickly since he was a college QB for a minute.
  7. I'm curious about this as well. if I had to guess, I would say that the value for a RB, where the Panthers are picking in each round, probably won't line up until the 5th. would absolutely go nuts if the Panthers picked Nick Chubb at literally any pick today, but there's a lot of boxes to be checked.
  8. vorbis

    The Safety Market...

    this only applies to free agents whose contracts expired, not players who were cut. just fyi.
  9. gosh, I mean I really like Navarro, but the mystery bidder behind door #4 could be anything. they could even be Navarro!
  10. to me having a bidder aggressively move the price up to eliminate the other parties is a good thing. means they want the team badly. exactly the type of person who should own a team.
  11. try hard post in the best way. great work. not sure about your claim that this is the best situation for Norv since his days at Dallas. those first few SD years with Rivers, LDT, Vincent Jackson, Antonio Gates were pretty stacked. still, always appreciate someone putting this kind of work in.
  12. so what you took from my post is that I believe the OP was unable to stay composed because she's female? really? the OP became hostile to the audience first, huh. let's see... original post: I have a major problem with this situation post #3: "who cares? gtfo" post #4: post 3 QFT post #5: surely you're joking post #6: this is a non-issue post #7: this is a non-issue post #8: this is a non-issue post #9: this is a non-issue (with bonus straw man) post #11: this is a non-issue and all within about 10 minutes from her original post. the thread was hopping. and it was a legit onslaught of people telling her that the thing she cares about is a non-issue and she should gtfo. let's not pretend she was the one who raised the temperature.
  13. more than this.
  14. so you have now said at several times in this thread that the discussion devolved when a female poster became emotional, or let her emotions get the better of her. any context to making a statement like that that you'd be willing to consider? do you think maybe that could play a role in an environment that makes a woman feel unwelcome? that 'women be emotional' is one of the oldest run-of-the-mill hostilities perpetrated on women trying to speak out about something they believe in? as if the second they say something with passion they're somehow veering off this true course of effective rhetoric? also, there's an important distinction between your self-described response to disagreement and OPs. your disagreement, as you describe it, was with her. one person. her disagreement was with the entire environment that bubbled up seemingly out of nowhere the moment she expressed her opinion. the scale is not comparable.