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  1. REPORT: Hurney investigation ends today

    Then we are really screwed. RR is a horrible judge of talent
  2. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    He’s a qb coach and Schumer’s yes man. He won’t be calling any 1st 10 up the gut plays his year. Schumer will be calling plays. I’m pretty sure he ain’t putting his head coaching future in shulas oc hands
  3. A fine mess

    As bad as our drafts have been I don’t think this is a bad thing maybe we actually find a few gems after round 1
  4. I’m pretty sure shulas mom and Dad know he’s not very good. Only Ron thought he was a good OC
  5. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Nick Foles int incoming
  6. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Eagles done
  7. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Eagles better keep scoring their defense getting gashed by Brady now
  8. What a novel idea game planning to make the most of players strengths and also hiding their weaknesses. For years we’ve chosen to try to bash a square peg into a round hole. Finally a coach who has a clue
  9. He can kick a 60 yarder out of a snowman’s hold he can kick footballs Thru small squares and win some trivial tic tac toe game But he can’t make a 25 yarder during the game. Some just don’t have the insides for pressure situations
  10. He coached well except for the most important game of the season the SB. Where he brought nothing new to the game made no adjustments and got bent over by Wade Phillips And I’d say shulas offense looked adequate that year because of Cams MVP performance. We won that year despite Shula not because of shula I’m not advocating for shurmur I just can’t stand shula
  11. RRs got a cousins nephew who played pee wee football once should be a good candidate
  12. It could be said we don’t have a very competent head coach either. Ron has shown no ability to choose the right players or the coaches , let’s hope Turner is a step in the right direction finally
  13. Nice kick gano now do it in a game when it means something
  14. My comment about the dbs playing 10 yards off on 3rd and 3-4 has nothing to do with the safeties lack of speed. It’s a dig at the dbs lack of coverage skills and the defensive scheme. I don’t know why every OC in the NFL doesn’t just throw 5-6 yard passes right in front of Worley and bradberry all the way down the field. I’ve never seen either one jump a route like that. But what we sorely lack is a very good safety. A great safety would make Worley and bradberry look like adequate DBs
  15. Sooo u want to move Coleman to SS where he sucked the year before. The lack of speed comes from Coleman he can’t cover half the field. Norman made him what he was one year other than that might as well have Boston back there