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  1. Cuttinedge

    Van Roten is legit - Video Proof

    Amini would have got spun around and he woulda met cam face to face at the 5 yard line tackling cam for a 1 yard gain. It is sad that RR thought amini was better than VR. And TT hasn’t done chit since getting paid. We quite possibly paid the wrong guard.
  2. After that game yesterday waaay too much
  3. I hope MKalil never plays another down for us. Clark is far from perfect but dam he makes speedbump look as bad as Bell
  4. Cuttinedge

    Several thoughts on the game

    How bad is matt Kalil ?we picked a guy up off his couch and he’s playing light years better than big money Kalil. Can’t wait til he’s gone.
  5. Cuttinedge

    Efe Obaba game ball

    Really happy for him He should get all of Horton’s s snaps from here out
  6. All you ever hear is how fast Colin is so whys he always 3 yards behind any receiver. Maybe he has track speed but his game speed lacks a lot to be desired Good STs guy that should never see the field on defense. We need a upgrade ASAP
  7. Me thinks his seat is feeling the tepper heat.
  8. Turrible blocker goes about it half azz and lazy
  9. Welp Ron’s the Head coach what’s he waiting on. He says this stuff like it’s a new thing or something. Moore shoulda been involved more from the onset. Not Torrey fkn Smith
  10. Team Lacks a home run threat. Besides Cam and cmc. DJ Moore, Byrd and Samuel are our only real home run threats at Wr. Speed kills and our offense lacks it. Funch wears dbs like strait jackets. And Torrey Smith is a #3-4 at best
  11. Maybe he shoulda done something about it during the game or at halftime.
  12. Cuttinedge


    Mike Adams looked old and very slow yesterday. On the play where Jackson missed the tackle and then proceeded to run the Rb down. Mike Adams had the angle to make the tackle but just couldn’t make the play for lack of speed. And that one drive before half Atl picked on Adams the entire drive whomever he was on is who Ryan threw it to He’s old time to move on I’d rather have a rookie that’s out of position that can make up for it with talent and speed than a old vet who’s in position but can’t make the play due to lack of talent & speed We need a legitimate safety ASAP
  13. Cuttinedge

    1st Half Observations

    Our plethora of WRs are all less than average. And funchess will be somewhere else next year. No way tepper pays him top money for below average results
  14. True but atl found their b*tch in Adams they picked on him that whole drive at end of the half
  15. Mike Adams is getting abused