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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Yeah there’s more than that on every play very questionable bale out call
  2. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    That was a whole lot of quit by the redskins D
  3. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Had to know cousins gonna screw the pooch after that stupid intentional grounding penalty
  4. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    redskins Dam that’s some pitiful defense
  5. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Yep redskins bout to choke it
  6. LMAO

    From the sound of it. I think he went to sleep
  7. Great field position negated by a dumb az st penalty .....again
  8. Ok I’m done with Shepard as a wr. I’d rather see Bersin at least he can catch
  9. Will CAP get more carries tonight

    He should but it ain’t happening
  10. How Dom Capers still has a job as DC amazes me. Their defense has cost them the chance at several more SBs
  11. Wild Sunday

    I think he missed some other team meetings and individual treatment
  12. Any Bersin Love Out There?

    I don’t dislike Bersin he does his job. What I hate is as long as hes on the team it’s possible Shula makes him the one and only option against Richard freaking Sherman & Seattle in the RZ in a playoff game
  13. Time for RRs patented prevent
  14. The db was out of position so bad kB couldn’t push off lol