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  1. My thoughts exactly he got worked and gave up several pressures late in the game on a crucial drive Jordan moved to his side and abused him 2 times in a row. Nearly sacking cam and ruining both pass plays. Let him prove he deserves top money this year.
  2. Cuttinedge

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Well to be honest I don’t know if u could call what he did playing LG in the NFL. He straight up sucked
  3. Cuttinedge


    Wow there was offensive holding calls not called u say. Imagine that ... Smdh
  4. Cuttinedge

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Speed bump sucks there’s no doubt but late in the game they moved Jordan over Big Darryl and he didn’t do much better. So the saints figured they didn’t need their best pass rusher going against speed bump. Any jag can create psi on kalil
  5. Cuttinedge

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    Didn’t Norman say Cap didn’t help him at all ?? I think his Napoleon complex keeps him from mentoring anyone. Will be fine without his poor attitude and poor play
  6. Been saying this for years. Norwell woulda never played if not for injuries
  7. Im hoping it’s the TE Thomas. Cause Olsen doesn’t have a lot left. But it’ll probably be DJ. Hurney 1st rounders tend to do that I’m hoping they all turn out great. But I chose the TE because he was a late pick. I expect our 1st rounder to be very good
  8. Cuttinedge

    So who's playing LG?

    If they start amini RR should be fired. Amini on the left with speed bump and Cam’s in serious trouble
  9. Cuttinedge

    Is Munnerlyn gone?

    Good it’ll be fun watching Moore burn his azz with his piss poor attitude I can’t believe he’s still on team. Better off without him addition by subtraction
  10. One that gets open and can catch
  11. Cuttinedge

    Woj: Steve Clifford Fired

    Good riddance
  12. Cuttinedge

    Shaq on Charlotte: "Coach Needs to be Fired"

    Monks gonna be a star in this league dude can score the ball. For the sole reason of how Clifford used him early in the season should get him fired. Horrible coaching to not play him. Defense or not
  13. Cuttinedge

    One huge grain of salt...

    If fumbling is what kept him off the field then why was Stew playing. He had some awful untimely fumbles over the last couple years. Some games more than one
  14. Cuttinedge

    One huge grain of salt...

    If Cap is now our power back it shows how dumb and hard headed RR is for not activating him when Stew was out over previous seasons
  15. Oh dear lord I hope for Cams sake he never sees the field