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  1. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Derek Anderson Extended   

    Best guy you could have for back up QB. He's got the skills to win the games and the maturity to practice to win, but not to take over. Sure, he's got a great job, but he also is exactly what a coaching staff wants in a back up. There's no drama and there's no question if he could take over in a pinch.
    He's been selfless since coming here and he's been dead reliable when we needed to lean on him. Good move for the front office, one that gives us more stability than about any other team could hope for in their QBing situations.
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  2. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Need a ride to the grocery?   

    There's a lot to learn from Rabbi Wesser.
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  3. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement.   

    Short tenures for coaches and GMs today mean also that you get one throwaway season during your career... and it is only allowed for the first season. Perform over the long haul or die.
    We're not a throwaway team this year, we aren't having a "build for the future year", we have a team built to work the best it can this year. We have suffered one major injury this year, and it happened to be in an area of weakness. How devastating will it be? No one really knows. We haven't even seen Funchess on the playing field yet. He might be better than KB or he might be terrible. We don't know. 
    Don't go signing off on this year yet. We have no idea how things will play out and that's part of the fun, isn't it? Yes, the Patriots work like a well-oiled winning machine, and I hate them ever the more because of it. We're the Panthers, we rarely win pretty, but we can out tough just about any team there is.
    Can't wait for real football.
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  4. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    I wouldn't let a decent vet go until I had made it through that last pre-season game. If your team got unlucky and had an injury to that position, you'd be SOL by letting a good replacement go. Good GMs don't let good potential resources walk out the door before they have to. Early cuts are rarely, if ever, because a good guy GM wants a quality player to have a shot at another team. 
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  5. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Tuesday NFL Cuts   

    Don't expect to see anyone with much potential as a WR cut today. A quick check on most of these guys will show they were camp fodder and many didn't even register a catch in the pre-season.
    Second set of cuts will be more interesting, but who knows, maybe there will be a diamond in the rough.
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  6. Khyber53 added a post in a topic As Breakable as Funyuns (Funchess) injures leg in practice again   

    Maybe the team needs to institute a new rule that if you have to miss a game due to a tight hamstring, you have to begin either your choice of yoga or ballet classes. That'll get them stretched out. 
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  7. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    And you are a ray of sunshine, brightening everyone's day.
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  8. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    And how do we turn on and tear into someone wearing our team's colors like this? It's warped and petty.
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  9. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers Cuts...   

    Luckily, the people who employ each of us don't treat us the way we treat the folks on our teams. These are careers, lifelong dreams and last hopes going away. There are also people that give their all, time and time again, on Sundays and practice days for our team and our entertainment.
    They deserve more respect than some folks are giving them here.
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  10. Khyber53 added a post in a topic What we really need from Funchess...   

    Would be nice if he set foot on the playing field before we started laying out what we need from him...
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  11. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Very good game by Cam   

    Let's be fair, Cam wasn't bad, but Cam wasn't that good, either. Some of those drops were on him as much as the receiver.
    He did okay, not great.
    Regular season can't get here fast enough.
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  12. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones Grown Up Talk. Do Not Enter Unless You Have Finished All The Books   

    My theory is that GRRM will make HBO wait for that last book. And they will, because the anticipation will be the best advertising that anyone could ask for.
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  13. Khyber53 added a post in a topic I will pie everyone who comments on this thread   

    Who doesn't like pie?
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  14. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Is Cam the worst QB on the roster?   

    Let's face it, until Jacksonville, it doesn't really matter how he plays; good, bad, slow or fast he's the undisputed starting QB and the group he plays with are pretty much undisputed starters.
    If he gets down to Jacksonville and stinks up the joint, then we can get all worked up over it. Until then, just sit back and enjoy the season to come. Cheer for a couple of undrafted guys to make the team, hope that our special teams groups gel and that no one else gets injured.
    Cam will be fine.
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  15. Khyber53 added a post in a topic Is Cam the worst QB on the roster?   

    Like I said, it is a crazy theory.
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