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  1. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Hunter Henry.
  2. You know, I don't think they did it on purpose. I think that this was the first time the Superb Owl was held in that stadium and the folks setting up the media area just did not think it through. The little curtains they had up just weren't going to create any sound barriers and the tightly packed quarters combined with a lot of non-professional journalists really screwed the whole thing up. I don't think it was malice, just plain old incompetence. But yeah, let the victors have that night.
  3. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I'd really like to see this be the pick. We'd see benefits immediately and for the long term.
  4. Huddle Running Slow for Anyone else?

    It was definitely the Flash ads that were killing me. I thought they were killing Flash off for programming.
  5. Huddle Running Slow for Anyone else?

    Worked like a charm. Hate that Jeremy loses the ad revenues, though. Any better way?
  6. Is anyone else having problems with the Huddle Forums running really slow? I'm running into it here all of the time, but not elsewhere. I'm not sure what is causing it, but sometimes it just drags and drags. You can barely type in anything or scroll down the pages. I'm wondering if I have a setting off or if it might be Flashplayer giving fits. It's not consistent, but it is pretty common, which makes me think it might be Flash in some of the ads. I'm using Google Chrome. Thanks for any advice.
  7. AJ Hawk Released

    Sheer puffery on my part. Of course they aren't, but the last thing we need is an aging linebacker who was the weakest link on a so-so Packers LB corps.
  8. Religious Freedom at home

    A child can request emancipation from their parents, in many cases the request is granted if a suitable guardian steps forward.
  9. AJ Hawk Released

    Good luck to him. We're kind of stacked for linebackers at the moment. I mean, best LB starters in the league and backups that as a group would be a top 12 trio on their own.
  10. Batman vs Superman on MNF Dec 19th

    Um, Josh was never the player that Peppers or Smitty were. Ever.
  11. Draft, we don't need no stinking draft. The answer is on the roster.
  12. No hate for Josh, but he played hard to get and eventually Gettleman decided he'd just find another prom date. Story is over, except for some hurt feelings on both sides. I'm sure Josh would have stayed if the money had been there, I'm sure DG would have kept him if the money had been right. What's done is done and both will go on. The rest is just soap opera.
  13. Sideswiped

    It's always the guy weaving from lane to lane, jabbering about how good his driving skillz are and blasting the stereo so loud he can't hear, that claims he was sideswiped. Josh, really, let it go. We did.
  14. Harriet Tubman

    Man, there isn't a dead horse you won't beat.