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  1. His ability to cover receivers is gonna do wonders for the defense. Believe that, this defense will have elements that not even Rivera defenses had. I think the pressure is on snow to get the most out of all the talent he has been given.
  2. Above average, gonna have some ups and downs like all rookies. Will be better later in the year than the beginning if im projecting.
  3. Marshall is more than likely a role player this year with a more significant impact next year.
  4. Not against Chinn at FS, long as he shows he can handle the mental aspects of the position he should be fine.
  5. I mean there were some people on here that questioning some of the picks and were labeled "overreacting" so this isnt surprising people in the actually draft room felt the same. "Calculated risks" is the perfect label for this just draft, there was a clear area of huge need or needs on the roster that this draft would have fixed but they chose to go a alternate direction. It is what is, but if this backfires you best believe its gonna be sparks flying around within that staff regarding Fitt.
  6. I dont want him there either, but he was definitely on the field at that position last year and it seems like he is a part of the team plans.
  7. Im still high on Kenny Robinson and would like to see him get a shot. Right now it's probably Burris if i had to guess.
  8. Are you that upset with my opinion that you gotta respond to everything i say? You and certain other people have done nothing but slobbed every single move we have made this weekend. Jeez...i get it you want this new GM to be PERFECT so bad and you gotta challenge anybody that disagrees with the moves he makes. I actually havent even been critical of anything he has done till yesterday and i have gotten more replies then i normally ever get on here. So i can actually tell you at the same time to RELAX, he isnt perfect and not gonna be... but there is nothing wrong with stating disagreements w
  9. Panthers really out here drafting LONG SNAPPERS over quality positions... i mean got damn is all the guys on their board already gone or something? Just grasping at anything now.
  10. Hold on second....i had no idea Rodarius Williams was still available and we took a guy who was projected as a UFA.
  11. Finally....a guard. I would have preferred trey smith but maybe brown will pan out. He didnt look that good at the senior bowl. If trey still available tho, grab him too.
  12. LOOOOL... How many corners you know get drafted and never made any INTs in college? I will wait. You could have got this guy in UFA.
  13. I will soon as you place your head in the doorway first so i can slam the door on it.
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