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  1. I tend to think that and holding the ball goes hand to hand with QBs. Its something i play close attention to in evaluations. Bryce does the same things.
  2. And when you habit holdint the ball a lot you dont see hits like that comin.....sheesh.
  3. Yes...by doing the same thing on a QB run in his first game of his career. He will learn cuz he is that smart and once to be great. We can atleast give him that right now. I think Its funny, yall can make declarations on other players so early like its nothing, but when its bryce...."Give him 2-3 years he will be okay, we dont know much yet."
  4. I mean it happens, our owners fell for it and here we are.
  5. What a throw....but just like bryce holding the ball forever is a concern for me. Its just not that type of game in the nfl.
  6. Wtf? Is this a joke? I thought the whole point of him playing was to get on track against a bad defense. Now he is being predicted to struggle again less than 2 days before the game? Good lord Whats the point of him playing if we cant expect anything good from him? I mean its not even about the wins i was told....Why not just play dalton and save the trouble.
  7. Definitely not since dalton back on the sidelines
  8. But he has so much help over there. Lmaoo The critics gotta shut it up for good if the texans win this weekend.
  9. He did look good against the hawks, i say move him to LG once corbett comes back.
  10. I think is hilarious how nobody has been talking more about his press conference today on here. I mean he just sounded completely bewildered when asked about that. Im really starting to question the self confidence mental make up of this kid. Like wth is this?
  11. This is absolutely not true.....Lol. Good lord man, yall cant give that kid credit without trying to throw salt on his success in some type of way. Its just funny how the bars set so differently between him and bryce when bryce was considered the "cant miss" "will be a automatic success" "pro ready" type player.
  12. I mean if there was a trophy for all the hyping we have heard since the draft.....
  13. For a number 1 pick Bryce needs so much around him to the point where i question if you can actually fix it in one off season. For the people preaching its gonna take time...you damn right it will. A lot.
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