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  1. Its his 7 on 7 event he does every year.
  2. What's funny is as panthers fans we have watched just about every play and game of cams career so we know better than anybody that this wasn't a good idea by those guys. People being surprised at the outcome isnt so surprising to panther fans. Lol
  3. He needs to be in passionate love with football for what we gave up for him and all the expectations. Screw all that.
  4. Im all for getting first for Burns no matter what spot. I like the depth in this draft.
  5. So you are saying they were scrawny when they first came in the league? You know this isnt true right? lol
  6. Big contrast from having to listen to bryce getting hyped through the roof all the way up to the first game like last year isnt it?
  7. I remember back when Cam was in the draft he was told not to participate in combine but he wanted to compete that bad so he did. Also kuechly was considered one of the smartest players but his athleticism was getting questioned but after he tested so well at the combine it was a easy pick to draft in top 10.
  8. Basically telling everyone else not to get suckered like the panthers.
  9. Niners letting him go doesnt mean Panthers were validated in not keeping him. Wilks was the right move. 2 different teams 2 different situations so lets not even go there.
  10. Trey smith and creed Humphrey should be panthers smh
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