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  1. Hooray! We could field an entire defense with all the good DBs we have.
  2. The fact that we are even still included in this should tell everybody we are pretty much done with Darnold when it comes to this staff. Personally, If i had of known this experiment was gonna come to this after just 6 weeks i wouldn't have been interested at all and completely against it. This is just turning into a mess..... again. A loss against the Giants sunday is really gonna spiral things outta control...i already see it.
  3. I criticized the draft when it happened. But the crazy thing, is going back im not even asking to change all the picks. Marshall and the long snapper was just questionable to me. Switch those with O linemen i think we are a better team. Its that close.
  4. Creed already the best center in the league. Should have drafted him in the second, we traded down and still passed him up. Chiefs also took trey smith in the 6th when he was sitting right there for us. They had the draft we should have had. Pisses me off.
  5. Staff already losing privileges....not a good sign for them.
  6. How about drafting a receiver in the second round when we already had 2 1k receivers who isn't doing anything at all? A lot to do with the fact darnold can't get the ball to the top 2 guys. Just as bad.
  7. Gotta say...if we continue to lose i could see them shopping Donte before trade deadline because after that.... you either pay him or watch him walk. Its a lot of CB needy teams that are good right now that would bite. For the record, i dont like saying this because i want to keep him.
  8. As they should. It was a good strategy not uncommon, but Taylor showed he should be respected and is only gonna get better.
  9. I was high on him after i watched his college tape. You could clearly see he had qualities that translate to being a top CB in the league. I felt like him and Brown would contribute early to be late round picks.
  10. Dare i say....i think Teddy with this defense would be better. The production he gave with Moore and robbie would swing some games. So it doesn't come down to his individual performance to me, just the defense being better so he has less pressure to carry us.
  11. I mean if they are gonna go to this style, might as well see what PJ can do. He is more mobile and can probably make something out of nothing on those "save me" third downs.
  12. They fired him 2 months later in july after Beane was hired by Buffalo.
  13. In other words "we dont have much confidence in our QB or passing game in general to rely on it, so we gotta run to take the ball out his hands." We will be getting another QB soon people.
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