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  1. Sorry to let you down. I know you cared a lot.
  2. This was a given to me that should have already been done. We just secured what we already had...doesn't make the line better than what it was last year and for a second it looked like it wasnt gonna happen. Im not giving much praise for this because signing our own guys has never been the hump we need to get over. If this staff is gonna be better than the last they have to be better at filling in the holes around the guys we already have.
  3. What do yall honestly expect darnold to do with no o line? Jesus christ.
  4. They have already said they see him better as a guard, other than that they dont even know where he fit best yet.
  5. Cant believe people are on here opposing this rating. Its FACTS, on paper they are just above terrible...being middle of the pack last year is not an accomplishment. There were plenty games last year where the line got absolutely destroyed. Teams with really good d lines will take advantage this year. The o line will clearly be a weakness in some games its the reality. Hopefully darnold wont be a deer in headlights.
  6. I was kinda liking having a stacked wr core for a change. I think we really need robbie this year.
  7. I dont get the backlash at his statements. He basically said the only way a stadium goes up if the community wants it. That's different from everyone's thinking that he wanted a new stadium now a while ago. Far as who pays... has there ever been a situations where the bill wasnt put on taxpayers or some of it? Cuz i dont know.
  8. Brown was a monster toward the end of the season. With a better secondary he will get even better and burns will get in that 15+ sack range. I cant count how many times he got right in qbs faces just for them to get rid of the ball at the last second.
  9. That 2011 draft class is finally showing its time in the league. Almost all those top guys are no longer with their drafted teams.
  10. If we are talking longevity, FS would be best role. A good front 7 would keep chinn fresh just like a D line does for linebackers.
  11. I always love the observation threads from practice.
  12. The new GM hasnt had to do none of this stuff this thread is about yet.
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