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  1. Fitt, scouts, ownership are gonna go with who Reich wants when it comes down to it. All Reich really has to do is sell them the vision. You don't hire a coach who just happens to have played QB in league, worked with QBs extensively as a coach, and has had success most of all just to overule him on the most important position that he knows the best. A big reason why Reich here is to help find a franchise QB.
  2. Maybe they dont know 100% but they definitely know who they are leaning towards. No way they dont.
  3. Exactly. No ifs ands or buts. You gotta go.
  4. I said last week there were still low rumbling concerns about Youngs injury not being talked about in media. The injury specifically could have longer implications with him playing in the league. Its definitely concerning, ignoring it is just foolish.
  5. All i know is this...the HC who also calls plays and the QB coach should get who they want. At the end of the day fitt, tepper, Caldwell are not coaching the guy directly or fitting them into their system. If you take somebody else and it doesnt work. Now you open up can of worms because Reich can just he never wanted the guy or thought he fit his system. This happens all the time, they all need to be on the same page with the offensive HC, offensive staff, QB coaches being the deciding factor.
  6. If players have to worry about being overweight than you best believe being underweight is important as well.
  7. Exactly. And we are just talking about stepping on a SCALE... not running a 40 or doing a bench press.
  8. I have nothing against Young i think he is a great talent, but his supporters acting like he has no concerns at all just annoys me. Like for instance the fact that he operated almost exclusively out the shotgun alone. You dont think that was for a reason? The fact that his Weight has been such a mystery of all things. If you are that great and confident you have nothing to hide.
  9. Are you gonna leave when Young is drafted to another team? Just a question
  10. Lol...right. that would conflict with all those reports from panthers reporters saying they loved stroud months ago.
  11. Pauline says its still between Stroud and Richardson after Youngs pro day....yikes. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/video-carolina-panthers-nfl-draft-football-insiders-episode-29-2023/
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