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  1. He has definitely been hitting the weights this off season. Just saw a recent picture of him working out. Dude wants to be great.
  2. Never liked the guy like that but cant deny he is a damn good coach and has stomped all over us for years. Glad people are separating their Fandom from what would be good for the team in the long run.
  3. Great point. From what i researched corral picked up different offenses at ole miss pretty quickly...
  4. Normally you sayin you dont want the rookie to start cuz the online is terrible but that isn't the case here. If heclooks bettee in camp i dont see why not, I think rhule would play a big factor in this unless he is......OverRhuled
  5. Getting mad at robbie for saying same things that everybody else says sitting at home is weird behavior.
  6. Great thread. The commom denominator between all of them is probably strength then shooting. Bouknight is just a better 3pt shooter away from being the opposing teams nightmare in the league every night. Thor can be a really good 3 and D guy as well.
  7. He would improve the defense so thats what matters.
  8. Just love driving that knife in slow huh? Lol
  9. I think they should both atleast get reps with the ones threw out camp and pre season.
  10. You know whats funny, chiefs turned around and got kinnard this year who i really like more than mays. So they got smith and Kennard in back to back years and we took brown and mays. Lol i would be lying if i said the thought of smith and kinnard at guard doesn't excite me more.
  11. I doubt it. I dont think Mays is on treys level but could still be pretty good.
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