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  1. Bryce could literally get broke in half by some of these guys in the league.
  2. That's pretty much every Sunday, which is why I don't know how bryce supporters think it's gonna be any better. This is the pros, everybody is good...you have to be able to play under the circumstances. It's never gonna be perfect.
  3. And this will fly over so many people heads because of obvious reasons but it is what it is.
  4. https://x.com/WinksTape/status/1729193757168574909?t=M57HaE7xvnjOgtpk0To44g&s=19 Yeah I think you was watching a whole different bryce last year my friend. I have seen darnold make way more big throws than Bryce in his one year in the league. It's not a bad assessment to say bryce has a way to go just to catch darnold. That's just the truth.
  5. We can be disappointed and also start scouting new qbs to replace young. That shouldnt be a issue and normally how it goes.
  6. And NOBODY felt this way....so now what?
  7. Well...if bryce doesnt make a pro bowl by next year and even if he does is everybody ready to give him damn near 300 million? Because thats what its gonna be.
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