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  1. HVAC question

    Added one more scenario for you.
  2. OTAs start Tuesday

    OK. That is not what you said, but OK. So who do you think was or is available that would be an upgrade? Keep in mind that we had the #1 scoring offense with them, and should only get better with the return of KB. I am open for discussion, but you seem to be waffling a bit on what you are trying to say. If you didn't care about them starting on another team, then why put that as your point of emphasis?
  3. OTAs start Tuesday

    If someone out performs them, then great. But something I have never understood. If they fit and perform in our scheme, then what the hell is the difference if they would start anywhere else?
  4. Perfect App - An SCP Thread

    Offers in App purchases? What in the hell could you possible purchase in that type of App? Immediate toilet paper delivery? White noise option to muffle the farts?
  5. Madden 17 Cover Release

    It is Gronkowski.
  6. Sure, this is a man who is afraid of contact. Buncha dumb asses.
  7. Favorite songs about relationships

    Here is 7 Spanish Angels. Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.
  8. Favorite songs about relationships

    Seven spanish angels is a great song. I will post the YouTube video when i am not on my phone.
  9. Breaking the curse of "the year after"

    You have Roman Harper as returning in 2016. He is gone.
  10. It is pretty cool that I share a birthday with Cam. Or that he shares a birthday with me, since I am older. Either way. HBD, Cam!!!
  11. Kurt Coleman's new look

    HA. Was curoius who that douche is. And looks like douche is the correct word to describe him.
  12. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I could see a couple of things happening. With Jon Snow and the White Walkers, it would be interesting if that since he was already dead, he is impervious to anything they try to do. It would be an interesting twist. With Arya, it would be interesting if she were to assassinate Cersei at the end of the season. Come in all disguised up, kill her and pull off the face to reveal her identity as Cersei is dying. Talk about an oh poo moment.
  13. Panthers honor Steph Curry today...

    Mike "Dad Bod" Tolbert Love that guy. Gives us fat guys hope.
  14. Rapoport: Panthers, Short engage in extension talks

    Pie for fuging loony.
  15. Rapoport: Panthers, Short engage in extension talks Indeed it was.