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  1. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Bucs starting rookie guard.....   

    It is the Fighting Marmoset. 
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  2. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Don't forget the 2013 J.Boykin   

    ummmm...Tom Brady went to Michigan not Oregon.
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  3. sharkkiller added a post in a topic How To Dominate An Entire First Half, Time of Possession, Make Tom Brady Look Like poo, Get Two Takeaways, Awesome Avg Starting Field Possession, And Walk Away Losers...   

    I stopped reading this after 13 pages, but I just wanted to point out something that no one has talked about,
    It was a preseason game, which is solely used to evaluate personnel in different packages and situations, as well as play calls. Who is playing when, and in what package generally gives you very little insight into the actual packages that will be on the field during a regular season game. If they left Brown in when he was dropping passes, it was likely because they wanted to give him a chance to work it out. He will likely play more in the final preseason game for that very reason. 
    I am not saying he didn't poo the bed last night, but what I am saying is that any big reaction to a preseason game is an overreaction. I keep seeing that Gettleman has not paid enough attention to the WR position, while paying more attention to the defense.
    Let's really take a look and see what the facts are.
    Offensive players drafted by Gettleman:
    2015 (round)
    Devin Funchess (2)
    Daryl Williams (4)
    Cameron Artis-Payne (5)
    Kelvin Benjamin (1)
    Trai Turner (3)
    Tyler Gaffney (no longer on the team) (6)
    Edmund Kugbilla (4)
    Kenyon Barner (6)
    Defensive players drafted by Gettleman
    Shaq Thompson (1)
    David Mayo (5)
    Kony Ealy (2)
    Tre Boston (3)
    Bene Benwikere (5)
    Star Lotulelei (1)
    Kawann Short (2)
    AJ Klein (5)
    That is 8 offense and 8 defense. Two RBs are not on the team so that is a net of 6 offense and 8 defense.
    Now let's look at FA signings by Gettleman:
    2015 Offense
    Michael Oher
    Jonathan Martin (retired)
    Jarrett Boykin
    Tedd Ginn, Jr
    Jordan Todman
    2015 Defense
    Kurt Coleman
    Charles Tillman
    Jason Trusnik
    Teddy Williams
    Dwan Edwards (resigned)
    2014 Offense
    Jericho Cotchery
    Ed Dickson
    Tiquan Underwood (no longer with the team)
    Joe Webb
    2014 Defense
    2013 Offense
    Tedd Ginn. Jr (left and then resigned in 2015)
    Domenik Hixon (no longer on the team)
    2013 Defense
    Chase Blackburn (no longer on the team)
    Drayton Florence (no longer on the team)
    Mike Mitchell (no longer on the team)
    DJ Moore (no longer on the team)
    That is a net gain of 8 on offense and 4 on defense.
    This is not even taking into consideration the undrafted free agents signed and still on the team or cut. 
    The point of this is to say that attention has been paid to the offense in both the draft and through free agency, as much if not more than the defense. The main difference is that we have been luckier with the defense in terms of finding "gems".
    We have signed mid level free agent recievers (namely Tedd Ginn, Jr, Jericho Cotchery, Jarrett Boykin) and some roster fodder like Underwood and Hixon.
    Just because they are not the players that a particular fan wanted, does not mean that they were not at least minimally productive, or cut as needed. Not every name that was screamed for the team to sign was as productive in their new location as they were on their previous team (see Hakeem Nix for example).
    So in summary: Preseason is preseason, and Gettleman has paid attention to the offense. Just because one undrafted free agent dropped some passes in one preseason game does not mean that everything is falling apart and that the offense sucks. Yes, losing KB sucks, and it will impact our offense. But no one could possibly know how much, nor will we even know after the season because it would all be based on hypothetical reasoning. As a fan, everyone has the right to bitch and complain about perceived deficiencies, but it is always good to keep an open mind and look at the big picture. we may not have the best receiving corps in the NFL, but it is not as some are saying the worst either.
    So chill out everyone.
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  4. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Had we known we could get Wegher as UDFA do we spend 5th on Artis-Payne?   

    I think that we are blessed to have both of them. I am more confident in CAP at this point, as he has more of a resume than Wehger. I think that we should find a way to keep both of them, and when it is time for Tolbert and Stewart to part ways with the team, we will still have a dominant running game.
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  5. sharkkiller added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    My thoughts exactly. While it is fine to speculate, or make assumptions based on two games, it is just way to small a data set to use as a basis for forecasting the season. You need a much larger number of games to accurately draw a correlation between game 3 of the preseason and the outcome of the regular season.
    It would be better to go back and look at the scores of each preseason game for the past 20 years, and see if there is a correlation at that point. But then you are bringing way to many variables into the equation (i.e. completely different rosters, coaches, opponent rosters, etc.) You cant really say that the team in 2015 is going to hold true to what happened with the team in 2001, for example. 
    Now if you went back and looked at every team, and how they performed in game 3 of the preseason vs the regular season, you would be able to equalize the variables, and see if there is some historical basis for this assumption across the league. 
    KB fan, We will wait for your results. Since you are the resident statistician.
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  6. sharkkiller added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    Well, NFLN thinks he will be a great replacement for Jordy Nelson. 
    I like Boykin, and expect him to help immensely in filling the hole left by KB's injury. 
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  7. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Shaq Thompson   

    just a question. Why wouldthis be a great defensive play by Shaq, but the exact same play was a bad play and a drop by Corey Brown? Just curious as to the difference?
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  8. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Dolphins at Panthers   

    Great job as always. I have a suggestion, though,
    Maybe you could do a non-HD version that is the old format. Have a link at the bottom of the first picture that says Non-HD. Some mobile users who do not have a huge data plan would appreciate it as well, as it won't use up as much data to download the pics.
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  9. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread   

    Artis-Payne is looking great.
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  10. sharkkiller added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    I know this is dragging up an old post, but I have always heard in writing that coincidences can get your character into trouble, and it is good writing, but coincidences getting your character out of trouble is lazy writing.
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  11. sharkkiller added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    I pied your post, just because I couldn't pie the one you pied more than once. Pie.
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  12. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    How is it that every one was praising the recieving corps last week saying it was great to have so much depth and that whoever we cut was still talented, and now that KB is out for the season they are all trash? 
    I agree that this is a huge loss, but losing him did not suddenly make the rest of the WR we have suddenly horrible.
    But you know Huddle will Huddle.
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  13. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin carted off at practice   

    For those that are wondering why the Dolphin player was already confirmed. Think about this. It is a lot closer to truck him up to Charlotte and be examined by the team doctors than it is to get him to Miami. The team is probably more comfortable going back to Charlotte, which is only 2 hours away than doing an MRI in a hospital in Spartanburg. No other option for the Dolphin player though. Just my two cents on why there is a difference in diagnosis timing.
    Also, I really really hope that this is just a sprain. For the team and for KB himself. 
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  14. sharkkiller added a post in a topic Guess the score of the Bills game, win a free ticket vs. MIA   

    Looks like 27-24 was the closest guess.
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