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  1. Well Isn't That Convenient...

    "Company takes 100% legal measures to ensure they have higher ratings, popularity and make more money." HEY MAN STOP WITH THE TIN FOIL HAT CONSPIRACY THEORIES
  2. So now we know the refs are against us

    I knew it was going to be bad even before the Cotchery catch was taken away.  The first drive I believe they called Norman for holding, giving the Broncs an automatic 1st down. They ended up getting the 1st down on the play anyway, declining the penalty, so it made absolutely no difference. But the call was just so absolutely terrible I knew it was going to be a long day dealing with the refs. Of course, contact on a WR in the first 5 yards is allowed, and usually the refs even allow contact at 6-7 yards to go uncalled. Norman jammed the receiver IMMEDIATELY at the LOS and then let him go, passing him off to another DB over the top. Didn't hold the contact or even stay with the receiver at all. Just an initial jam at the LOS, which DBs do all the time and is allowed by rule. I've never seen this play called a penalty ever, wonder if I can find a GIF of this, it was absolutely ridiculous.
  3. what's more idiotic huddle? that the OP thought the +600 would make him 1.2 million? or that he thought he'd win 1.2 million and still didn't make the bet?
  4. Draft and free agency

    Benjamin will be back, Bene will be back. Williams most likely takes over at RT. CJ is gone and Ealy will take over full time at DE. That's 4 starting spots that are going to be upgraded without doing anything. Then DG is going to have some money to spend in free agency for the first time ever and a full lot of draft picks for a guy that's had 3 consecutive A+ drafts. And we're really not losing anyone either, basically the entire team is going to be back. That's the offseason we're looking at and we're building upon a roster that just went 17-2.
  5. 2016 Early Power Rankings

    The next NFC South team is the Falcons at #17. We'll be heavy favorites to 4-peat as NFC South champs and most likely end up with another 1st round bye going into the playoffs.
  6. Props to Kony Ealy

    He even had a really good return on the INT lol
  7. Ban all Seahawks fans from America, send them all to Canada
  8. The Best Team Ever (For every NFL franchise)

    falcons best team in franchise history got blown out in the playoffs lulz
  9. Broncos should double team Olsen and...

    start updating my resume
  10. Broncos to Wear All White

    After watching Palmer in the NFCCG, Peyton Manning officially requested that he be allowed to wear brown pants
  11. For the Cardinals training camp next season, I wonder if Arizona fans are going to bring a REMEMBER CAROLINA banner?
  12. That's Russell Wilsons couch...

    the whole point of being a game manager is to have a high passer rating. take the easy stuff the defense is willing to just give you which leads to a high completion percentage and limits INTs. this is basic football stuff but you're a seahawks fan so we can't expect you to know any of that
  13. Finally we've identified the problem, you and thinking.