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  1. I hope DG learned something tonight

    And drafted Star and Short. And drafted Kelvin, Early and Trai. And found gems like Brown and Norwell.     But nah he sucks.
  2. I hope DG learned something tonight

    How       How is the Gettleman's fault.   A dude who's done with what he could for the last 3 years with no cap and building through the draft (lol guess were gonna blame him drafting defense next) but goddamn I guess going against the best defense in the NFL means he sucks.
  3. But goddamn this is fuging terrible http://hollywoodlife.com/2016/02/03/cam-newton-criminal-past-scandal-theft-college-nfl-panthers/ Jesus Christ did she even fuging try? Or did she just find several articles and say "lol he's look at this he's a terrible person."  
  4. Look at  the teams and defenses (and coachew0 Peyron has had compared to the ones Brady has had.     Once again, saying baselessly PEYTON IS A CHOKE ARTIST IN THE POST SEASON is just as bad as the basless Cam poo.
  5. Unless you can prove Manning is the sole reason he lost all of his first round exits then uh   Shhhhhhhsh.   Far as I know he's never Delhommed (or Plamered) in the playoffs. Or maybe you're gonna say he's qs food as Trent Dilfer in the playoffs because he won the same amount of Super Bowls.
  6. Pretty Mich this. Except with A.J. Green, draft Kapernick in the second, who I thought was a better thrower than Cam and a better person.   Boy was I wrong.   I saw the LSU game and after that, I kept up with him. But the only other game I watched was the Championship. I liked Can, but I thought he was a project, and I felt like with the lockout and is not having a staff to devolp him, I wanted us to get another playmaker in the draft,  it was fuging loaded. Green, Peterson, Dareus, Miller. You name it. Hell I thought Gabbert was a safer pick than Cam, and if we HAD to take a QB at 1, I preffered him. Welp.   After we drafted Cam, I was unsure at first. I think there was a thread here that asked "What would your reaction be if we drafted Cam?" And I think my reply was something like this: http://imgur.com/qFQyZLo But expand the first panel for a week.   Which was fairly accurate. My hesitation subsided when Can showed how great of a guy he was and a team player, and hell he kept Smitty around, cool. During Preseason, I...got nervous based on his performances, and almost wanted Claussen to start week 1.   Then the Cardinals game happened, and, well, the rest is history.
  7. Jeremy Cash

    The draft season is picking up and Jesus Christ is it ever fuging weird to be in a position this late in the season where we're not looking forward to the draft hardcore. I ain't complaining though.   One of the needs this draft is a safety. Yeah Boston has looked good in his snaps he's played (both this year and last) and Kurt Coleman has looked like the biggest pro bowl snub (who cared tho superb owl). And despite The Silver Fox's improved (but still frustrating) play this year, he's a free agent who in all honesty, is unlikely to be resignrd, and if he is, his role will most likely be lessened. Still, 1) We don't know how Boston will look as a starter all 16 games and 2) Coleman will be a free agent after next year, and if he has a repeat year, he'll be a pricey one.   One thing Gettleman loves is planning for the future. One thing Ron loves is a physical in the box SS who can cover.   Meet Jeremy Cash, SS, Duke.   I've kept my eye on safteys for the last two years. And outside of guys like Karl Joeseph and and Jalen Ramsey no safety impressed me more than Cash.   He was listed at 6'2 at duke, but officially came in at 6'0, 212. Still not bad. Still great size to match up.   Originally an OSU Allum, he transfered in 2012 to Duke, where he sat out due to transfer rules, but in 2013 he came on strong with 121 tackles, 9.5 for a loss, 4 ints, 4 deflections, and 2 forced fumbles.   His next two seasons he was just as good. 2014, 111 tackles, 10.5 for q loss, seven breakups, 4 forced fumbles and 2 ints. This year he finished his career with 101 tackles, carrer high with 18 for w loss and 2.5 sacks. 3 fumbles and four passes broken up, but with no ints this season. As indicated by his stats, he is a very physical safety who can tackle amazingly well and has the skills and ability to read and react to blitz and get into the backfield very well. Concerns lie in his ability to cover deep, and rightfully so, his eagerness to make plays in the backfield can be a double edged sword at times, but that's coachable, and early reports at the senior bowl say that he's wowed with his deep coverage and blitzing skills.   Comparisons are tricky, but to me he compares very favorably to Tyvon Branch, long time Raider and current Chief. Very good tackler and solid coverage skills. I can see comparisons to Kam Chancellor, due to them both being very hard hitting safteys, but to me, Cash is already a much better cover safety than Chancellor was coming out.   He could very well be sitting there at 31, and if he is, don't be surprised if we take him. We looked at Landon Collins very seriously last year, and Cash is much better than Collins in coverage, albeit he is still raw. With Boston and Coleman as the most likely starters, we could rotate him in on both running and passing situations as he betters his coverage skills, and use him in a very Deonne Bucannon esqe role, where I think his strength would be early on in his career.   Sure, we need other positions more, like DE and OT, but Gettleman has never taken need over BPA, and if Cash's stock continues to rise, he could very well be that.  
  8. http://www.nbcsports.com/video/rodney-harrison-answers-mean-tweets-regarding-carolina-panthers Rodney gets his feelings hurt over a "mean tweet" and pulls the "internet tough guy" card En-fuging-joy
  9. Voth looking for Gettleman mea culpas

    I've always understood Gentleman. My questions only lied in Chandler/Bell at RT/LT last year.   But the Huddle? "Kelvin's down! Trade for a WR!!!!" "Michael Oher? Really? He wants to kill Cam." "Gettleman is trying to sabatoge Can so he can draft a typical QB." "He cut Smitty (this actually hurts me as he's my favorite Panther) and only bought in Cotchery and Avant? He doesn't care about Cam's growth."
  10. Welll shows what I know. Didn't know it was in other cities lol.    I'm in Fayetteville
  11. So bad enough I couldn't find a way to Charlotte for the game, but my TV is out til matinece comes in tomorrow.   If at all possible can anyone spot me a ride to the Ale House? I can cover some gas if you can do it.      
  12. There is no debate this week.

    Hell even I'm going to this game. Can't wait.
  13. The Conor Orr sucks thread

    And here I thought Russell Wilson's two ints and taking multiple sacks running backwards had something to do with it.