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  1. Aqib Talib Further Proves Why He Is A POS Human Being

    I'm not defending OBJ in the slightest here, he's an absolute turd, but I'm not sure I'd put him in the same category as Talib and Burfict...  they're just dirty players, and not the brightest bulbs in the box either...  Harrison was dirty, but he was dirty with a purpose... OBJ is just fuging insane.  I mean I literally think the guy is fuged up in the head in a mental institution kind of way.
  2. I'm sure the Cardinals did at least some of this too, but it may just be that Denver is that much better athletically than the Cardinals D.  Pretty much our whole O line struggled all game, and not just in passing... our run blocking, something we excelled at all season, got manhandled.
  3. Aqib Talib Further Proves Why He Is A POS Human Being

    Sure, a guy like him doesn't care... why not, very little penalty, very high reward...
  4. Aqib Talib Further Proves Why He Is A POS Human Being

    Inside the 10 yard line there is very little penalty (game wise) for even flagrant fouls like this.  Even if he's fined that's not much for a guy that makes the kind of money he makes... I'm sure a suspension would make some impression, and I think (esp after his comments that it was in fact intentional) he should be suspended, but I would bet he'll take that given they won the super bowl.   For flagrant fouls inside the 10, the NFL should place the ball on the half yard line... that'd be a start anyway.
  5. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    Good idea... now my finger is tired.
  6. Hell yeah... wear that jersey little man!
  7. Blandino on the no catch call

    100% agree with you @cgarsmoker that the glaring inconsistencies are the main issue.  Get it right, get it wrong, but do it the same for everyone... this catch rule thing is literally ruining the league mainly because I've seen the EXACT same play be called differently by the EXACT same officials with help from New York.   I will say however that Mike Carey is an idiot and I knew as soon as he said it would be overturned that we were doomed.   On the Manning down challenge, in a perfect world they'd get that call right, but I personally cut them a little slack on those bang-bang plays like that... their view may have been obscured, etc.  I saw a pretty blatant hold by Remmers on Miller that they didn't call also, so plays are plays... but as I've said a million and one times, the ones that burn my buttocks are the ones they review and STILL get wrong.  No excuse for that, period.
  8. If Cam Newton wasn't a Panther...

    Hypothetical questions are like assholes...   Or something like that...
  9. Today's presser: Cam, Ron and Getty

    @Captain Morgan you deserve more pie than you get for these threads
  10. Anyone greeting the team back home

    Yeah I appreciate you guys that were able to go and support them coming home.
  11. Blandino on the no catch call

    In regards to the drops... I think the same thing that affected Cam affected pretty much everyone.  They all looked tight and nervous.  It's a big stage.
  12. Blandino on the no catch call

    I will admit that watching the gif now, it moved more than I thought it did last night... my issue with the NFL again though is the total inconsistency with which they enforce the catch rules.  If that's not a catch, then that Bryant catch vs the Bengals was DEFINITELY not a catch, that ball was moving the entire time he had it and he never gained control until he was flying out of bounds.  That and the fact that Blandino can't decide if it was the ball moving or the fact that replay was inconclusive... pick one man.
  13. Blandino on the no catch call

    This is the gif from that SBNation link...     The ball does move around the time it hits the ground, but Cotch maintained control of the ball the entire time.   The NFL rules state:   He absolutely 100% had control of it BEFORE he or it hit the ground and the ground didn't "help" him at all. My question is, and I think that they should explain this everytime, was the ruling based on the fact that the ball moved or was it based on the fact that there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the ruling on the field?  Blandino said in his tweet it was because the ball "slid up his body", but then he says "not enough evidence to overturn"... so which is it???  
  14. Blandino on the no catch call

    My god I'd forgotten about that... the more examples that get posted, the more ridiculous it is.
  15. Blandino on the no catch call

    Agree 100%, it was a big moment, momentum changer but it didn't cost us the game.  We were 6 points down forever and should have scored at least twice but couldn't run the ball and when we did we fumbled it.   It's still very irritating to have something that seemed so obvious not be reversed... of course when Mike Carey thought it would be reversed I knew it wouldn't be...