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  1. jim stone added a post in a topic You Know It! I know It Trump Is   

    And for every one story like this you can find thousands of stories about natural born US citizens. I agree close the borders, but quit being so soft on crime.  You will be very hard put to find a political candidate that would openly agree with me that members of this message board would elect. 
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  2. jim stone added a post in a topic You Know It! I know It Trump Is   

    Well there you go.  Wool underwear!  I know from where he finding the hate!
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  3. jim stone added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    You Know It! I know It Trump Is
    Mostly right.  His problem is he only know what he sees on the news. Has not worked side by side with the fine Hispanic people I have had the pleasure to have known. I don't blame them for getting what is offered.  Got to blame the chickin spit politicians for offering so much free stuff. They do not seem to realize that somebody got to pay for this. People on the public dole should not be allowed to vote. They just gonna keep voting money from the pockets of workers and producers into the pockets of lazy dead beats.  Not so much the hard working Hispanic peoples. Shih!  The ones I have worked with work with a better attitude and work ethic that the sorry a$$ white boys coming out of high school.
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  4. jim stone added a post in a topic NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread   

    Surely ANY blue blooded North Carolinian will be pulling for DUKE!! 
    GO DUKE!!
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