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  1. Two questions about this tailgate and Sunday. 1) Who's going? 2) Is it practical to take the train and then walk to the tailgate? What stop is the closest, if it is? Also, does the train run to the University area yet?
  2. Is this going to be the race where you suddenly realize you got old while you weren't paying attention? Also, got any midget friends? No one said you had to sprint out of the tube, did they?
  3. For the Shula Haters

    Once again, welcome to the Huddle.
  4. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    I personally think Gettleman started out with a better roster, much better in fact at a couple of critical positions. However, he also had immediate cap issues and decent but not great draft position. Hurney started out with some pretty good talent but glaring holes, and the number 2 overall pick. Gettleman inherited a coach, Hurney got to choose his own. Not sure which situation I would prefer if I was qualified to take a job as a GM, but I think it would be Gettleman's simply because he had a franchise QB. I do wonder what sort of coach he would have chosen had he been able to though. Judging them both over their first four years, it's just about a wash to me. Both went to a Super Bowl. Both had two very good seasons and two that were pretty disappointing. Gettleman got lucky in that the NFC South as a whole was crap, allowing us to win the division at 7-8-1. Your statement "The longer Hurney had control of the roster, the worse it got, and the worse the cap got" strikes me as wrong, or poorly thought through. Hurney inherited a 1-15 roster, made it into one that was well respected league-wide, and then proceeded to blow it up through a series of bad decisions and bad contracts. He navigated Free Agency fairly well, especially in the first half of his tenure. Gettleman was unable to do that because of the aforementioned cap issues, but did find a few gems (thank you, pro scouting department). Bottom line is simple--If you take a real dispassionate look at each GM after four years, as a fan you would be pleased with either. Hurney got seven more and pretty much shat the bed, and Gettleman didn't get a chance to but there's no saying he wouldn't have. I mean really, who would have predicted it with Hurney after four? The Panthers were RELEVANT! That was huge at the time, and I know you were around here and remember it. One thing they both have in common is that they were fired by JR. I won't try and defend all of the crap Hurney did that got him fired (I'm not THAT stupid), but WOW's point about Gettleman's reaction to great seasons is valid. He made decisions that got us in great shape cap-wise but they hampered our ability to build on success--and he did it twice. None of us know what really went on behind closed doors, but the timing of his dismissal is just bizarre and suggests that there's a lot we don't know about. I think JR tapped Hurney to be interim because Beane was gone and he didn't know who he could trust. I also think that one thing Hurney did well was manage the little stuff, and help plug holes during the season (who saw us signing Vinny T., anyway?). And he's going to do that this year, then get replaced. He won't have the opportunity to mess around with the draft order, and he won't be handing out big contracts in a desperate attempt to keep someone. He'll just do the stuff he's good at, which will probably repair his reputation a little around here, and then he will ride off into the sunset; Hopefully replaced by a guy who makes both of them look terrible. I don't care who was better, and I don't understand why you do. I just hope there is a next one, and he makes both of them look like amateurs.
  5. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/bucky-hodges?id=2558011 NFL Comparison: Devin Funchess
  6. I thought Clausen was going to be a star. Never, EVER trust my ability to evaluate talent. I clearly suck at it.
  7. @Mr. Scot, philosophical question for you. John Fox is the coach and Josh Norman is the late round draft pick. Does he ever become a star? If not, do you think any of the guys drafted during the Fox era would have flourished under Rivera and his staff? There are quite a few who lasted a long time in the NFL, even in starting roles. This gets back to the whole Fox/Hurney vs. Rivera/Hurney vs. Rivera/Gettleman thing--they all made decisions together. The last Rivera/Hurney show ended with Hurney having no idea why we were 1-5...
  8. You know, we never really picked high much under Hurney in his first go-around, particularly before the lockout. At the same time we only really won big for a few seasons. The constant 7-9 really used to suck, but I kind of blame Fox for that. I don't think he's done a bad job since he's been back. I don't think he's done a great job since he's been back. I like the contract moves but anyone would have made them (the Olsen tactic was pretty good, actually). I think cutting Webb was probably the right thing to do, but it remains to be seen if Kayaa is the right reason for that (and I do think grooming the backup of the future was the reason). The Butker/Gano thing was a headscratcher, but now we have both, which we may not have had he cut Butker right when people were finalizing their rosters. So that may turn out to be a good idea. Based on last Sunday in isolation, he kept the right punter. All in all, it looks to me like he's just minding the shop like any interim guy would do--none of his decisions will really have any long-term impact on the franchise, and he's mainly patching holes in our depth. It's going to be interesting if November rolls around and we don't start hearing about GM candidates though.
  9. We're going to score more than we did in SF, but Buffalo is a better team. Buoyed by Bill Polian's 50% fan base, the Bills manage to put a ten spot on the Panthers, but it won't be enough as we cruise to a 27-10 victory.
  10. McD doesn't call the defensive plays, does he? I thought it was Leslie Frazier, and he's all about bend and don't break. I think the two coaches know each other well, but that's just scheme and maybe a few tendencies. I used to play a lot of chess, and I could know my opponents tendencies all day long but that doesn't mean I batted 1.000 against them. And McD doesn't know bupkis about CMC. I'm confident.
  11. Their fans that troll this board are Alice-level stupid.
  12. McDermott vs. Shula and Cam

    He's the DC for Buffalo. People act like McDermott is calling plays and he's not. He just specified the defense that Frazier installed. It's not going to be McDermott vs. Shula, it will be Frazier vs. Shula. And for all we wanted to blitz more when McDermott was here, Frazier is even more conservative than McD was.
  13. McDermott vs. Shula and Cam

    Leslie Frazier is calling plays for Buffalo, and he makes John Fox look like Chip Kelly. A punt is a turnover, right? That's how he thinks anyway...