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  1. They did contract with Blesto, but that's almost for pre-scouting, or deciding who you want to really scout. Gettleman kept Hurney's scouting staff intact, and they're the ones who really do the final player evaluations.
  2. I haven't heard the "Cam is a Running Back that plays QB" idea floated seriously in a long time.
  3. Alex Armah

    Why is this post still stickied?
  4. Hurney scouting?

    Peppers wasn't a slam dunk either, a lot of GMs may have gone for Harrington given our severe need at the time for a QB. In 2007 we took Jarrett, but we also grabbed Kalil in the 2nd and Johnson in the 3rd. Easy to overlook that if you're arguing that he didn't draft well past the first, huh? I think that Hurney is an average drafter past the first, but he has shown a knack for nailing them in the first. The biggest difference between him and Gettleman in later rounds is that often Hurney seemed to stockpile picks, while Gettleman was more likely to trade late day picks away. It's hard to miss on a 6th rounder when you don't have one, right?
  5. Hurney scouting?

    Evan Mathis wasn't a terrible pick, just terrible for us. GMs pick talent. It's up to the coaching staff to make it shine.
  6. Vodka is vegan, right?
  7. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    So basically, it's just a cudgel to beat up football with, huh?
  8. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    Ok, so I read through all this crap earlier just because I was interested in the CTE thing. I am under the impression that you believe CTE is a thing, but not that it causes all sorts of behavior. I'm not sure that is unreasonable either, as there's no way to determine who has CTE until after they're dead, and even then you have no way of knowing when they got it, so it stands to reason that there's no way to determine causation. What I'm curious about is who profits. With the Global Warming thing, there's an obvious control/power thing in play. With most conspiracy theories, someone wins somehow. If CTE is a bunch of BS, why are people saying that it's a big thing and the cause of all these problems? Who wins if they're right? Hope my question makes sense. I'm genuinely interested in what you think on this, given what you've said about the issue so far. @RealisticPanther
  9. General Gameday thread...

    The way he's played today it looks like we got a steal.
  10. General Gameday thread...

    I don't think Taylor will be in Buffalo next year, and I don't think KB will be in 2019.
  11. DG in retrospect

    This. Hurney wasn't/isn't as good/bad as a lot of people make him out to be, and neither is Gettleman. Both of them have made decisions that were, in retrospect, poor. Each has strengths and weaknesses. I hope that neither is nearly as good as the one we're going to get next spring (fingers crossed).
  12. General Gameday thread...

    The only game that really interests me is Panthers North vs. New Orleans. I have to think that defense is going to show up bigly after letting the Jets put 34 on them.
  13. Thank you Veterans

    This is a simple thread about people being grateful to other people for choosing to participate in the armed services. That's it. And yet, there are people who post in this forum who could not resist making posts that others found offensive. It would have been easy to just leave it alone, but I guess they couldn't help themselves in their eagerness to tell everyone how they felt. And so, instead of being a simple thread where some people are grateful to others and just want to say thank you, it's gotten political. Told you I could find it if I looked for it.
  14. Thank you Veterans

    I suppose if I was actively looking for it, I could find something political about nearly anything.