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  1. This. I don't get how that seems so difficult to understand to a lot of fans on this board.
  2. Hi there

    I've lost 30 pounds since the Bills game. That's a good thing.
  3. Predicting the Tag

    Moton has never played LT. Williams played a game at LT in college once. The only player on the roster that we will have after Kalil with LT experience is Amini, and no one wants that.
  4. Ownership options so far

    I wonder why Bon Jovi isn't in the names for the Panthers' sale. Unless he's being more in the background this time.
  5. Why would he have bad blood? I have met him, and used to work out with him (nowhere near at the same level of course). Always struck me as a really nice guy.
  6. You know, all these analysts are entertaining, to say the least. But I haven't seen any of them actually on the sidelines winning games at the highest level of the sport.
  7. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    Yup. Consider this: https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=CAR We would need to move from 24 (740) to 4 (1800), which assumes he will be there at 4. To get there then, we would need to come up with 1060 points in trade value. The entire rest of our draft is worth 707 points, so we would have to make up the difference (about 350 points) somehow. Next year's first round pick is worth 500 points. The second round pick is worth 210, and the third round 95. So *maybe* we could get away with trading our entire 2018 draft and next year's second and third, but what's more likely is we would have to trade this year's first, second, and both thirds along with next year's first to get him. No way does Hurney trade away next year's first. Right?
  8. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    I think Derrius Guice would improve our team more than Barkley, although Barkley is the better player.
  9. I would be pretty surprised that the ownership group would allow him to make that happen without their endorsement given the upcoming changes to the majority owner position. Best thing to do, in my opinion, would be to let him continue in the interim role until the new Owner buys the team, and then let that new owner make decisions. If JR hires Hurney, then it's just going to end up costing the team a lot of money to buy out his contract once the team is sold.
  10. All it says is he will remain a candidate. Calm down.
  11. First priority in righting the ship is to get the team sold. Hurney is under contract until June, so he's going to get paid regardless of what we do there. No sense in hiring a new GM that may not share the new Owner's vision, so we should focus on selling the team, and then replacing Hurney. The Peppers, Funchess, and Thompson ideas were straight from Captain Obvious. Barnwell is just trying to fill space with these. Letting both Norwell and Star walk? That's crazy talk, both of them are better than whatever we can replace them with, and we're not rebuilding. Butler is more likely to replace CJ than he is Star, unless we're changing our scheme and no one told me. Moton could potentially step in for Norwell, but if we can keep either starter we should. What Barnwell is missing is anything about beefing up the WR position (cut Sheppard, find this year's Jericho Cotchery), preparing for life without the Kalils (Matt needs to go after this year), and finding a solution at SS rather than betting on a 37 year old to turn back the clock twice. Really lazy work on his part.
  12. Potential Steal Alert

    Pretty sure that if this author gets it, a number of NFL scouts are already way ahead of him.
  13. I would like to see someone better than either Hurney or Gettleman get hired. Can everyone get behind that at least? I am curious about one thing. Assuming we hire a GM in March, do y'all think Hurney will be kept on in an advisory role through April so he can help with the draft? I think that it would make sense, given the work that has likely been done on it already, but I'm not sure what an incoming Gm would want to do. And would Hurney even want to do that? His contract runs through June, for what it's worth. The other thought I have is that the user who suggested that the new owner would likely want to choose his/her own GM made a good point. Given that, I would not be surprised at all to see the actual hire delayed until the new Owners are identified.
  14. Elsewhere in the article, he notes that Eric Reid will not be back in San Francisco. Think he actually gets blackballed or is there a chance he ends up in Carolina?
  15. >Log in to Huddle. >39 page thread on Marty Hurney. >Don't even have to read it before bowels start to move. >Thank you Huddle.