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  1. Solid point, and underscores the need for a sort of balance. If it were up to me, I would be much more willing to take a flyer on someone with potential character issues in later rounds, but I want choirboys on days one and two.
  2. Is it me or has CMC bulked up?

    I would be surprised if he hasn't.
  3. Would like to be 2-1, but 1-2 won't surprise me a bit. We've got just two difficult games over the next five though, so I expect us to be 4-4 at the worst halfway through the season. Given our history of playing well late in the year, if we do go 4-4 to start I think we still enter the last three games with at least 7 wins, and probably 8. That will make our final three games critical, which is probably what the schedule makers wanted. At least two of those are home.
  4. "We never won in Pittsburgh until 2018." --Me, next year at this time
  5. Conundrum

    Your roots lie with Tom Landry and Tex Schramm. There's no shame in that at all, and you should honor those two gentlemen. With that said, given the disgraceful treatment they got at the hands of Jerry Jones, you should be rooting against the Cowboys in all games, at all times, for so long as he owns the team. Does that help?
  6. Coming out of college, he was known as a great route runner with good return ability. Played faster than his 40 time would indicate. There were concerns about his size, but if he was put into one of the four boxes it would probably be Route Runner.
  7. Daniel Jeremiah wrote an article about 10 draft insights. You can read it here: https://amp.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000926622/article/2018-nfl-draft-josh-rosen-could-slide-colts-looking-to-trade Panthers aren't in it, but he finished with some rankings on WRs, listing the best Route Runners, Big receivers/red-zone threats, Chain Movers, and Big Play threats. That makes me wonder, which type would be the best on the Panthers? Right now we have: Route Runner: ??? Big Receivers/red-zone threats: Funchess Chain Movers: Wright, Bersin (if he makes the roster) Big Play threats: Smith, Samuel (in theory), Byrd Personally, I think we need another chain mover, because we have an amazing red zone weapon already in Cam. What are your thoughts?
  8. Allen has a low percentage and a low yards per attempt. If you want to compare him to Cam, well Cam completed 66.1% of his passes in college with a 10.2 average YPA. That's against SEC competition, and it came with a Championship. Allen is 56.2 and 7.8, and that's against inferior competition. This past year he was at only 6.2 YPA. Christian Hackenberg is his ceiling--If he didn't have a Jamarcus Russell arm then people would be talking about him as a day three project. Mayfield just wins. He's going to have a career like Case Keenum without the right coaching. Unfortunately, he's going to go to the Jets where he will be pressured to start early and end up wrecked. Jackson has never impressed me, but he's got enough talent that he should make it in the NFL. Like DeShaun Watson, he will fall in the draft to around the middle of the first round, where he will likely end up a Bill, or if he's really lucky, a Cardinal. If he ends up in Arizona, I expect him to do well after sitting behind Bradford for a year. As far as Arnold and Rosen, I'm just glad we have our franchise QB and aren't looking for one this year. They will both probably be ok as starters, but I don't see any star qualities in either.
  9. 3rd round options

    I would take a 3rd round flyer on Orlando Brown in a heartbeat.
  10. Let's talk about BUSTS

    Josh Allen and whoever Cleveland selects.
  11. As far as lousy drafts are concerned, it's hard to top 1998. Here's a link to our draft history, for the curious: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/car/draft.htm If you use their AV measure to calculate draft values, here's what you get (note that the more recent a draft, the worse the AV will be just because it grows over time). And yeah, 2009 was also pretty bad.
  12. Regular Season Schedule

    At the Eagles or at the Steelers, because we never open at home and the schedule-makers hate us.
  13. I think if the season started today we would be able to move the ball well on offense, top-tier WR or not. But we're much less likely to stop the other team with our current secondary, so I hope to see a Cornerback in the first, and a Safety in the second. Gonna trust the process though. Contrary to popular opinion, Hurney and the Scouting Staff are a lot smarter about this football stuff than just about anyone who posts here.
  14. Quick question?

    I think we have a team capable of scoring every time we get the ball. That's all you need to be in a shootout. With that said, to help our defense, our offense typically holds the ball for as long as possible, letting the play clock run down on every play. We also tend to try and grind it out, going for 4-5 yards per play instead of first downs. So that style doesn't support quick strikes. But it doesn't mean we can't score when we really need to.