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  1. Yeah, I guess I'll take one.
  2. I don't go to an entertainment venue with an attitude that the entertainers need to agree with me politically. And it's absolutely FINE with me if those opinions never come up. That's what I think you might not understand--some people recognize that we're never all going to agree, so maybe there should be things that bring us together where we don't have to think about what divides us. Others just want to jabber on about it incessantly. Someone made the point that I should never have come into this thread because it was obviously political, and they're kind of right. But this forum is not supposed to be political. Jeremy made a forum specifically for political discussions, so that those of us who didn't want to get into those topics wouldn't have them shoved in our face. But that's never enough for the assholes who won't just leave people alone, and they have to keep bringing it up in a forum like this. On the one hand, @rayzor might come in here and give some people a well deserved break from the Huddle. On the other, maybe I should just log off and frequent a better regulated forum, because were politics are concerned I think most of you are stupid and personally want to be left the hell alone. But I have a lot of history here, and would prefer to hang around. We'll see what happens, I guess.
  3. Yup, because of assholes who want to bring politics into everything. Give it a fucking rest already.
  4. There are basically two kinds of people. Those who just want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave you alone. We’re in the world we are in now because of people who force politics into every activity, and a lot of us don’t like it.
  5. Last year Funchess was targeted 111 times and caught 63 for a 56.8% success rate. Before the trade, KB was actually having a good year--much better than his first three. But he had been targeted 51 times to Funchess' 58 and was getting four more yards per catch. It wasn't just Funchess cutting into his targets though, CMC got 113 targets, vs. 70 for ALL running backs the previous year.
  6. For a guy who can battle for the catch and bring everything in that's thrown his way, he sure has interesting stats. In his rookie season he was targeted 145 times and caught only 50% of them. For comparison, Olsen was targeted 123 times and caught 68% of them. In 2016 Benjamin was targeted 118 times, or basically two times less per game and was still only catching 53%. I guess those two missing passes are the WR1 passes he deserved based on reasons? For perspective, there were 41 WRs in 2016 that got 100 or more targets. 36 of them had a higher catch percentage than Benjamin.
  7. Isn't this what people have been saying about Mike Shula for the past five years?
  8. Lebron isn’t in the same discussion with Dr. J, much less MJ. And I always hated MJ. Cam would need a couple Super Bowls, develop a reputation of always being able to get a TD when it’s needed, and then live up to that rep in a lot of dramatic big games. Football is different.
  9. There's nothing to suggest that we're suddenly going to start looking at low-character guys to fill out our roster. I think that as long as the bottom line is putting butts in seats, we're going to continue with what works, and what's worked since day one. Owners rarely get involved in decisions like this. What is it with the idea that Tepper is coming in and making wholesale changes anyway? As another thread brought up, the Panthers are in the top five in wins over the past five seasons. We've got what looks like a stacked roster, and franchise players on both sides of the field. If Tepper came in and decided to blow that up, I would really worry about him. Fortunately, it looks like he actually knows how to manage success, which in this case is to just let it happen.
  10. Cyberjag

    The Norv difference

    It's not just Norv. We have Olsen and Funchess, but now they're joined by Wright, Smith, and hopefully a healthy Samuel. Not to mention DJ Moore. Couple that with a second year CMC and CJ Anderson and our offense looks as stacked as it's been in Cam's entire career. As a rookie Cam had Stewart and Williams, Steve Smith, Olsen, and Jeremey Shockey. Cam threw for over 4,000 yards and 21 TDs. The next year he had 3,869 and 19 TDs. That's when Chud left, and his next five years he averaged 3,430 yards passing. Coincidentally, he also played most of those years with his top receiver being Ted Ginn. The bottom line is, I can't remember a time in his career where Cam has been set up so well to succeed, except maybe in his rookie year. If the defense is still a top ten unit and we stay healthy, this season ought to be a lot of fun.
  11. DE will be our top need. It was arguably our top need this year. I want to believe that Kalil will be ok at LT. Our second highest need will be at Safety (again), and then will come Center. It's going to be a real challenge filling all those needs while picking at the last spot in each round...
  12. Cyberjag

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    Yes, it wasn't his idea. But once he was given the idea, he ran with it and made it a team tradition.
  13. Cyberjag

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    Do what??? Cam doesn't get a pass because Cam doesn't need a pass, he's got the talent that Clausen just doesn't. He's also decidedly a good guy, and that "give the ball away" celebration is far and away my favorite thing any athlete has ever done. He changes lives.
  14. Cyberjag

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    The guy came here, was put in a bad situation, did what he could. Not an NFL talent, didn't complain when Cam got the starting nod, held a clipboard willingly. Has never thrown shade at anyone in Carolina, just wasn't good enough. Why so much hate?