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  1. Cyberjag added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    4 seasons for any coach is usually enough to get fired if only one of them is winning.  Rivera's fortunate that we squeaked into the playoffs last year.  And if we start slow again, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see another coach on the sideline next year.
    As far as Shula, I know he doesn't have great talent to work with everywhere like Chud did (*eyeroll*), but we've had 35 games with who knows how many playcalling opportunities to do some decent evaluation of his performance.  And most people find him wanting.
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  2. Cyberjag added a post in a topic If You're Watching BUF v. CLE Right Now, You Should Feel Even Better About Our OL   

    Came here to post about that, and here you are.
    Oher looks even better after watching the Bills beat up Joe Thomas.  And it's the LT position that has always been the key to our season, not who's playing #1 receiver.
    Can't wait until Saturday to see if he does it again.
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  3. Cyberjag added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    Yes, it's all about the line.  If they open holes, our running game looks good.  If they can block worth a damn, it frees Olsen up to catch the ball.  If Cam has time to throw, then even the worst receiving group in NFL history will be able to move the ball down the field through the air.  And if defenses have to respect the run, then the read option works.  
    When did they ever take it out of the playbook anyway?  The first few games last year?  
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  4. Cyberjag added a post in a topic The O-Line looked a lot better on Friday, thanks to Cam Newton   

    Last year the interior line started with Silatolu and Velasco.  With those two, when Bell got beaten Cam would have nowhere to go.  I wish I had good stats on sacks and pressures on a game by game basis, but I bet they decreased when Norwell and Turner solidified things on the interior.
    This year we're starting out with quality, which ought to make it easier for everyone involved.  This includes Oher, who would be blamed for getting beat on this play if the pocket had gotten pushed back and Cam had nowhere to go.  
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  5. Cyberjag added a post in a topic What is the perfect beer for tonight's game?   

    What do you typically drink?  Pilsners? Ales? Stouts?
    And what are you drinking after the first quarter? 
    If you're not married to a single type, Sierra Nevada has a variety pack that has three Wheats, three German Ales, and three Pilsners along with their regular pale ale.  I got one last weekend and have enjoyed the variety this week.
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  6. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Why did Bill Polian leave us so quickly?   

    He wanted the job that Mark Richardson got.
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  7. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Newton vs Delhomme   

    You forgot W/L records and playoff performances.
    Cam's clearly on a path to be the best we've ever had at the position, but Jake caught fire in Carolina and was good enough here that when Brees joined the division a lot of people thought Jake was better at the time.  But he was also 28 when he arrived, and had that maturity and leadership that Cam is still developing.
    Good times are ahead, but don't use Cam to beat up Jake, it's not right.  Be grateful we had him when we did, be grateful for Cam, and look forward to the future without selling the past short.
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  8. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    Not even going to worry at this point. It's too early, and even if it turns out he's not an upgrade, we've got several upgrades on the team already.  It's hard to believe he will be worse.
    We're going to get a 10 yards per drive head start just because of Ginn.We have a legit receiving unit.We have a healthy QB.We have a better secondary.Why are we stressed that 100% of our problems haven't been solved before training camp really gets underway?
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  9. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander   

    Refer to him as Prisco in conversations near him where he can overhear enough to know you're talking about him, but never actually engage him.  If he eventually interrupts you to tell you who he is, apologize and say you had him mistaken for a journalist 
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  10. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Huddle Advice - What's the best way to ask your wife to get a boob job?   

    In all seriousness, I would put the boob job on the back burner.  If you want to make her happy, wait until she's complaining about her belly that's never coming back and tell her you would support her if she wanted to get a tuck.  If she does, then you can go for the boobs as part of the standard "mommy make-over" package.
    You'll also get a ton more mileage out of getting both of you a Crossfit membership (or something comparable) than any surgery will ever give her.  Fit is better than fat, no matter how strategically placed the fat is.  They have bras and poo to make flabby boobs look good, but nothing is going to fix that droopy ass quite like a lot of squats.
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  11. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Gettleman's repair job on our roster.   

    It's good research, but you should also consider that the average career of an NFL player is 3.3 years.  If you compare the starters from the Panthers in 2005 with the ones in 2008, there were only 15 players in common on both rosters, so it's not like we had a complete and unusual overhaul here.
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  12. Cyberjag added a post in a topic 26 Teams attend Isaiah Battle workout   

    The only thing I know for certain is that if we take him, he will be a future star, if not a potential HOFer.  If we don't, he's destined for the recycle bin as a "never was" kind of prospect.
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  13. Cyberjag added a post in a topic Rival Review - New Orleans Saints   

    I don't think they will miss a beat on offense, even without Graham.  Adding Spiller and moving to a more run-oriented attack will help them keep their defense off the field, and even in decline Brees is going to be good for keeping the chains moving consistently between the 20s.  Give Ryan more athleticism on defense and a little more rest and watch his unit be more effective in 2015.  
    With that said, this shift may keep the Falcons up at night, but not the Panthers.  Their offensive changes play to our strengths, so I'm not too concerned about them.  It's on defense where they may cause a little trouble.  They will have a better rush this year, but we have a mobile QB that can make a defense pay for gambling, something Ryan loves to do.  And if we get them down a couple of TDs and force them into a passing game, that's when their losses at WR will be felt.
    In short, I'm probably one of the few around here that think the Saints will be better in 2015 than they were in 2014.  But I think that the direction they're going is one that the Panthers will find favorable, matchup-wise, and we ought to be looking at a sweep in 2015.
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  14. Cyberjag added a post in a topic supplemental draft   

    One thing to consider that I haven't seen mentioned--this kid is at least a year away from being able to play well at the NFL level.  People have mentioned his weight, and he needs that time to bulk up. 
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  15. Cyberjag added a post in a topic supplemental draft   

    Any day three pick would be worth the gamble.  I might even look at a 3rd, but that's only if I could get some good reassurances about his character.  I'm sure that someone's doing some pretty intense investigation over there right now.
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