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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    The answer is on the roster
  2. I believe it all, and I'm particularly impressed with David Tyree's helmet catch that helped win the Super Bowl in 2008.  Whoever scripted that one up is just plain genius.
  3. Huddle Super Bowl predictions

    Panthers get three TDs and three field goals, Broncos get a TD and three field goals. 30-16 Carolina.
  4. All of the other QBs scored all their TDs in the air.  Shut that down, shut them down.  Let Denver drop a ton in coverage to take away Cam's air attack and see what happens.
  5. Of course, but as long as you have idiots like Haslam hiring jokers like Ray Farmer, there will be someone who thinks they can fix a drunk and make him work. And FWIW, I think Collins had displayed more pro-level physical talent coming out of Penn State than Manziel had when he came out.
  6. Disagree.  For exhibit one, let me present Johnny Football...
  7. Collins wasn't a racist, but he definitely offended Muhammed when he used the N word with him.  Article recounting it here:   He was first and foremost a drunk though, and he didn't quit, he was released when he told Capers that his heart wasn't in the game.  I would like to think that our current coach would send him to rehab, but Capers had personnel control and basically kicked him off the team.  The Saints picked him up and then later that year he got his first DUI.  After rehab he got his career back on track.
  8. Wade Phillips

    I hear that Phillips plans to contain Cam and double Olsen.
  9. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    They played Alex Smith twice and Andrew Luck, two guys that like to run more than your average QB.  Surrendered around 27 ppg.
  10. Marty Hurney

    Just contributors mentioned here... Before the lockout:  Terry Cousin, Jake Delhomme, Ricky Proehl, Greg Favors, Ken Lucas, Marlon McRee, Maake Kemoeatu, Damione Lewis, Tyler Brayton, Keydrick Vincent. After the lockout: Legadu Naanee, Olindo Mare, Haruki Nakamura, Mike Tolbert, Ted Ginn, Jr., Mike Mitchell
  11. Marty Hurney

    It's a pendulum.  It will swing back to a moderate dislike instead of foaming hatred, then it will be a sense of gratitude again, and finally it will get to an appropriate resting spot.
  12. I'm somewhat of an LSU fan, and watched Newton's year at Auburn pretty closely because it seemed like they were on TV every week.  I honestly had no idea how well he would do in the pro game, but I trusted the pick.  I remember saying on this board at the time that if he could do in the NFL what he did in college, he would revolutionize the game.  But of course, I wasn't predicting that. After his first few years, I figured we had a good QB, not a great one, and that this Cam guy had worked out for us after all.  After this season, I'm back to the whole "revolutionize the game" idea, and this time I think it's going to happen.
  13. I'm in Minnesota (yes, it's #*&@# cold!) and was driving to the client site today listening to the radio.  The locals were discussing the playoffs, and whether the Vikings would have fared better against the Panthers in the playoffs than the Cardinals did.  They all agreed that they would (homers), but after a few minutes of talking about why one of them said, "but then again, we would have gotten clobbered too."  Everyone agreed.  They all think we're going to win, and that Cam is a monster who's almost impossible to defend. I've been following this team since the beginning, and have been traveling for work most of my career.  This is the first time I can remember us getting so much respect outside the Carolinas, and it's a pretty damned good feeling.
  14. Bucky Brooks: Five part plan for Broncos to beat Panthers

    TL;DR - Contain Cam, double Olsen