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  1. jbland

    Matt Khalil...

    He’s garbage.
  2. I want to see the O-line hold their own and give cam time.
  3. I just rewatched it and noticed KB wouldn’t shake Cams hand. Wow. What a freaking douche bag.
  4. That did not look friendly. However, good for cam going up to him and trying to clear the air. 13 is a Douche for trying to walk a way like a little bitch.
  5. jbland

    Julius Peppers Is activated

    Glad to hear, not that I was really that worried.
  6. jbland

    Meanwhile in Arizona...

    Thats in their stadium. You can see the University Of Phoenix Sign in the background.
  7. Patriots are trying to get intel earlier than usual. Does he have a camera?
  8. jbland


    I’ve played on Xbox. I’m not good but I have fun.
  9. Da Bears. Parents and whole family are from Chicago.
  10. jbland

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Indeed, when clinically relevant or necessary I will use it.
  11. jbland

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Should I start calling you President Bush?
  12. jbland

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    That all depends on who his defenses perform.
  13. I didn’t realize he was referring back to the beginning. Interesting.
  14. fug deangelo. The rest are fine.
  15. I know a few years when the panthers we’re negotiating the upgrades with the city the panthers wanted money to build a practice facility but the city wouldn’t give them the money. Was that what he was referring to?