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  1. Has Worley Regressed?

    Benched but not for long. Just trying to get his attention.
  2. Thomas Davis

    He only played 50% of the defensive snaps this weekend. His rib fracture is still bothering him. Prob will for most of the regular season.
  3. I’m glad I’ve started him the past two weeks on my FF team. He’s producing right now.
  4. Which 1-loss team misses playoffs

    They all make it.
  5. Anyone Notice Billicheat

    So is Cam... so am I after a panthers loss. It’s human nature. It doesn’t really matter to me. However, I don’t like the double standard where Cam is cruicified and Bill is the GOAT and ultra competitive...
  6. My guess is because he is trying to heal, a lot of players in his shoes would be trying to heal faster and gain an edge with some type of performance enhancing chemical.
  7. I think a win against a quality team always helps momentum. We now have some. Here to hoping we keep it going.
  8. Tom Brady 0-2 versus Cam

    mad respect to Cam.
  9. Cam finally came to play. Lets go panthers.
  10. The season outlook just got a lot better. Good job Cam.
  11. Can I Has Pie?

    WOW! What a game. Finally, Cam came out of his slump. The season is looking up.