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  1. Mario and Pep

    We did have pep in his prime.
  2. My wife and kid are staying home. This is Man weekend.
  3. Me and 7 others will be there. Don’t have tickets yet, planning on scalping. Will you be on bourbon st sat?
  4. Injuries Galore

    We are getting the excuses ready just in case we lose this weekend...
  5. It will be even more sweet considering I’ll be in the dome to watch it. Go Panthers!!
  6. Saints game Dec 3

    Me and a few buddies are flying in Saturday morning. We should all meet up and get drunk.
  7. Alex Armah

    He looks like a young more athletic Hoover in those plays. What a great find if he turns into a player like #45.
  8. week 13 Car at No moved to 430 pm

    Ill be at that game. It gives me longer to recover from the evening prior.
  9. He has never been great at the short throws.
  10. Ill bet KB would've held onto that ball...
  11. WTF julio. Right in the bread basket. Where was Bradberry?