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  1. LeBron is the best NBA player of his generation. Cam is a very good QB. I love having Cam on our team but He’s not even the best QB in the league, much less the best player in the NFL.
  2. Without cam we are a 3 win team.
  3. jbland

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I would think he would love letting them use BOA. Make more money instead of it sitting idle in non-football months.
  4. jbland

    Panthers SB 53 win?

    Every year we don’t win the super bowl is a failure.
  5. jbland

    MLS to Charlotte?

    Winning, winning and winning.
  6. Just listened to Teppers press conference and he said something about bringing MLS to charlotte. First I have heard about it. Do you think its possible? "Minority partners? I'm trying to figure out the structure right now. Obviously there are some advantages to having some local partners. I'm trying to determine the development I want to have in the community. The more development there is in the community, that might make it more difficult to have minority partners. If you want to have, for instance, an MLS team or something like that – which might some sense if you are in fact in Charlotte – or you do other things, I'm just trying to determine that in the next six weeks. If I'm moving someplace and we're doing this in Carolina, the first thing I care about is winning. The second thing I care about is winning. And the third thing I care about is…you guys are smart. That's on and off the field. That includes the charity aspect, the community aspect and how we make a community better. You win in a lot of ways, and I don't like to lose in any way." http://www.panthers.com/news/article-2/Transcript-David-Tepper-press-conference/f60b71cd-3e23-47e8-8c60-da364ac1723e
  7. jbland

    A Gettleman legacy

    However, during Hurneys time we never had back to back playoff appearances, and had a two win season which brought us Cam. It took Gman to come in and put it all together. Gman did what Hurney couldn't. Matter of fact, Hurney had a total of three playoff appearances in all his years of service. Gman had three in 4 years. Those of us who have followed the panthers since the beginning and were fans during his first stint remember what Hurney did to this team. I for one still have nightmares of his awful draft day trades and bad contracts.
  8. jbland

    A Gettleman legacy

    Yet we made the playoffs multiple times and went to the Super Bowl... Who cares what the talking heads think, the product on the field speaks for itself.
  9. Expect one as soon as the owners meet and approve the sale.
  10. Nothing new there. Mr. R said the same thing. This team has been trying to emulate the steelers since the onset. Just without the success. (Super Bowl wins)
  11. Isn’t amini the guy Hurney said he ran down the halls after watching Play on film at his division 2 school?
  12. Our front office is probably still pissed he signed with the Saints after he left. ha
  13. What did they do?
  14. CMC looking like the token. Seriously though, there are some big men in that picture.