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  1. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  2. no I am 82. Are you the guy formerely known as the Assman?

  3. Ok then- thanks for the schedule link- I have it up on my fridgerator

  4. Yes, I did. You wrote to me or gave me rep or something when I posted the print-friendly schedule, and you said something like "thanks, dude." Wanted you to know I'm not a dude ... all female, through-and-through. That's all.

  5. did you send me a message?

  6. It should be noted at Panthers_Lover is all female!

  7. are you really 81? :lol:

  8. No I didnt get the link to see the game on the web- do you have it please?

  9. Did you get the link?