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  1. Cam Newton doesn't get choked. He just temporarily loans the rest of the world his air.
  2. Moose's name is spelled wrong on p. 258
  3. Cam for MVP, debunking statistical assumptions

    that was an orgasmic read
  4. Surprised to see that we're scoring more points than those Colts teams.
  5. PANTHERS ARE #1 !!!!!

    The Redskins troll job was basically a Twitter master class.
  6. Joe's next question: Ron, what's your favorite kind of cheese?
  7. NFL Turning Point: Panthers @ Seahawks

    need TD's address so I know where to go in case of zombie apocalypse
  8. Will Shaq dominate at his away home?

    It's beyond time to let the dog killer stuff go.
  9. Funchess will have only two catches, but both will go for scores, and he'll have Starbucks delivered to Sherman's locker with a very polite thank you note. #sportsmanship
  10. Josh Norman Moving Around

    If I'm an opposing offense, I'm giving Norman double moves all day. Can't let him keep jumping hitches and curls. Josh is a gambler and will get fooled. Just like having a gunslinger at QB, you have to take the good with the bad. Josh seems to have more good than bad, though.
  11. Pete Carroll on Hawks injuries...

    Don't matter. We gon win.
  12. The #2 we let get away.

    <insert poop joke>
  13. I'm glad the Kraken is gone

    Hard to determine if that does more damage to his image or rap as a genre.
  14. I'm glad the Kraken is gone

    And heeeere is his music video