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  1. Marc James at it again

    That's why Cleveland is so great.
  2. Cards fans are sooooo SALTY!!!

    I hope Carson Palmer sprains his shoulder playing golf in two weeks.
  3. Could hardly hear a damn thing during Bradshaw's interviews, but I definitely heard that. Keep damn pounding.
  4. Super Bowl buffet.. PIE is on the menu

    Mother Frakkin Super Bowl. Keep Damn Pounding!
  5. Well, this escalated quickly...

    To whom it may concern, Carson Palmer, you don't know me, but I have some things I must get off my chest. I was watching the playoff game between your Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers last weekend with my son, and when the game ended, I felt like my son was confused. "What's the matter?" I asked him. He looked at me and asked "How old is that man daddy? That was the first playoff game he ever won?" Needless to say, I was startled. How could I explain to a six year old that a man 30 years his senior had never even won a Wild Card game? I stammered briefly, and directed him to look at the ceiling fan while I collected my thoughts. Should I blame it on the Heisman Curse? His time in Cincinnati? The lack of weapons? None of those things seemed to suffice. I looked at my boy, head cocked upright, watching the blades whirl, and I felt ashamed. How could I explain to my son that the media's sudden hard-on for such an astoundingly unproven quarterback? Several days later, and my son still wont look me in the eye. He's still staring at the fan. Sincerley, A Concerned Fan
  6. I work on Sunday... I'll have limited streaming access, but I'm bummed.
  7. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Sure, why not?
  8. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Double post.
  9. An unfortunate ending to his time here. He'll beat the drum in a few years.
  10. Huddle Mod Semi-Finalists Announced

  11. Ryan Fitzpatrick just scored and did the SuperCam.