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  1. Thanks...............;)

  2. I knew when I typed it like that someone's why I love the huddle, if people get bent out of shape they are on the wrong site, ttys, PC

  3. Hey how are ya?? Been a long time, Hope all is well with you!! ttys PC

  4. Hey..................whats going on around here, so different, LOL How are You?

  5. Post a pic, any pic.

    Hey, where is everyone at? Wanted to drop in and say hey!!
  6. yep my dad wanted to look at the huddle and I was scared they would fly across the top ~lol~

  7. are ya? To answer your ?? My hubby is the darker skinned guy of the my pics he is wearing a white shirt in one and a red shirt in another, Yeah Ramsey was just a really close family friend, my hubby got the same tattoo in the exact same place..................ttys!!!

  8. ok....a lot of them are not there, you can see the small one but not the large....I will work on this!!!

  9. what happened to it???? Is is gone???

  10. we like to have good time!!!!!!!!

  11. must have been a bike week thing...........she was a wild one!!

  12. My hubby was getting a jello shooter off some girls a$$, he loves that picture LOL

  13. Thank You!!!! How are ya??? Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend...............

  14. me too!!! I should be workin but I am running around the huddle ~lol~ Have a great day!!!

  15. Hey!!! How are ya???