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  1. Westworld Season 2

    Welp ... still confused as ever. And I hope you enjoyed your nudity, Jangler.
  2. Yep. Not to mention, if the NFL was trying to screw the Panthers, it would effect the entire NFL schedule. But yeah, they sat down and purposely made our schedule as problematic as they could, lol.
  3. Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi has no ties to Charlotte, so no, he's nothing like LeBron and Cleveland.
  4. Kawhi Leonard

    I used common sense. There are only a handful of "it" teams. Charlotte is not one of them. Kawhi wants to be a superstar on an it team.
  5. Kawhi Leonard

    He wants no part of Charlotte.
  6. What I want to know is why a poster thinks any of us even care what their opinion on a Draft is.
  7. Cam Newton's 911 call

    I bet the refs didn't throw a flag when his Ferrari got hit.
  8. Never heard of him, but come on, Thomas Davis proves there is always a chance with knees ... and that he takes steroids. :triggered:
  9. Greatest Panthers Hat

    What's the correlation between pre-bent hats and cargo shorts?
  10. Greatest Panthers Hat

    If you don't know how to bend a flat bill I can't help you. If you wear a pre-bent hat like a redneck I can't help you. If you wear a teal hat I can't help you.
  11. Most likely similar to what Jon Jones got suspended for in the UFC. My guess is the NFL added it to the list this year, and Davis nor his agent bothered to read the list.
  12. Every NFL Team's logo redesigned

    Only like the Chiefs.
  13. Would I pay that much to sit at a table with him? No. If I did, what would I start with? "Hi. How's it going?" Don't pester the man with football talk.
  14. I haven't heard a thing about Manziel, but have seen two articles on RG3 today. :shrug:
  15. Another scandal on Mint Street???

    You want me to go through 20 pages and make a list? Ain't nobody got time for that.