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  1. Jesus. This forum will never be happy until someone (and the media as well) bends every stat possible and claims Cam is the best QB in history. What's next, blaming the heat the south gets in August for a reason Cam performs less than Brady?
  2. Is Ludwig a scumbag

    Good job staying away from the board, bud.
  3. NFC and AFC Championships - Picks

    Pats eke out win versus Jags. Philly shocks Minnesota. Pats drub Philly.
  4. Updates on the team sale

    NASCAR owners, smh. The Carolina Spark Plugs!
  5. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    That's the Raleigh video pitch. The Charlotte one had some white dude speaking jive, and another guy seeming desparate to show that Charlotte actually has things to do there. But yeah ... the Raleigh video is even worse.
  6. Raleigh in running for Amazon Hub

    They posted the video they used to pitch the city on charlotte.com. It was a sad, sad, joke of a video. Whatever firm made it should feel ashamed.
  7. Next Year's Backup Quarterback

    DA will be back. I think Minn lets both Teddy and Sam go unless Keenum blows it in the next game(s).
  8. Best Team in NFC South

    Pretty sure the point you're making IS saying you want the participation trophy. NEAT ... we're at .500. Now what? Now nothing. Being .500 or above means nothing. Zilch. Nada. Zero. But hey, as long as you're happy with being better than 21 teams, good for ya.
  9. Your ideal 2018 Super Bowl

    Patriots. We're witnessing history. A dynasty. May as well be part of it. A Jax/Minny/Philly win would be neat for like 10 min.
  10. So what you're saying is that if Jake Delhomme was ... Obviously a dynasty has many puzzle pieces. But without an elite QB ... you're the Bucs or Ravens.
  11. No, you don't need an elite QB to ... win. You want a dynasty? Yes you do need one. #Brady
  12. DNA Kits

    Wife and I are doing MyHeritage. Waiting for results. We don't expect anything shocking.
  13. NEXT UP: Field was wet and he slipped, someone pushed him but they were wearing an invisibility cloak, his never-before-talked-about-twin-brother tripped and Cam had a sympathy trip, he was picking up a coin, he was tying his shoes, he has OCD and saw one section of turf was longer than another and wanted to even it out.
  14. Such butthurt. That's a funny headline. LOL at some of you trying to break down all-time records. Jesus. We lost. It's just a game. I predict they go to the SB but lose to the Pats.
  15. Wide Receiver Free Agency Class

    Robinson and Decker