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  1. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Authority Zero (sorry, forgot how to embed the yt vid) https://youtu.be/TCToy0h8m8o
  2. Computer question

    What's the OS? There are easy solutions for this. Try PC Logon Now or if it is a newer OS, get a copy of Hirens Boot CD.
  3. Any one here from the ttc or follow the ttc ?

    There's a College for that?!?!?!? Where?
  4. Engagement ring advice? (looking for custom ring)

    I always go with a local jeweler for many reasons. Especially the free deep cleaning for life. I avoid the bigger chains, they have lesser stones and want more money. At least with a local jeweler, you can haggle on price.
  5. 1980's

    They exist, but you can't find them. No internet......
  6. 1980's

    Jangler, The Dead played my town every year. Lotsa fun.
  7. 1980's

    I was starting High School in the late 70's and definitely had fun in the 80's. Was in a gang at a time when fighting was honorable. No drive byes or any of that chicken poo stuff. Taking an ass whipping if you deserved it was looked upon with respect. Got to see the LA Punk scene become self aware. I spent many a weekend in LA and still have friends from that time. New wave chicks with their lightweight drinking ability and low self esteem..........nuff said there. The only bummer was a lack of a big selection for good herb. I mean, if you were into that sort of stuff....
  8. Prepaid phones and service

    Boost is pretty good at $55/month. Service is ok. T-Mobile has some cheapie phones and their service is really good out here. You might want to go with reliable service in your area.
  9. San Francisco - who's headed out?

    See my above post.
  10. San Francisco - who's headed out?

    Dude hit me up. We are having an impromptu tailgate with a few folks and some expected stragglers showing up. @strik9 , you guys are invited too.... i can pm you my number if you're interested.
  11. San Francisco - who's headed out?

    My bad, I consider everything down there the bay, lol. I guess I shoulda said to Santa Clara. It is a scenic drive until you hit the 80, then it's road warrior madness.
  12. Sight

    Just isn't the same without bongo music playing in the back ground.....
  13. San Francisco - who's headed out?

    I'm not far south of you. When I go to the bay, I go I-5 to the 505 and then to the 80 to the 680.
  14. The Lovely Ladies Thread

    Whaaaaaaaatttt? No "That little blonde chick you were hung up on" Jangler?
  15. San Francisco - who's headed out?

    Just got this alert regarding traffic: We were there for the SB and it took almost 2 hours to get to Santa Clara from AT&T Park.