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  1. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Japanese rock with some traditional instruments....
  2. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    I used to watch him race Speedway (motorcycle flat track) when i was a kid.
  3. Point Man movie trailer

    Can't wait to see it. 'Grats, Philly.
  4. This is for Panthro.

    Oh man, that's my poo right there.,.....
  5. Post your view from work

    Rain is coming to Northern Cali. This is the view from one of my remote hideouts, um, i mean work areas...
  6. Once, a long time ago, I was on acid and for some reason, the laugh track of a show was really intriguing me.
  7. I hope NBC fires Collinsworth

    From the Enquirer at Philly dot Com I hated Cris on Inside the NFL and even more as an announcer....
  8. Assholes Unite!

    Looks funny and has some potential. Nice to see him find work after "Always Sunny...."
  9. Home sick

    But Marco, I thought you were really knee deep in poonani there... Was that all a story too?
  10. XFL Announcement at 3

    Lest we not forget...... I tried to get a personalized jersey with this on it when Rod was a Panther. He had it trademarked so they wouldn't do it.
  11. Post a pic, any pic.

    Fug yeah! Bill the Cat for President 2020
  12. What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    Great voice, IMHO....
  13. Bad ass guitarist

    And then there's this cat......
  14. Bad ass guitarist

    Did someone say "Memphis Blues"?