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  1. Cold Cat added a post in a topic Fear the Walking Dead - Season 1   

    I'll be watching for sure.  Let's go TWD: LA
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  2. Cold Cat added a post in a topic Guess the score of the Bills game, win a free ticket vs. MIA   

    Panthers - 17
    Bills - 14
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  3. Cold Cat added a post in a topic how young is too young to take your kid to a panthers game?   

    I'd attach photos but i'm on a work PC.  My daughter is 2.  I've taken her To BOA, Buffalo, Detroit, and New England.  I've had zero issues with her.  My wife or I usually walk with her around the concourses if she gets antsy.
    We usually have seats field level 10-25 rows up.  Never had an Issue with opposing fans or Panther Fans.  She wears her 1 jersey.  I wear my 59.  No matter where we go.
    I've only ever had issues with opposing fans usually i'm in their respective stadium. When I'm not with my family.  i.e. a guys trip.  All and all it's what you're comfortable with your child experiencing.  My wife always says let our child into our life.  Not the opposite.  Working so far...
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  4. Cold Cat added a post in a topic Players, Role Models, Fathers   

    It's a shame articles like this don't make headlines.  way to much gloom and doom.
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