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  1. probably someone who'll be in the middle of fixing their toilet when we call
  2. I could really live without ever seeing this moment in Panther's history ever mentioned again
  3. Trade Up

    You could definitely get a RB in the 3rd to compliment CMC for example. I'd call that an impact player and I bet you would too
  4. Trade Up

    neither. let the chips fall where they may. we need impact players in too many spots to trade up
  5. Picks 55, 85, and 88

    Wow..I've seen some pretty terrible things on the Huddle before and this is up there...
  6. Interesting Mock Draft via NFL.COM

    yeah...even the ones without trades are hard to trust because you know there will be some trades on draft day...just fun to look at i guess
  7. Queue Huddle Meltdown over Kiper
  8. Is anyone else worried about Tepper being really stingy with the team? All indications are that he is fairly frugal with investments (a huge reason for why he made so much money) but when it comes to an NFL franchise, are we going to be complaining about him the same way we complained about Jerry not wanting to spend money? I could see him wanting to milk the City for every dollar he can get for renovations
  9. No, I meant that CMC had a special type of visit, seeing that he was invited to Jerry's house. My point is that would be a great indicator except for Jerry inst in the picture anymore
  10. Yeah but that was with Gettleman as GM and with Jerry as owner (met with CMC personally before drafting him). Without those two in play anymore, do we really have a trend to follow?
  11. One huge grain of salt...

    This. With how many FA backs there are, we can afford to *see* if there is value at RB at some point during our picks, and if not, we can get a "bruiser" from FA. This is especially relevant if you believe the coaching staff that CMC will be the feature back and the new RB would just be a compliment, not a workhorse.
  12. Goodnight Charlotte if Goodnight

    I'd be EXTREMELY butt hurt if the team leaves Charlotte for anywhere else...including raleigh