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  1. Mock offseason moves

    not resigning Norwell doesn't mean we wont do anything to address the LG position
  2. Mock offseason moves

    Hurney was on WFNZ earlier this week and almost all but said they probably won't keep Norwell. He was saying that traditionally money is spent on C and LT and that we already have others on the line who are highly paid. Definitely seemed hesitant that we would spend that kind of money on Norwell this year. Pretty sure Norwell is gone, and with how many holes we need to fill, Star could be gone pretty easily too.
  3. This. Players love RR and he’s the level headed counterpart or Cam’s emotional swings. But if it takes RR getting the axe to rid us of Shula, then so be it
  4. Brenton Bersin

    for a #5, he's fine....the true definition of a Possession receiver....can only catch the ball but cant run haha
  5. why are we acting like our FO will go sign someone legit? we all know they will go into the off season thinking that Byrd is some late blooming gem and that Samuel has basically been out all year so he will be an addition to our offense next year anyways. They'll be content moving right along with the same group next year.
  6. No. Whether this organization has accepted it or not, we are in "win now" mode. Cam and Luke are veterans (and who knows when Luke's career might be over), TD is on his last legs, cant possibly expect much from Pepp/Charles Johnson anymore, and we have a 36 year old starting safety. If we don't win a superbowl in the next 3ish years, we aren't going to for a long while.
  7. no one said Cam was Drew Brees.....but when was the last time Drew Brees had mike shula calling plays?
  8. this makes no sense to me. if MARVIN LEWIS is getting contract extensions without sniffing a playoff win in God knows how long...doesnt that mean we should DEFINITELY hold on to Rivera for 4/5 years playoffs?
  9. media headlines and "narratives" aren't written based on tape or analysis...mostly on stats and catchy titles. Everyone loves to hate Cam
  10. why does it feel like we still don't know what the fug we are doing with our offense with the playoffs starting in 4 days
  11. https://www.derp/2018/1/3/16841784/panthers-film-room-cam-newton-poor-start-against-falcons-product-of-poor-supporting-talent Who would have thought a bunch of scrubs and Shula could possibly be at fault?
  12. expected outcome when you are in "win now" mode and don't win anything
  13. Funny how the huddle hates ESPN, but needs someone from ESPN to tell them what most of us already knew....