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  1. Am I the only one who is a little confused on what to expect exactly? On one hand we hear about Norv wanting to pound the ball and take deep shots...and now we are hearing that we should expect quicker passes this year?
  2. you're not trying to say that sports articles can't have a political swing...are you?
  3. maybe he wasn't in the rotation BECAUSE he was inconsistent?
  4. i dont miss that roster one bit
  5. i dont get this either
  6. CKI

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    now I understand why there's a thread about banning this guy...
  7. CKI


    This year's "Keyarris Garret"
  8. I know Captain didn't play well last year, but I'm not ready to trust Jackson and Corn as our starting slot guys week 1. Especially, if Jackson may be playing on the outside against exceptionally speedy receivers.
  9. probably someone who'll be in the middle of fixing their toilet when we call
  10. I could really live without ever seeing this moment in Panther's history ever mentioned again
  11. CKI

    Trade Up

    You could definitely get a RB in the 3rd to compliment CMC for example. I'd call that an impact player and I bet you would too
  12. CKI

    Trade Up

    neither. let the chips fall where they may. we need impact players in too many spots to trade up
  13. CKI

    Picks 55, 85, and 88

    Wow..I've seen some pretty terrible things on the Huddle before and this is up there...
  14. CKI

    Interesting Mock Draft via NFL.COM

    yeah...even the ones without trades are hard to trust because you know there will be some trades on draft day...just fun to look at i guess