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  1. If cam goes down, we tank for draft position. We don't have the roster for a nick foles to take us all the way.
  2. Joe the Show

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    I guess this will only add more hype to the Hood brigade (aka UNC fans)
  3. Joe the Show

    Rivera just named front runner for LG

    I'm hoping that the quick development of Norwell from UDFA to All-Pro has opened Rivera's eyes to the fact draft position means nothing once they are on the field. It's perfectly natural to say the longest tenured vet is a front-runner in May. But he will always have Norwell in the back of his mind as he watches these unknown guys compete throughout camp.
  4. 2016 was the year we were forced to start 2 rookies at CB. Combine that with a wicked SB hangover and you can see why the defense suffered. I expect this group, even with a serious question mark at safety, can be top 15. of course injuries could quickly change expectations, but that is true of any team.
  5. *insert picture of Gaulden flipping the bird*
  6. yes, I am very concerned. I also don't like that we are on our 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years. I hope Rivera lets Norv handle the offense, and has a bigger role in making sure the plan on defense actually makes sense.
  7. Joe the Show


    so he is our back-up QB and RB depth? sounds perfect
  8. Well looks like tonight was a waste. Try again tomorrow I suppose
  9. Joe the Show

    What Cam texted Rivera...

    now Cam will throw Moore touchdowns
  10. I will be happy if we don't have to trade up. We need to bring in a lot of youth to compete at multiple positions. This draft class will have a big opportunity with the all veteran leaders leaving after next season.
  11. Joe the Show

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Haha. Penny gone
  12. Joe the Show

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    God this is going to be huddle gold no matter what happens
  13. Joe the Show

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Everyone wanting to trade up 3 spots is an idiot. Sit at 24 and get a solid player
  14. Joe the Show

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    Steve Smith says dj Moore is his spirit animal