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  1. Joe the Show

    This One Was on the Defense

    Our defense always sucks on turf fields. Today the offense was facing a weakened defense on a fast field and they needed to put up points. They had too many stalled drives and too many drops to compete. The defense could've done better, but they had a bad day. Jax just put up 31 on the Patriots. It happens.
  2. Joe the Show

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Fug the falcons and their stupid butthole stadium. But I do enjoy their affordable concession prices!
  3. Joe the Show

    Opening day Panthers Free Win Pie

    Really big test against a good defensive line. We passed. Barely
  4. A gameday haiku: Cam be dropping dimes First downs, touchdowns, dabs are back Dominate the foe
  5. Joe the Show

    Official Eff the Cowboys Thread...

    I root for the indians
  6. Joe the Show

    Curtis should be No. 2 WR

    WRs creating separation? Interesting strategy
  7. Joe the Show

    Is Funch going to be worth #1 Money?

    The market was hot for WRs this past offseason, but I would expect it to cool down some. If Funchess has a big season, we can probably kiss him goodbye. This team has 2 other first round offensive weapons now. But if Funch continues to produce mediocre numbers, I expect we keep him at a reasonable price.
  8. Considering our LT situation, I'd say just leave Cam in the locker room for this one
  9. Joe the Show

    REPORT: DJ Moore in trouble with the law

    I knew he was fast but DAMN
  10. I hate Kalil too but it does appear cam had a chance to get rid of that one before the sack. But there are many other instances where Kalil ruins the play. He sux.
  11. Joe the Show

    Pre Season Week 2 Thursday Games Thread

    I'm not a fan of Jason Witten in the booth. He just seems like he's trying really hard not to be awkward. Thus making it feel more awkward. Good tight end. Bad commentator.
  12. Joe the Show

    Game Day Menu

    It's wing night at the golf course. Walk 9 holes, then pound wings and beers while watching Panthers football. It truly does not get any better.
  13. I was hoping someone would reply with a caddy shack reference. I salute you.