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  1. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Quote from my friend who is a Duke law graduate. "This is bad. You don't hire Quinn Emmanuel unless it's really really bad." He goes on to say Quinn Emanuel is a litigation firm, not an investigation firm. There is a lawsuit.
  2. I picked against us last week and that worked out, so I'll stick to my guns. Packers 27 Panthers 18 Defense doesn't get enough pressure. Offense moves the ball but has costly early turnovers that put us behind. I scare the neighbors by yelling at my TV.
  3. The NFL is salivating at this possibility

    Not as much as Joe Buck and Troy aikman will be salivating on Aaron Rodgers dong as soon as he completes one pass. I'll be watching this game on mute.
  4. See you guys Sunday

    Bring cheese. Lots of cheese.
  5. That Packers #26th ranked Defense...

    Early prediction: we decapitate Rodgers and then hundley leads a comeback against our prevent defense. We hold on to win by 3. There is much rejoicing.
  6. 19-6 Vikings. I just don't see the offense producing anything. Vikings know our only chance is to generate turnovers on defense. They will give us none. I hope I'm wrong.
  7. Man. CMC just goes down so easy. Can't run him out of the backfield
  8. Out offense always looks confused about why plays don't work. I think it's because the plays just aren't very good
  9. We look like the old, slow team today. It's hard to watch.
  10. Haiku: Panthers over saints Newton in Christmas spirit A blowout awaits Fin.
  11. Big Vern finally showing up.

    He made his presence known for the first time in a while. I hope we can find more ways to get him on the field. Big Vern gotta EAT!!

    Big Play Clay!!!
  13. Thank god for 14 non offensive points.

    Cam played awful and we still won the game. I think this is a good thing. Solid team effort! A road win in the NFL is never easy.
  14. I would argue that CMC, while not a future HOFer, was probably the safest pick at #8. You know he's athletic, hardworking, and has great hands. I don't think anyone with a brain expected him to produce like he did in college. He is a solid player who will force defenses to consider him in game planning. He causes matchup problems, which is a big part of NFL offenses these days. The most important thing to remember is that hindsight is 50/50 and no one lets the cat out of the hat before the Titanic sails.
  15. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Bud light is good if and only if I've already consumed enough alcohol that flavor no longer matters. But I do enjoy their commercials. Dilly Dilly!