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  1. Discuss.....

    Stop with this. We all know Ed Dickson is the centerpiece of this offense.
  2. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    We have the same unsung hero every week. The white buffalo. Andrew fugging Norwell
  3. They have defended the run well so far, but this early in the season the sample size is very small. We might be able to find something that other teams couldn't and have a decent rushing night. I mean, Rivera is our coach so you know we're gonna try. They may not be a top run defense after Thursday.
  4. It seems part of our evolution on offense was adding a short passing attack to supplement the run game when traditional hand offs are not getting the job done. The problem is that Shula still seems afraid to call these short passes in crunch time, limiting us to predictable plays and zero yards gained. We really needed to break out a quick screen or dump off of some sort to open things up in the 4th. Also, maybe actually hand the ball off on the jet sweep once in a while.
  5. Uh....Gamecocks ....

    Get you a girl who touches your dong in public
  6. Vernon Butler A Surprise Scratch

    I second this reaction
  7. You're right. We need the one and only . . . . GREG JENNINGS put da team on my back doo
  8. Gameday Menu(s)

    Beer of choice today: Harvest Time, by Big Boss brewing here in Raleigh. My favorite fall beer of all time. Food: probably some wings. Maybe nachos. Much like Marcus Mariota, it will be a game time decision. Eat hearty, go panthers, keep pounding.
  9. CMC is going to make everyone realize why he is such a good decoy. He's gonna break a big one today, and probably make a few Lions look foolish in the process. Also we will get at least one turnover.
  10. Our defense is coming off two games giving up 30 or more. But those were against future HOF qbs. I think they are itching for another dominant performance. I wouldn't be surprised if Luke and the boys on D carry us to victory in this one. Also, I don't expect our offense to look anything more than average on the road against a solid defense.
  11. So Who You Got? Panthers @ Lions

    I update my prediction. Lions 35 - Panthers 16. Too much negativity around the team right now. Never bodes well for on-field performance.
  12. So Who You Got? Panthers @ Lions

    Pass rush. We need it badly this week. Without pass rush we won't get turnovers. Without turnovers I don't think the offense will be able to put up more than 20. That being said, there is NO WAY we go 4 weeks in a row without getting a turnover (right??). I predict we win the turnover battle 3-1, leading to a win on the scoreboard. Panthers win 26-16
  13. In recent articles it has been brought to my attention that our friendly neighborhood cross-dresser has forged a relationship with the QB we are set to face on Sunday. In fact, the two are said to be in a deep “bro-mance.” Not that we need any additional motivation to pound the Lions this Sunday, but won’t it be even sweeter if we can make Matty Lice watch helplessly as we pummel his best bud? Maybe at the end of the season they can sip wine coolers and share stories about how Julius Peppers manhandled them and it really hurt, but actually really turned them on. Then they can sneak away from their wives and share a soft cry in the hot tub. Then Cam can bust in with the Nickelodeon film crew and all the children can point and laugh and maybe dump some of that green nickelodeon goo on them. This feels like a good opportunity for some huddle art. Everyone feel free to post crudely drawn scenes of the star stuck young lovers in romantic settings. But please, keep it SFW.
  14. Get busy living, or get busy dabbing
  15. Breakout Players vs Saints

    Ladies and gentlemen, Ted Ginn Jr.