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  1. We will: Tackle better Limit mistakes Pound the rock Show some heart Keep Pounding Win the game!!
  2. Big Baller Brand Panthers. 3B for ownership
  3. Defense was good today. Offense didnt help at all, it could have been worse. Give him time to fill the Defense with his type of players.
  4. Props to Bersin

    He made me proud. No more Bersin hate from me, until next training camp cuts.
  5. Video: Nice angle on the Luke TD

    Nice slide by Shaq.
  6. Injured or not he's better than Worthless Worley. Im good with Seymour and would like to see Gunter in action
  7. I think Worley needs more rest. He should sit out, defense doesnt miss a beat without him. Hopefully Wilks will make a change soon
  8. Every McCaffrey carry

    Always getting positive yardage, I'll take it.
  9. Count me in on the Ward bandwagon. Gotta love his physical style of play, football at its finest
  10. Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    He did his job. He may not dominate every snap, as long as he gets the job done. I'll be happy
  11. All aboard the Barron Express