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  1. Thought that was a secret only The Huddle knew. Can't wait for the season. We're going to have to find something else with all these weapons.
  2. Nope. We're going to be Golden State with all these weapons.
  3. JayNasty

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Those jets look fine to me. Can't wait until he's full throttle.
  4. Curtis Samuel if available
  5. I agree, with that being said. The bar has been cleared. IMO the safety position has a more glaring hole. I think Cockrell will be a definite upgrade over Worley, with decent back ups in Gunter and Seymour. Is there a corner in the draft that will make us the secondary that much better? Even so, there will still be a hole at the safety position and with talent at the cb in the draft. We can afford not to take one with our 1st. Not opposed to selecting a defensive back just make sure its a safety.
  6. Safety please. I actually think the corner position is already better than last year.
  7. We had/have a talented group but Shula couldnt string together the right play calls. I think play calling will help our O-line play. Well at least I'm hoping
  8. JayNasty

    Who would you draft in this scenario?

    Derwin James
  9. He's right. He'll instantly be better than any safety we've had in a good while now. If he can stay healthy he would be a pro bowler on our team
  10. Wasnt that bad to me anyway. Seemed like he was always inches away from making a play. Pass rush and Safety play didnt help either. I'll say it was just a down year. He'll bounce back
  11. Do not want. He was non factor at FSU, used to hear it all the time from the fans when I was in Tally the past few years
  12. Count me in on the Ward bandwagon. Gotta love his physical style of play, football at its finest
  13. JayNasty

    Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    He did his job. He may not dominate every snap, as long as he gets the job done. I'll be happy