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  1. Bucky Brooks on draft depth

    Pretty much what I think. Wenn should draft Derwin James or Ronnie Harrison in the first and then go OL for example Wynn, Price, Daniels, Ragnow, O. Brown, McGlinchey or whoever is there. Then go TE (Hurst, Andrews, Fordert, Fumagalli) and RB (Michel, Freeman, Chubb etc).
  2. I like Landry, Key, Davenport, Okrowonko and Hubbard.
  3. Worley to safety?

    Let Derwin James fall to us (or draft Ronnie Harrison), give Worley a shot at safety, keep Adams and Byrd, sign Amukamara in FA. Cut Coleman. Badabing badabung
  4. The Jets are so fkn bad but we are even worse. Just horrible to watch. Like wtf is this so called offense.
  5. General Gameday thread...

    The Redskins game is amazing. 10/10
  6. Thanks. Exactly my thoughts. There are a lot of differences between american football, european football or between Germany and USA. But some things never change. For example bashing your coach.
  7. Palardy

    I'm impressed. He seems to be reaaaally good. Improved a lot in comparison to last season in my opinion.
  8. Was Cam possessed yesterday or What

    I think he showed no reaction because He was not 100% sure if it was a TD or a fumble.
  9. I think the OL did a tremendous job yesterday. Kalil included.
  10. From what I've so far, JStew, RKalil and CJ should be cuts. We should be good.
  11. Your favorite thing to eat when drunk

    Doner without a doubt.
  12. Hello from Germany!

    Hello Huddlers, my name is Lukas and I'm currently 22 years old and come and live in Germany. I've been a spectator of the Huddle since a few months, but now I decided to participate a bit more since I have an lot of freetime after finishing my study and tore my ACL the second time. First of all, I'm supporting the Panthers for around 10 months and watchig american Football for only around 12 months. Reasons why I went with the Panthers are mainly because of Luke and Cam and the amazing fanbase (Huddle) did the rest. So thanks for that, (most of) you guys are awesome! I'm looking forward to visit Thema BOA and Charlotte pretty soon and meet some of you guys in person. But first of all I have to undergo two surgerys and find a job after my rehabilitation (should be done around 3-28). I hope you understand that my english isn't the best and auto correct does the rest. Keep pounding and get that W against the Falcons!
  13. CMC as OROTY

    Watson, Hunt and Fournette are way ahead in my opinion.