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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Graphic shown during week 16 last year (so it's not updated to include 2017), but still shows everything we need to see.
  2. Obligatory help needed thread

    1. Phone: If you have Verizon, you can watch all local and primetime games via the NFL Mobile app. 2. PS4: If you have a PS4, you can download a 5-day free trial of PS Vue. As long as you cancel within the 5 days, it's free. 3. Computer: When sitting in the First Row of events (especially Sports), you'll always have a great view.
  3. "Worley seems unhappy" As do all the fans that are forced to watch him each week...
  4. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    Do our CBs think it's illegal to turn around and look at the ball?
  5. I have no problem with bringing Gilbert up. Especially with a starting QB who is more susceptible to injuries, it wouldn't hurt to potentially groom a decent young backup. What I do have a huge problem with is not letting DA go. He brings zero upside to any team. The only positive that anyone references when discussing DA is the fact that he beat Tampa Bay twice in 2014. Yet, people conveniently forget that in week 1 that year, DA literally gave the Buccs an easy game winning interception that was horrendously dropped. 4th Quarter. 1:49 to play. Up by 3. DA throws this beauty at our own 32 yard line.
  6. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    This has to be in reference to something in his personal life. Or does he truly think god gives a poo about the #2 CB position on a random mid-market football team?
  7. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Truly impressive stuff from the offensive line. JStew had 2 whole carries in which he didn't get hit behind the line of scrimmage. 8 defenders at (or beyond) the line of scrimmage. 2 completely unblocked. Run #2. Exact same situation. 8 defenders at or beyond the line. Tyler Larsen on the ground. 2 defenders running free. The 5 closest players to JStew are all Eagles. Stew actually had to break a tackle in order to ONLY lose 6 yards. Kalil on the ground. No Eagles buying the fake-reverse. Zero hope. The run game clearly wasn't working in the 1st half. So we made some adjustments and started the 3rd quarter with this beauty. Sadly, this is the best look JStew had all night. He can actually see the line of scrimmage. 2 blockers on the ground. Matt Kalil mid-whiff and 2 linebackers running free to make the easy tackle. Panther football. After a Manhertz whiff, JStew breaks a tackle and nets his second positive gain of the night. (3 yards) 4 Panther blockers upfield, while their running back struggles to make it to the line of scrimmage. By no means am I a Stewart apologist, but there isn't a running back in the league who would have netted positive yard on those 8 carries. The only real takeaway on Stewart's end is that we NEED to stop using him in the passing game. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that a world class athlete constantly mishandles routine 4 yard screens.
  8. Apparently, I'm the only one that had no issue with this whatsoever. We had a 10 point lead, with the ball and under 6 minutes to play. Our main goal at that point wasn't to score, but to run the clock. Of course, in an ideal situation, we do both. There was a 0% chance Samuel returns the kick off for a touchdown, given the onside kick formation we were in. If he didn't take a knee at the 12 yard line, he would have been blasted at the 18 anyway. Those 6 yards make absolutely no difference in the outcome of the game. We were either going to get a first down (after 3 predictable runs), or we weren't. The reason we punted from our own endzone was due to a holding call the following play. Given this situation: What would you have liked Samuel to do? Best case: He returns it to the 18 yard line, not helping our win % at all. Worse case: Fumble, giving Detroit easy points and momentum.
  9. Hall to IR, Southward to active roster

    Special teams what? 1. 95% of kickoffs result in a touchback. 2. He's never blocked a FG. 3. [I dont have stats to back this up] But there can't be many teams with a worse punt return unit than ours. 4. That just leaves punt coverage. Does he really shine enough during those 4 plays per game (minus fair-catches) to take up a roster spot? Everyone says "special teams", but Im still not entirely sure what he does well.
  10. Panthers sign Jamaal Jones

    Come on man. Give Saca a minute. He's currently cherry picking gifs to show us how amazingly accurate Cam Newton really is, while also creating more threads about Daryl Worley and using the word "dominance" in the title. He'll get to Jamaal Jones soon enough. Just you wait.
  11. ARob is a very good WR. But that was undrafted rookie Keelan Cole who should have just burned Worley for a 70+ yard TD.
  12. If only Samuel spent more time being injured/studying the playbook and less time actually practicing, these bubble screens may go for more yardage...
  13. Potential Safety Cuts

    Flash cut to @Saca312 penning an 1,800 word dissertation on how Mike Adams is actually the best safety in NFL history, based on preseason "film".
  14. 2 Huddlers claiming our season is over. 418 Huddlers attacking them and screaming "It's just preseason who cares!" (After 75% of them overreacted to our win last week). Our offense (without Cam) resembling our 2010 squad. Our defense looking weak, but hard to get a good read with zero game-planing. People/Announcers pretending that Derrick Henry is good. McCaffrey giving us all hope. Looks great. Funchess failing to create separation against the Titans second string. Bradberry looking strong. He could be special. Worely....ehh. Not as much. Although, I never seen the upside in him that others have. Butker kicking well from distance, prolonging his eventual cut.