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  1. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Over the past 10 years, there have been 810 players drafted in the 6th and 7th rounds of the NFL Draft. Only 13 of them have ever made a Pro Bowl (4 of them were for Special Teams). This equates to a 1.6% chance of anyone drafted after the 5th round making a Pro Bowl. Obviously, a Pro Bowl appearance isn't the only way to determine whether a player is good, but if you can turn that 1.6% chance into a proven commodity, you do it every time. I'll never understand NFL organization's fascination with draft picks.
  2. Bingo. You nailed it exactly. Unfortunately the headline of "Random 73 year old man with a very mild interest in NFL decided to watch CSI: Miami on Sunday" doesn't generate quite as many clicks as "10 REASONS WHY THE NFL IS DYING!!! NUMBER 4 WILL SHOCK YOU!!!"
  3. No one actually knows what you, me, or 99% of other people in this thread are watching on our TVs. The way companies calculate numbers is through extrapolating the Nielsen Box owners. You may have seen them growing up. Someone with (what looks like) two cable boxes near their TV. One is a Nielsen Box that tracks everything that person/family watches. Since they don't send one every family, the families that do have them "represent" a much larger group. Example: Let's say 1 out of every 100 families uses a Nielsen Box. That means that family "represents" 100 families total. So when they say "14 Million people watched the Panther game", what they actually mean is "140,000 people with Neilson Boxes watched the Panther game". It's just that each Nielsen Box family represents the non box owners. I probably did a very poor job explaining that, but feel free to research it on your own. It's actually pretty interesting.
  4. Are we still pretending that this is a thing? I'm not sure what year the rest of you are living in, but you do realize people are no longer tethered to the box in their living room in order to watch games now, right? Between online streams, NFL Mobile and those who cut cable entirely, it's extremely easy to watch the game you want, wherever you want. Yes, the NFL ratings may be down 9.7%, but you know what else is down in terms of viewership? Everything. Fox (non-football programing) - Down 20% ABC (non-football programing) - Down 11% CBS (non-football programing) - Down 6% NBC (non-football programing) - Down 4& *In addition, the NBA Finals and MLB World Series ratings each dropped in viewership from 2016.* Lastly, and I know you all like to pretend this is a real issue (spoiler alert...it's not), not one single football fan walking this earth has ever stopped/started watching football due to a player's stance (or lack thereof) during the national anthem. As badly as you political peeps want to debate it and act as if it's a huge deal......it's not a thing. Sorry.
  5. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Graphic shown during week 16 last year (so it's not updated to include 2017), but still shows everything we need to see.